AdSense Learning Guide for Beginners from A to Z

Simple Blogger Tutorial- Since the middle of 2021, AdSense has become a busy topic discussed in the Indonesian internet marketing group.  Diverse Operating Channels Also Appears Many .  Not infrequently there are clashes between colleges that teach about AdSense.
 On this occasion, I want to review in detail how to run AdSense as a business opportunity that can generate passive income every month, or the well-known language of side income.
 This article can be a long review, therefore, I will make PT material at the beginning.
 – When BEFORE Learning AdSense, Check These 15 Important Things
 – 1. Requires a large (which can be called) capital
 – 2. Must Master SEO
 – 3. Capable of Innovative Content Production
 – 4. Patience and Concentration
 – 5. Save Valuable Assets
 – 6. Learn from AdSense business people
 – 7. Aim for Keywords with High Search Volume
 – 8. Make Sure All You Are Building For Long-Term Goals
 – 9. Don’t Concentrate Too Much On Web Appearance
 – 10. No Need Many Back-links
 – 11. Create Quality Content
 – 12. Concentrate ON One Web
 – 13. Manage the Web Like Doing Business, Not Toys
 – 14. Just Stop Being Amazed AT Screenshots
 – 15. Learn the real SEO
 More and more people want to try their luck through Google AdSense efforts.  But still really lacking information that can be obtained from several Indonesian language sites.  Thank God I have a lot of experience in the AdSense business.  I hope you can learn from my mistakes (in the past) in understanding AdSense.
 Please let’s start.
 There are 3 locations that can be used to play AdSense, namely:
 – YouTube
 – Android Programs
 – Web (content)
 Ever heard of a youtuber who gave a message to some of his viewers, “You can’t skip the ad, huh!”?  Yep, this is an example of an Adsense Publisher / Publisher Who Makes Youtube a collaboration with Google.
 Like advertiser services in the real world, the most important thing for a publishing agent is the time period for visitors who see the content they make.
 Therefore, some YouTubers are competing to create content that is very interesting to watch and collect as many subscribers as possible as creatively as possible.
 Oh yes, the reason for messages from youtubers to review NOT to miss that ad is so that the big payouts can be big.  So, the mechanism for reviewing the results of Adsense findings to the agent is with per-click and per-view payments.  And specifically for YouTube, there is also additional income from ads that are not skipped.
 Actually, if it refers to the Adsense program regulations, invitations to review DO NOT skip ads, WHAT else to click on ads, are prohibited.
 Drive clicks or appearances (non-reward inventory)
 With the exception of award inventory, publishers should not ask someone to click or view their ad OR use a deceptive implication system to get clicks or views.  This includes, but is not limited to, offering compensation to users to view ads or perform searches, promise to increase revenue for 3rd party reviews for reviews of such activities, OR post pictures of individual adverts.
 Most of today’s groups already have smartphones.  Whether old, young, city or village people, bosses in big companies, to some street vendors.  Singer shows Once Digitization Has Been Worldwide.
 This opportunity is not wasted by Google as the developer of the Android operating mechanism.  Almost every mobile phone brand wants to work with Google to use Android as their mobile operating mechanism.
 Finally , Google is also now making big profits by having a booth to place ads from several advertisers on almost every mobile phone .
 Again , here Google provides an opportunity for the 3rd faction , namely some developer programs , to work with them .
 This cooperation can be called a symbiotic quality of alism.  Because without some developer programs, Google doesn’t have a good garden to place ads on.
 It is impossible for them to simply place an ad on the operating mechanism of the mobile phone .  This will disrupt the user experience .
 OPTION adsense The 3rd is to place ads on the web.  This option is not much different sich , with the 2 options that have been mentioned earlier .  Either in terms of revenue-sharing steps OR cooperation arguments.
 The difference is, in fact, if it’s in the realm of singers, it’s not only Adsense that gives offers to publishers / publishers to work together in advertising.  However, as already mentioned at the beginning, Google with its Adsense is still too powerful compared to other publishing services.
