Is it true that Duplicate Content Can Cause Penalties? | SEO Services

No need to elaborate on what duplicate content means because I’m sure you already know. Precisely what we need to discuss in this article is what is the effect of the duplicate counter?. There is an opinion that says duplicate content can cause a penalty from Google, is it true? the answer is MAY aka maybe yes maybe no! To find out, please read this article to the end.

Duplicate Content That Can Make Websites Affected by Google Penalty Are:

  • You come and read the article on this blog and then copy the contents and then publish it again on another blog like what this blogger nobi did here [ = blog copypas!] can be called a website/blog that contains duplicate content that can be subject to a Google penalty .
  • You buy SEO software for scraping content (getting content) without being spinned or without including the source of the article
  • You follow an affiliate program like Amazon and then copy and paste the contents or use plugins like Amazon affiliate, WP Robot
  • Duplicate Content That Does Not Make Your Website Affected by Google Penalties Are:

    Many think duplicate content because of the problems below can cause our website to be penalized, but it’s not! the truth is that website performance will decrease as a result many of the pages on our blog experience a drop in ranking which impacts on traffic.

    When it happens like this:

    There are two URLs indexed by Google when in fact they are the same page, for example:


    URL 2:

    This doesn’t result in a Google penalty at all, so if you experience something like this you should use a 301 redirect by adding the following code to your .htaccess file:

    redirect 301 /url-yang-salah.html /url-yang-benar.html

    or you can also add the rel=canonical url attribute to the <head>input code</head> unfortunately I can’t provide the desired code considering the differences in the CMS used.

    Duplicate content problems like this generally occur on Joomla! or a site created using incorrect coding. In addition, canonical problems are also often caused by web server performance that does not activate mod_rewrite properly.