How is our SEO Service Pricing System? Read this! – Simple Blogger Tutorial

SEO Guru was told me “You will get huge risk if you buy the cheapest service from SEO agency” that was one of the contents of our conversation using Skype during a webinar held by Cognitveseo at one time.

English distinguishes 3 cheap words, namely: Cheap, Cheaper and Cheapest which in Indonesian become: Cheap, Cheap, Very cheap. In the discussion of SEO agencies (SEO services) SEO prices cannot be generalized or determined based on the number of SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) especially when applying prices based on “approximately”!

Sometimes the SEO Agency applies web optimization prices based on the number of results from the queries we type. For example: SEO price of IDR 750k for SERPs of 0 to 500 thousand, SEO prices of IDR 1 million for SERPs of 600 thousand to 2 million and so on.

Big Wrong Pricing

If you use SEO services that provide pricing like that, we think you have made a big mistake, why do we say wrong? pay attention to the SERP below:

The image you see is the SERP of the keyword “Tidung Island” which only has 496k results. If the SEO Agency applies a price based on the number of SERPs, I estimate the price for optimizing the keyword “Tidung Island” is around Rp. 500 thousand to Rp. 1 million only. Now consider another example:

How much do you have to pay to optimize keywords with a SERP of 25.8 million? If the SEO Agency enforces pricing based on the number of SERPs, surely the SEO price will be expensive, right? although it is not so. The competition for the keyword “Tidung Island” is 200x higher than the keyword “eye medicine” and naturally the price for optimizing the keyword Tidung Island will be more expensive.

Calculation of the SEO Price We Apply

In determining our SEO prices, we are not based on the number of SERPs but based on the following points:

  • Competitive quality
  • The quality of your website
  • Keywords
  • Target Position and Number of Targeted Keywords
  • Competition Quality

    Quality Competition greatly determines the price of SEO. The number of SERPs that are small but filled with SEO practitioners makes the competition more intense and the prices more expensive, but even if the number of SERPs is large without any or only a few websites that are optimized using the SEO method, the price will be cheap.

    Website Quality

    The second is what is the quality of your website like? web quality is determined by:

  • Web hosting used
  • Domain age or history
  • Number of indexed pages
  • Onpage optimization
  • Keywords used
  • etc
  • If your website does not meet the criteria that meet the four-point standard above, it means that we have to improve your website first.


    And regarding the keywords used greatly affect the price as well because there are keywords that have high sensitivity such as product keywords for adults and keywords that violate the law such as jud*, abortion* etc.

    Target Position and Number of Targeted Keywords

    The last thing that can affect the price of SEO is the target position and the number of keywords you want.

    Guarantee System and Website Maintenance

    We use a money back guarantee system with a tiered system and is different from other SEO service providers that you can see here.

    Our warranty system was created to provide a win-win solution and to avoid disputes in the future. In optimizing the website we only have 3 results, namely successful, unsuccessful and not reaching the target.

    The results do not come automatically, meaning that an SEO master has worked according to his abilities but if the achievement feels lacking and the customer asks for a guarantee if we apply a full money back guarantee, there must be parties who feel disadvantaged and benefited which can lead to disputes in the future.

    Website Maintenance System

    We do not apply a full year maintenance system. The maintenance system that applies is up to 60 days from the time your website is in the position according to the target. After that you can pay for a maintenance subscription using the visitor count system.

    There is also an SEO agency that provides a maintenance price of several hundred thousand for maintenance for a year which in our opinion is very, very high risk of conflict. Based on our observations, only new SEO agencies provide maintenance fees for a year because they haven’t swallowed too much of the bitterness of updating algorithms.

    Why No Phone Number Listed?

    100 out of 100 potential customers who call must ask about the price of SEO! and our answer to 100 callers was “please send an email via the contact us menu or directly send it to jbsindonesia[at] it will be more effective, detailed and efficient.