 In this article, I will dissect the Adsense program in this 3rd choice.  How you can work with Google Adsense, what requirements you need to meet, what restrictions are important you stay away from, and so on, to some of the problems you may encounter on your journey to become a publishing agent.
 Register Web
 A little I discussed in this material regarding the PT site or site to Google AdSense.
 In general, all orangutans can register their site, and Google does not require the site to be trafficked.  So, your site is still empty of visitors and can still be registered.
 Same with registering on Facebook or Instagram, you will be contacted in a form.  But the Google team will do a MORE review first.  If they match the requirements, they will be accepted.
 I have said how to apply for Google AdSense which God willing is accepted based on my individual experience, please read.
 AdSense Ads Not Showing, What Causes It?
 There are many triggers for not showing ads on your site.  The question is simple, but the narrative can get really long.
 Alhamdulillah, I have had enough experience with AdSense.  I have a lot of students playing AdSense.
 I know this is a problem for some people.
 Regarding this I asked my sister to write in a special chapter AdSense ads are not showing.  please explore.
 Mistakes That Are Often Made When Learning AdSense
 To be successful in AdSense, you must have a very strong foundation and discourse regarding SEO.  Because the purpose of AdSense is to earn passive income or side income.  One of the steps to being able to get continuous (and passive) traffic is to first enter your website or website into Google pages.
 At that moment your website is on the first page of Google, because of that dollars will add to your AdSense balance continuously and there is power to grow.
 BECAUSE the initial foundation must be SEO-minded, therefore you must know what not to do when you create a blog for AdSense purposes.  Interestingly, some of these things are actually done a lot with a beginner who just arrived deepening this.
 1. Too often posting less powerful content
 Singer problems often exist due to unprepared and psychological abilities to enter the website business (AdSense).  Remember IF AdSense is SEO-minded, and SEO really cares about the QUALITY of content.
 Content quality is really related to good skills in the writing sector.  The psychic must remain perfectly stable to create quality content.
 I once exclusively wrote quality standard content (please read).  If you can’t write, then learn to write.  One of the best steps for a review, train yourself for a review, CAN be patient when writing by forcing yourself to create content
 with a length of 1000 words, at least once per week.
 Writing 300 words of content is a bad habit.  Don’t expect your content to easily get to the first page of Google if the content you create only uses 300 words or even less.
 In the premium material, I review What Must Be Done in Each Content So that Your Keywords Win on Google (ranking keywords regardless of low or high level of competition).
 2. Because Can’t Write, Ended Up Buying Content
 Remember, when you don’t have the ability to write, because of that you can’t judge the quality of the content you buy, automatically you can’t judge the results of the content you buy.
 Buying content does not pray, with a note you can give him a rating on the content you buy, the author which is of the best quality and pales in intention when creating content, which when you know the quality, you don’t think about spending the funds you have.  content
 buy with business calculations, such as wholesale goods for remarketing.  The result is still the same when you don’t want to add yourself to be able to produce good writing.
 When you buy content with low quality, because it’s the same as you did mistake number 1 above.  you lose rank two.
 3. Too Dizzy Thinking of Traffic Sources
 You already know that Facebook can give you a trending effect, so you think about making trending content and hope that the content is loved by readers.
 But, on the other hand you expect to have good traffic from Google, so you try to create back-links in several places.  Fortunately, if the steps for making backlinks are clean and tidy, what I often encounter is making random backlinks.  zone.
 Next dizzy with some other way of processing traffic .  In the end, I feel myself not producing anything, still running in place.
 Yep, just like what I said at the beginning, the website business is an SEO-minded business, at the beginning you shouldn’t be bothered with source traffic, just concentrate on a few SEO-based steps.  To get organic traffic from search engines.
 4. Making Junk Backlinks Violently
 Haha, what is in my head is only back-links .. back-links .. and back-links.  As long as there is a location that can be picked up, it will be brushed immediately without any fuss.
