How to Learn SEO Self-taught? What do you learn to do SEO? – Simple Blogger Tutorial

You must know many things before learning the science of Search Engine Optimization. Learning SEO can be self-taught or it can also be done by following an SEO course program. Basically the steps on how to increase the position of a website so that it can appear on the first page of Google are very easy, the difficult thing is to understand the essence of Search Engine Optimization itself. Google emphasizes the 200 signals that we must master if we want our blog to reach page one position. In this article, I want to share about the correct way to learn self-taught SEO and what knowledge we must know (learn) so that we can optimize websites/blogs/webstores without taking SEO courses or using SEO services independently.

Advantages of Successfully Mastering the Science of SEO By Learning to Increase Website Positions Self-taught

Self-taught = self-study by reading articles, books, watching videos on how to optimize a website without getting guidance from people who already have knowledge of SEO. Learning anything is not only limited to learning SEO if it is done self-taught, it definitely requires processes such as: reading, concluding, practice (performing experiments), analysis, revising etc., all of which really drain your time, energy, mind and money but if successful then will immediately get benefits such as:

  • You can optimize your own site as much as you want
  • Regardless of dependence on parties who provide SEO services,
  • It’s very small to be exposed to the risk of Google Panda, Penguin and so on
  • Basic SEO Lessons That Must Be Learned Because It Can Increase Website Position

    Even though Google applies 200 signals/conditions so that a website can reach the top rankings, we don’t have to absolutely follow these 200 signals, but it is enough to know how Search Engines work in ranking. The processes that Google does are:

  • Crawling
  • Storing
  • Publishing
  • Crawling means that Google sends bots/robots to crawl (capture) the pages (in the form of URLs) on your website and then the results of the crawling are stored (storing) into a new database and then published (appeared into the Search Engine Result Page) the results so if there is a request (query) that is done by the user using keywords that match the content on your website then Google will display it.

    The problem is that from every keyword that the user uses when looking for references, there may be hundreds, thousands and even millions of the same words scattered throughout the website pages. How can the keywords on our website appear on the first page? so to answer it you have to use what is called a backlink (backlink is a link / link that goes to our website page that is on someone else’s blog / website page).

    Still Interested in Learning Self-taught SEO? Read on for the SEO tutorial below

    I have basically explained the ranking process that Google does in determining which websites/urls deserve to be on the first page. Now we start to learn the terms and SEO techniques that are used to optimize websites/blogs so that they are able and can survive on the first page of Google.

    First SEO Lesson (doing research): Must be able to make the right choice

    You must be able and know what is right for the website or website page that you want to optimize into Google such as being able to:

  • Knowing what the right keywords are
  • Get information who your competitors are and what they do
  • Create SEO friendly website content
  • Second SEO Lesson (practice/onpage optimization): Must Understand Attribute Functions in Webpages (web pages)

    Besides knowing how to choose an SEO friendly web hosting service you also have to pay attention to is that Google doesn’t read what appears on your browser page but reads what’s behind it such as:

  • Tag Robots
  • Title tag
  • Meta description
  • Keyword
  • Heading (H1, H2 dst)
  • Content Structure (density, synonyms, semantics, etc.)
  • Sitewide (text that is on the outside of the content such as: widgets, related content etc.)
  • Understand each component that is in the 7 things above. Learn what the function of the robot tag, title tag, meta description, etc., and also learn how to make it truly in accordance with the rules applied by SE.

    Third SEO Lesson (Optimization/offpage optimization): Must Know the Value of Outboundlinks

    Maybe if you use a third party (SEO services) to optimize the website, this third SEO lesson does not get special attention. Maybe not because you don’t know or really don’t know or even “Don’t care” because you want to quickly raise the position of your website. But if you optimize it yourself then I guarantee 1001% you will:

  • Be extra careful in creating backlinks
  • Do not do things related to SPAMMING
  • etc
  • In a previous article I have written about building Search Engine trust, please read it to complete it and in a future article Insha Allah I will write about “How to Create Backlinks” please register your email to get the latest SEO articles automatically.

    Material (Material) To Learn SEO Without SEO Course (Self-Taught)

    In order for the self-taught process of learning SEO to be successful, of course you need a source of information whether it’s reading material, video tutorials, SEO software and things related to SEO.

    Article Reference World Search Engine Optimization

    References from the right sources will definitely produce the right things. For the reference category of reading sources on SEO you can visit:

    There are lots of SEO communities, websites about SEO tutorials, SEO blogs that you can learn from, such as:

  • Google Webmaster
  • Moz
  • Search Engine Land
  • Search Engine Round Table
  • Video Reference About Search Engine Optimization

    Including a video that discusses SEO will be able to help the process of learning to optimize a website on a self-taught.

  • Google Webmaster Video
  • Moz Video Channer
  • Learn SEO Fast With SEO Course

    If at any time you need guidance in learning about how to get your website to the top position on Google, you can take our SEO course program online at a very low cost.

    You can get complete SEO lessons. The learning concepts used are: Learn and Practice directly using the website that you got when registering. For complete information about this provider, please visit our SEO Course page or click on our presentation below. And thanks for reading How to Learn SEO Self-taught? What do you learn to do SEO? may be useful.