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Web server (hosting), wherever it is located, whether it’s web hosting in Indonesia, USA, UK, Singapore, which is expensive or cheap, managed by large, small or individual companies, one day there will definitely be an ERROR. And regarding this error, there are only two causes: first, damage to the script/CMS that we use and secondly there is a problem with the web server hosting that we bought. If you experience this the first thing you should do is “DON’T PANIC” and read some of the more and more frequent status error messages that appear in your web browser.

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Error Caused By Script/CMS Damage

The things that most often occur when errors are caused by errors in the script are usually: 404 and 500 error messages. This error message applies to all CMS users such as WordPress, Drupal. Joomla!, Prestashop etc

Cause of Error 403

403 is basically not a pure error but in the form of “FORBIDDEN” related to access rights restrictions. If this problem occurs it can mean that you do not have the authority to access the page/url.

Cause of Error 404

If a 404 error sign appears, it means the page you are going to no longer exists, has been deleted or the url can also be changed. The 404 error is very closely related to SEO, therefore we must continue to check the website to know if there is a broken link that causes a 404 error to occur.

Cause of Error 500

An error code 500 will occur on your web site if there is an error in the .htaccess and mod_rewrite configurations. The reason is because the Apache server cannot fulfill the requests / queries that the user commands when executing a command.

Solutions to Fix 404 and 500 . Errors

How to Fix Error 403

If this error occurs on your website while you do not restrict access rights to the url, please check:

  • Configure the plugin, component or code you are using
  • Check CHMOD
  • How to Fix Error 404

    How to fix this 404 error is very easy, namely:

  • Create new content according to the missing url or
  • I highly recommend you use the 301 redirect technique instead of creating a custom 404 page not found for SEO reasons. And the way to use a 301 redirect (permanent redirect) from the missing url to the new url is through cpanel hosting or you can also add the following code at the end of your .htaccess file line (redirect 301 /url-yang-error/ http:/ /domain.com/url-new/ or according to the configuration you use it can be like: redirect 301 /url-lost.html /url-baru.html). Especially for WordPress users, you can use the redirect list plugin.
  • How to Fix Error 500

    There are so many causes of error 500 depending on each case. Usually the 500 error occurs after you make changes to the CMS code / script that is used, such as after installing plugins, components, modules for CMS WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal users and so on.

    The way to solve Error 500 depends on the case, namely:

  • Contact the web hosting provider first to find a solution because many plugins/program languages ​​cannot run on a webserver that uses a certain system
  • Uninstall/deactivate the plugin you just installed
  • Change/add code in .htaccess
  • Contact the plugin developer
  • Find a solution through the CMS forum you use
  • Errors Caused By Web Server Performance/Configuration

    Errors that often appear are: Error 500, 502. 503 and 504. Here I will try to explain as briefly as possible to add to your insight.

    Error 500 and Fix It

    500 Internal Server Error is a very common HTTP status code which means something wrong has happened on the website’s server, but the server couldn’t be more specific about what the exact problem was.

    The 500 internal server error is usually only temporary or depends on how quickly the web hosting provider is handling it, how to fix it, of course, by contacting your web hosting company.

    Knowing What Causes Error 503 and Solutions

    Error 503 indicates that the url you are going to does not exist due to the web server being down, overloaded, maintenance and so on.

    Error 503 is also very closely related to SEO. You must be critical of web hosting if your website often experiences 503. If it goes down for 1 to 2 hours regularly, it means your website is down for 30-60 hours a month and this is very dangerous because Google will consider the website “bad”. Remember! web hosting speed ranks first of the 200 items of Google’s ranking system.

    The solution when facing this is to move your website into a better web hosting and one of the best web hosting service providers in Indonesia with unlimited features, you can read my article entitled: unlimited web hosting Indonesia

    Website Appears Error 504? This is the cause

    For the 504 error in general, the problem is exactly the same as the 503 error code, namely the poor performance of the web server you are using. Therefore, it is highly recommended to immediately move your website using a good and professional web hosting.

    Tips so that the website doesn’t keep getting errors

    Many questions are given by website owners such as:

  • Why does the website often keep getting errors?
  • Why is the website often down?
  • Why can’t the website be accessed?
  • What causes the website to be slow?
  • What’s a good web hosting that doesn’t crash often?
  • And many more questions
  • As I have stated above, there are two causes of the error, namely from your own website and from the performance of the web hosting you bought. So the error does not absolutely come from the web hosting service or the script that is used and to find out the cause, of course you have to be wise, therefore always:

  • Perform regular backups (read the article: Easy Ways to Backup Websites)
  • Don’t buy hosting based on the cheap price, but also pay attention to how the performance and services provided (read the article: Cheap Web Hosting Affects SEO?)
  • Tools To Check Website Status Down Or Not And Monitor Web Server Performance Free

    Sometimes a polemic arises between you and the web hosting when you make a complaint saying that your website is down. On the other hand you say your website is down while the answer from web hosting says your website is not down, which one is correct?

    If this happens, please use some tools that you can use as a reference to find out the status of your website is down or not visit:

    Website Up/Down Checker Tools:


    Status.ws is a free service to check the status of your website whether it is down for you or down (inaccessible) by everyone.


    The function of network-tools.com is more complete than status.ws and this tool is free for you to check in detail how the web server you are using. Or you can use the web server monitoring service from:

    Website Monitoring Service Tools:

    Website Monitoring Service

    You can register and use this service for free, its function is to monitor up/down status, website response. You will be sent an email if there is a problem with the web server you are using.

    Google Webmaster Tools

    Register your website with Google Webmaster Tools because you will be sent an email if there is a problem between the website and Google. Problems can vary like: Google can’t access your site, Crawl Error, Manual Spam etc.