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The Hummingbird algorithm forces SEO Masters to be more creative and spend extra creative power plus the use of more specific and wider data. In a previous article I wrote about Semantic SEO which you might also read to add insight.

Now is Hummingbird Time!

Google continues to improve itself from time to time with the aim of providing more relevant, useful, quality results for the search queries used by users. Where in the previous era the role of meta description, bold, underline, italic could affect query results and now it is no longer dominant.

Notice that there are two meta descriptions, which one is really a meta description?

If that’s the case, then the keyword density, bold, underline, italic and others that I call “keyword lebay” which were previously quite effective now backfire.

What are the Effective Ways to Be Successful in Optimizing Websites and SEO in the Hummingbird Era

Because it’s still new, maybe the concept of building Hummingbird has not been fully understood, even in the SEO community discussing Hummingbird until this writing is still a puzzle and a challenge to find a really effective way to conquer the Hummingbird Algorithm, but from all The results of many experiments carried out by SEO Masters are finally made to the following conclusions:

  • Creative
  • Focus
  • Rich
  • Trust
  • Quality
  • Hummingbird Makes Us More Creative and Focused on Creating Rich Content

    I describe that you currently have a blog about SEO. I want you to find answers about: what things have to do with SEO. In my opinion SEO is synonymous with:

  • Web design
  • Web hosting
  • Blogging
  • Social media
  • CSS
  • Internet marketing
  • Link building
  • CMS
  • Ways of online marketing
  • etc
  • If you are an SEO practitioner who claims to be an “SEO expert and master” and then have a blog/website about SEO, it is very naive and too “CUP” if the content in your blog/website contains:

  • vent articles
  • ABG story
  • Gossip Stories
  • Articles about flooding
  • etc
  • It is better to write things related to SEO even though your knowledge about SEO is actually not much. Instead of writing about stories when traveling to Tidung Island, Pari Island, Confusing, Gossip, 3GP and so on.

    Hummingbird composition

  • 50% onsite optimization (rich content)
  • 30% high quality + relevant backlink
  • 10% social signal
  • 10% others
  • Focus on the 3 components above instead of focusing on the image below:

    The optimization technique as stated in the link wheels schema above is no longer dominant and can absolutely bring your website to the top position, especially if you make it haphazardly without considering: Trust, Unique and relevance. Believe it or not, there are currently around 95% of Search Engine Optimization practitioners who are infected with the syndrome, feeling that SEO experts are using expired methods.

    Information Update The First Step of Website Optimization Following Hummingbird Trends

    Joining the existing Search Engine Optimization Community, interacting with each other to share experiences of success and failure when optimizing a website is the initial step to continue to exist in the world of internet marketing. Data analysis, whether it’s in the form of traffic data, click through, link popularity, onpage optimization, improving content that is less than optimal, complementing the shortcomings of others by perfecting ourselves is a professional way rather than proud of ourselves let alone crowning ourselves as an expert.

    Free SEO Tools/Software for Blog Optimization According to the Hummingbird Algorithm

    Free SEO software that you can use to optimize your blog to be in the top position is not SenukeXcr, Sedemon, Ultimate Demon and the like but:

    Screaming Forg

    Screaming Frog SEO Spider tools are free SEO software that you can download and use for website analysis. With the help of this software, we can find out what is missing from each page on your website.

    We can also use Screaming Frog to “spy” on competitors, learn “what they’re done” and then compare the VS blogs that we manage and take appropriate action to fix any deficiencies.


    This is an online keyword suggestion tool service. With these SEO tools, you don’t need to log into Google Keyword Planner, but just visit Ubersuggest and fill in the data you want.

    Conceptually, the Ubersuggest function is only to search for related keywords, not to see search volume, CPC and others as on the Google Adwords page.


    Nod3x.com is specifically for streaming social mentions. These tools are very valuable for those of you who often market their products through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, G+ and the like

    You can use Nod3x.com for free, there is a video tutorial that you can see when you first log into Node3x after that you start doing research.

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    Was this article useful for you? you are currently on a blog that discusses Search Engine Optimization, after reading the entire contents of the Hummingbird content, what benefits do you get? This article can be called Rich Content where in the article it is reviewed on matters related to SEO, Hummingbird, Social Marketing, Keyword Research.

    What happens if an SEO blog managed by an SEO expert is filled with content for ABG story articles, Tidung Island, Scout Island, wholesale clothes, kitchen furniture, fraud, etc.? So cute