Promoting Websites (Digital Advertising) VS Offline (Newspapers, Magazines) – How to Learn SEO @SEO Services

Around August 2021, I talked about how to promote using offline and online methods with a client who has a business selling health and beauty pharmaceutical products for both men and women.

The discussion was quite complete regarding the effectiveness, cost and efficiency of conducting business promotions offline, namely using print media (magazine advertisements, newspapers, flyers and banners posted on the wall) vs. promoting business using online media websites.

I think the content of the conversation is quite useful if I share it with you so you can find out and then analyze and decide on the right steps to promote the business you are currently in.

Promoting Offline Using Print Media

There are several questions regarding this matter such as:

  • What is the market price for placing print ads in newspapers and magazines?
  • How effective is the ad?
  • How much efficiency is obtained? and
  • When is the average ROI (return of investment) when promoting like this?
  • The information I get about the price for using print media as a way to market a business is quite diverse, which is determined by:

  • Big ad box
  • Newspaper/magazine pages
  • Duration
  • How Much Does Magazine and Newspaper Advertisement Cost?

    The client at that time paid around Rp. 12 million to place his advertisement in a women’s magazine (for the duration of 1 edition) + 8 million to place an ad in the printed edition of the newspaper for a duration of 7 consecutive days. Both use a 35opx x 350px ad box.

    In terms of cost, of course, it is quite expensive, but this is the risk of any expensive business you have to pay if you want your business to be known and bought by consumers.

    Measuring Profit and Loss Doing Marketing With Magazines/Newspapers VS Website or Social Media

    Which one is profitable? Of course my answer says that both have the potential to be profitable as long as we can very carefully analyze and calculate the cost of promoting with the benefits that you can achieve from the two promotional systems.

    The most important point in order to be successful in advertising is that you are able to find, select and buy advertising media both print and digital that have the following criteria:

  • Have a high rating
  • Have content that matches the product
  • Have a clear and specific marketing target
  • These three things are very important for you to think about and must become a single unit because if you only rely on 1 of the three points above, I am sure that efforts to promote your business products will not reach the target.

    What’s the Advantage and What’s the Disadvantage?

    I want to illustrate: you currently have a business selling beauty products specifically for women aged 17+. What will happen if you place an ad in a newspaper/magazine or website/blog that has a theme about politics, economics, SEO, Web Hosting even though the promotional media have a high rating and a large number of readers? I don’t think you will find the achievement of the target that matches your expectations but what if you put it on a magazine or website for women only?

    You will benefit from placing advertisements on print media/blogs if the contents of both are in accordance with the content and marketing targets and this applies to both types of promotion methods, namely offline and print.

    You will feel a new loss if you know that promoting online has a wider reach than magazine or print newspaper ads, except if you put it on a newspaper/magazine with a national marketing level, but even then, it is still only national and has not reached international level. Compare if you promote with a digital ad, your ad will be read not only on a national scale but also internationally.

    Cost and Method of Calculation of Digital Ads

  • Google Adword Ads
  • PPC Advertising
  • Ads on advertising website services
  • Advertisements on news portals
  • Advertising on certain forums or communities
  • The five things above are included in the criteria for digital advertising that you can use to promote online.

    How to Calculate Digital Ads

    There are several ways to calculate digital ads depending on the organizer, such as:

  • Payperclick (you pay according to the number of clicks)
  • Impression (you pay according to the number of views)
  • Monthly advertisements (usually in the form of review articles or banners)
  • Cost of Placing Digital Ads

    The cost/price of placing digital ads also varies greatly and usually depends on:

  • Level of competition (applies to ads: payperclick and perimpression)
  • Banner size + live page
  • Installation duration (for ads on blogs)