 Thinking like a singer is an ancient way of thinking that doesn’t apply in today’s Google era.  A few thousand back-links like Singer DO NOT have a positive impact on your website.  There is, in fact, the opposite.  There will be a chance that your website will disappear from Google.
 There are also people who are lazy to create back-links, and are tempted by back-links that are sold cheaply in the community or marketplace, witnessing low prices and excessive sentences used.
 I myself use the services of a 3rd faction to optimize keywords (backlinks), but I know what backlinks I should order from them, and understand the effects.  I reviewed with this back-link problem in This Steps to Create Super Back-links That Can Rank Heavy Keywords (Revorma Premium).
 Instead of being bothered by making back-links, you must first solve the problem of content quality.
 5. Inconsequential Content Optimization
 The root of the problem remains the same, the more we develop ourselves on how to create quality content.  Do not want to learn to write well , less innovative way of thinking .
 Until the time I have to create content with a certain topic, which is in his head CANNOT be parallel.  Even though in fact each topic of writing can be broken down so that it is really extensive in every part, so that it produces rich (long) and quality (comfortable to read) writing.
 BECAUSE OF THAT ATTENTION, the sentence that is used in the content is forced many times, a thing that has been said at the beginning, is reviewed in the following paragraphs.  Google can recognize this, and it’s definitely a human.  And both of them don’t like content like this.
 What else is deliberately repeating a sentence, word, or keyword, then hoping that its contents can be on the first page because of the repetition of that word.  Ha ha!
 Let it be, you can’t do the wrong thing, you can’t do charity without knowledge.  Please enrich yourself, don’t be lazy.
 6. Your website is using a bad theme
 I have often repeated reviews regarding theme singers.  The most important thing about a theme is that it is user friendly and speed.
 What is meant by user friendly is that it is easy for visitors to understand, not confusing.  And what is meant by speed is that the site is not heavy when opened.
 How many free themes are full of 2 details as above.  But there are many other points to keep in mind regarding the theme singer, I EVER wrote THAT:
 – Nice Theme I Use For AdSense Business (Revorma Premium)
 – Online Business, Use a Clean and Simple Theme (Revorma Premium)
 – Here’s an Important Guide Before Buying Points, Themes and Plugins (Free)
 [H2] Before Learning AdSense, See 15 Pages
 The Importance of Knowledge [/H2] Provide first, don’t just feel sad.
 [H3] 1. Large Capital (which CAN BE Called) Needed [/ H3]
 Who said that to jump into the singer business, you just need less capital?  If you just play to make a few hundred or a few thousand dollars / month, chances are you can start with less capital.  Just rent a hosting and domain, use a simple template, and do it all yourself.
 But when you key: Singer as a business, you have to work in a team, support so that your team can continue to do the same according to the idea, and accelerate revenue and track records.
 And capital is not only a question of money, but also a number of other things which I will discuss at a later point.
 2. Must Master SEO
 When you study SEO, you are not only talking about back-links, word count, and post count, but you must also learn what is against the rules of the game.
 There are some people who, because only the teacher joins them, use a certain theme, the teacher is all dozens OR even their students’ complaints have been deindexed. Mass operation.  A theme that seems to be embedded in a script that is at risk for the continuity of a website.
 BECAUSE, WITH SOMETHING SEO (And of course right in the rules), your website will survive next.
 Since the first time I applied SEO on several AdSense sites that I managed, Alhamdulillah I have NEVER been attacked by deindex.
 There are 2 special things that make the website deindexed, even though you feel like you have written original content, even though you have tried not to make back-links run violent and abusive (spam), are some of the things below.
 – Using the theme by default.  What people need to say.  Because (indeed) someone made a few thousand dollars on that theme.  This is an incorrect consideration.
 – Using plugins that have the purpose of circumventing Google’s algorithms, to generate content or keywords or otherwise operate massively and AUTOMATICALLY.
 So complete SEO knowledge must be mastered, until you really understand which ones to do and which ones not.
 If you still feel like a beginner about SEO, you should learn the 6 modules that I made specifically to learn SEO, God willing, my language will make it as easy as possible for Difficult.
