How to Install and Uninstall Cloud Linux on Digital Ocean

If you buy a cloud server at Digital Ocean (VPS) then use Centos as the platform and then want to use (install) cloud linux for your VPS then follow the method below.

But if then you are not satisfied with cloud linux and want to restore your VPS system to the Centos version ( uninstall cloud linux + remove cloud linux LVE manager ), then this article will explain how.

This is a real incident that I experienced, hopefully it can help you.

How to Get Cloud Linux

You can get and use Cloud Linux for free for 30 days. How to get it, of course, by visiting the site directly. Please register and use the trial facility for 30 days.

  • register on Cloud Linux
  • take the “key” given to use in the installation process
  • What are the Benefits of Cloud Linux?

    Almost all web hosting currently uses technology from Cloud Linux because the function of Cloud Linux is quite a lot too, but I think in essence, the function of Cloud Linux is to make the server you use more stable because there is no over usage from its users.

    What is Digital Ocean?

    Digital Ocean is a company that provides cloud server services. The services provided by Digital Ocean are 100% different from other hosting providers. And I think Digital Ocean is only for people who already have high skills in managing servers.

    If you use Digital Ocean services you will definitely be in touch with L

  • putty
  • linux command
  • DNS
  • For ordinary people, it is not recommended to use Digital Ocean even though the prices and offers that it provide are quite tempting. The solution is to simply buy a regular shared hosting while exploring the sciences related to VPS, especially linux commands. But it’s a different story for those of you who want to spin around or who like a challenge, maybe buying hosting at Digital Ocean is a very exciting experience.

    How to Install Cloud Linux on Digital Ocean

    Ok! Once you have the key provided by Cloud Linux, it is time to install Cloud Linux using putty. But! the way to install Cloud Linux on a Digital Ocean server is different from if you install it on a server other than Digital Ocean. I assume you have downloaded PuTTY and can login using PuTTY. To install use the commands below:

  • wget
  • sh cpanel2cl -k (key input provided by cloud linux)
  • yum install lvemanager
  • reboot
  • /scripts/easyapache –build
  • As I have explained that installing Cloud Linux on a Digital Ocean VPS server is different, later in the process you will be asked to input “y” in the “y/N” option to run a special command so that Cloud Linux can be installed in Digital Ocean .

    Until here the installation process is complete, please login to your WHM then navigate to “server configuration” now there is a new menu called Cloud Linux LVE Manager. That menu will inform you how the behavior (behavior) of the accounts in the VPS.

    You can see, how many accounts use sources such as CPU sources, Memory and so on, you can also limit the use of the source server so that the server can be stable.

    How to Uninstall Cloud Linux and Remove LVE Manager from WHM on Digital Ocean

    Now! if you are not satisfied with Cloud Linux (because the subscription fee is quite expensive ~ IDR 200,000 per month if you convert it) then make the decision to uninstall cloud linux then follow the method below which I got from various sources, please click here