How to Get and Install Free SSL (HTTPS)

Most people would be most happy if you get something for free :d so am I, nah! on this occasion I want to share information about how to get free SSL and install the free SSL into Cpanel.

What is SSL?

More clear information about SSL you can read in the article contained in an SEO blog, the article is entitled the use of SSL. Because everything has been reviewed with the following details, a video tutorial is provided on how to install a VPS.

Free SSL

So far, only a few people know about it, most articles about how to get SSL of course tell about free SSL from Cloud Flare, other than that there are actually two more SSL providers that provide certificates for free, even one of them is giving it up to 3 years for free. .

With SSL prices that are not cheap, it really makes very few people install SSL (changing http to https). Therefore, this free SSL facility is of course something that is highly expected.

In general, the function of SSL is to encrypt the amount of data that enters a server. With SSL, the security of internet users will be better. In fact, now SSL has been entered into one of the Google ranking factors related to SEO.

Get Free SSL

Free SSL From Wosign is an SSL provider originating from China. You can get this SSL certificate from Wosign for free. Even more than that Wosign gives free SSL up to 3 years! very fantastic isn’t it? and you should take advantage of this for your website.

Generate CSR

How To Get Free SSL From Wosign

  • visit the registration page then please register and verify registration
  • login and visit this url
  • fill in the registration box with the domain name you want to register the SSL for then follow the instructions
  • click the link “Cert Ver”
  • select email (which Wosign uses to send SSL certificate data)
  • see email, copy verification code
  • login to cpanel hosting
  • click the SSH/TLS Manager button
  • klik “Generate, view, or delete SSL certificate signing requests.”
  • fill in according to the image above then click the generate button
  • copy the generated result code
  • go back to wosign then paste the code into the box that has been provided
  • click verify button
  • wait until the verification result appears
  • click the submit button
  • wait until the “cert” download menu appears in the form of .zip
  • download and unzip (then there will be some more .zip files)
  • Unzip the “apache” or the one that matches your hosting system, there will be 2 .crt files (root_bundle.crt and namadomain.crt)
  • login to cpanel hosting again
  • click the SSH/TLS Manager button again
  • klik “Generate, view, upload, or delete SSL certificates.”
  • click browse to upload a file named yourdomainname.crt
  • click upload
  • repeat steps 21 to 23 above but select root_bundle.crt to upload
  • then go to SSH/TLS Manager again
  • click “Manage SSL sites”
  • in the drop down menu select the domain you registered earlier
  • click the “autofill by domain” button
  • click the “install certificate” button
  • OK!!
  • Once it’s installed, it’s time to configure your WordPress. The easiest way is to install the “Real Simple SSL” plugin and activate it and boommmmm!!! Your WordPress blog is now using SSL (HTTPS).

    Free SSL From StarSSL

    Then the second free SSL is called StarSSL. To get and enjoy free SSL services from StarSSL, the method is almost the same, especially at the steps:

  • generate CSR from cpanel
  • upload .crt file
  • That’s all the technique to get a free SSL (HTTPS) certificate. hopefully useful and don’t forget to share this article or visit this link for more details