How to Make a Website to be SEO Friendly and Crowded with Visitors

In the following, I will write how to make a website so that it is SEO friendly and has lots of visitors, which might be useful for those of you who happen to want to create a website. If you want how to make a website only then it only consists of several phases but if you want to know  how to make an SEO friendly website there is an addition at the end of the phase, namely optimizing it.

How to Make a Website

To create a website you must know:

  • Can operate a computer that is connected to the internet and install some supporting software
  • How to use a CMS that is often used to create websites such as WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal or other CMS
  • At least have the skills to process images using Photoshop
  • Have a paid domain and hosting
  • Those are the 4 ways to make a very simple website

    How to Make a Website to be SEO Friendly and Crowded with Visitors

    But if you want to know how to make a website SEO friendly and lots of visitors, there are additional phases that you have to do, such as:

  • Doing keyword research
  • Spying competitor
  • Know how to choose web hosting and buy an SEO friendly domain
  • Understand on page optimization and off page optimization
  • Website maintenance
  • Creating a Website for Crowded Visitors

    Creating a Website for Crowded Visitors is the last and quite important phase. So that your website is crowded with visitors, of course you have to promote the website. There are several ways to promote a website which we will write about in a future article. But in this section we just want to write briefly about how to create a website to attract visitors.

    Placing Ads

    The easiest and fastest thing is to place an ad. There are two kinds of advertising programs that you can choose, one or both, namely paid advertising and free advertising such as:

  • Google Adword advertising program (paid advertising – recommended)
  • Good Shop (Free)
  • Kaskus buying and selling forum (free)
  • Using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Techniques

    This second option is to use the Search Engine Optimization method or what we know as SEO. This method is quite complicated and risky considering several things including:

  • Requires thorough knowledge of SEO
  • Search engines often change their algorithm system
  • The system used by the search engine is not perfect
  • Your growing competitor
  • There are several solutions so that you can be successful in promoting your website, namely learning SEO regularly or SEO courses or you can also use SEO