Basic SEO that can be applied on our website

 No matter how good the web we have and the articles we post, it doesn’t matter if few people visit, watch and read our web content.  Like pearls in the mud, beautiful to behold but little to know.  Therefore your website needs a good and constant status in search pages.  Here are some of the main points that can be made:
 Before writing an article, we must first research what keywords are good in search and less in competition.  After getting it, then make articles that are attractive and designed according to those keywords.  It should not be too much because it will make the reader uncomfortable.  Make articles with keywords that are natural and have an informative nature to add to the reader’s knowledge.
 The new Google algorithm prefers long, informative and natural articles.  Until we need to write articles in a minimum word count of 400 words.  In article creation, stay away from repeated reviews.  Don’t overdo it and suggest a few points that are necessary.  Quality Content today is a concentration that you need to build.  Web with some quality articles will get a positive value.  Either from Google or visitors.
 SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on Page is the implementation of SEO in the article.  That is using internal links to the homepage and related posts inserted in the article.  The correct implementation of on-page SEO on your articles will make it stronger and more constant in the competition and make readers interested in reading other articles on the web to avoid high bounce rates.
 In the past, when Google didn’t have a new algorithm, excessive back-link spamming could make our articles and web status shoot up.  But you need to know that Google has made a change in the algorithm.  Excessive use of back-links can actually be a boomerang that hits our website back in search results.  Therefore, create quality back-links as natural as possible, orderly and not brutal.  Google prefers everything that looks natural and natural.
 Social media such as FB, Twitter and others can support your traffic.  But getting traffic here is not seen as natural traffic.  Until it has no influence whatsoever on Google.  Because that’s the case with Social Bookmarks.  The second traffic that is created is seen as not a natural visitor looking for information.  While Google prefers natural and natural traffic sources from Search Engines.  So make it all natural and natural.  No need to insist.
 SEO knowledge right now is struggling here.  A regularly updated website every day will be considered good by Google.  Alexa ranking will naturally slim.  Page rank will increase in a natural way.  Because it makes you stable to update quality articles that readers love.  Gradually your website will have a good status on search pages.