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What are pageviews? For example, pageviews are the number of pages visited by the user. What are pageviews for? pageviews have a variety of uses that are quite important. An example of the function of pageviews is that it can be a measure and a tool to improve and maintain the performance of your website. This is complete….

Site Visitors, Pageviews and Sales

If you use data analytics such as Google Analytics, Piwik and the like, of course you can find out:

  • Number of visitors in a day
  • Number of pageviews
  • User browser
  • Site Referer
  • User data (location, user agent etc.)
  • Generally a website that has a large income must have:

  • High number of visitors
  • High Pageviews
  • If the two points above are met, theoretically the website must have a large income. But what if even though the two points above have been met but there are no sales? This means that there is a problem with your website that can arise from various things and requires special research to find out why a website that is crowded with visitors with a large number of pageviews but no buyers. Unfortunately this article does not discuss this problem, you can contact us for consultation by telephone.

    Advantages When We Have High Pageviews

    Advantages for Bloggers

    The advantage is that your website will be decorated with lots of advertisements. Each field in the themes you can make money. You can create ad space in the header, sidebar, footer, every content, blog at a high price which in the end will provide big profits.

    Advantages for Online Store Owners

    The more pageviews, the more your product will be seen by potential buyers. From there, of course, the door of opportunity to sell products to more consumers will open.

    Isn’t it nice if we just read the benefits? and here’s how you can increase pageviews.

    Quick and Easy Ways to Increase Website Pageviews

    Support All Browser

    Not all visitors who come to your website use the same browser. Therefore, make your website that supports all kinds of browsers such as Mobile browsers and several other browsers.

    Fast Load

    Make sure your website has a high speed, stable and always online. (Read = related articles here)

    Internal Link Building

    You can use related posts, related products (read = related articles here)

    Show Excerpt Post

    You can also display excerpt posts on the side bar or on related posts to make it more interesting

    Split Post

    Split post means to divide a long article into several parts. In CMS this is called a page break. As far as I know Joomla!, Drupal and WordPress can be page breaks.

    Interactive Sidebar

    If in the sidebar there is a list of interesting articles, of course it can make people want to always read every article you make.


    Not a few websites that display streaming from Facebook and Twitter even though these two types can make the load slow and disturb the concentration of visitors.