 3. Capable of Innovative Content Production
 What is meant by innovative content is non-keyword content that can attract tens of thousands of readers to your website in just a few days or even a few moments.
 The amount of innovative content I produce every day is 20%.  The former is keyword based.  So, if I produce 10 content a day, that’s why 2 prayers. The only thing is innovative content.
 There are several sites that you can use as references to produce content like this, either Indonesian-language sites or English-language sites.
 Visitors who enter our web to read innovative content usually arrive from social media.  Until the design content that is created is completely different from keyword-based content.
 Innovative content must really be made every word and image.  How about a title called a very high click (commonly referred to as CTR, Click-Through-Rate).  He must have a wow effect, a person who is fun to scroll on social media suddenly feel wow when reading the title and watching the picture that is there.
 Because there is innovative content, therefore your website’s track record has the potential to be even better because innovative content can bring in huge traffic, lower bounce rates, and increase time on site.  Some of these things have almost the same value as quality backlinks.
 It will definitely be better when the innovative content you make has keyword content in it.  Without the hassle of making quality back-links, the keywords in it can be carried easily on page one of Google.
 4. Patience and concentration
Just like business in general, your patience and focus are really tested.  It took me at least 10 months to get to earning which is quite satisfactory.
 The problem that beginners often face is confusion, every time there is a group (which feels good) on Facebook, they immediately join, every time there is a great teacher they immediately want to be imitated, in the end they get so much information, try one by one but it’s not clear what they are aiming for.  finally realized that it had not done anything.
 To be able to create an extraordinary sense of patience and unmatched focus (don’t budge seeing the tempting SS teachers), you must be able to break down these things clearly.
 – What do you expect from your website after a few years?
 – What annual target do you want to achieve with the website you are building?
 – At what time can the website you build be said to be successful?
 – And what will you do to achieve that?
 When you can answer the questions above in detail, the next step is to convert those details into a system.  The system (daily, weekly, monthly) that you must obey, you test, you practice, and you evaluate.
 When the system is valid, then at that time your view of this business is clearer, you can start to do business calculations.  Until finally the valid system was run by a team (you are no longer a person)
 5. Storing Valuable Assets
 When your AdSense business starts running, during that journey you will find things that are unexpected, and that’s how business is.
 Please ask any business people, what makes them successful are things that most never take into account and come miraculously and suddenly.
 You will find content that turns out to be able to continuously contribute traffic to the website.  Whether it’s keyword-based, and creative content-based (viral).
 I always refer to content that has been published on the website as an asset.  And there will be 2 types of assets, namely assets that have produced absolutely and assets that have not been optimized.
 Keep assets that are proven to make a lot of dollars.  Where is it stored?  Wherever you feel comfortable and safe.  How to?  Yes, you can use Excel or other data/document processing applications.  You will really need this asset data all the time.
 I have assets that from 1 content alone can generate $50 per day, some are $20 per day, some are even above $100 per day.  For me this is an asset that must be maintained and recorded.
 Another tool that must be used is Google Analytics which is connected to an AdSense account, through this tool we can find out which content contributed the most dollars in the last 1 month, study the pattern, learn where it came from, how much CPC and CTR it was.
 From this data, we can formulate several new strategies for building gold content (new potential assets).
 6. Learn from Fellow AdSense Businessmen
 We’re talking business, then our barometer is a website that becomes AdSense as part of the business.  Not a fake site that works by looking for loopholes in the Google algorithm.
 Outside, there are lots of sites that can be used as references, for example phenomenal sites like BoredPanda which pays its regular writers 1,800 euros or 25 million rupiahs every month to create super quality content, and the WikiHow site with its phenomenal tagline How  to Do Anything (read: Jack Herrick and Stories on WikiHow).
 In Indonesia, you can see media sites such as Kompas, Merdeka, Tribunnews, or curation sites such as and sites under the control of KapanLagi Network.
 For bloggers, you can see MaxManroe, Omkicau, JuraganCipir, Pabelog, etc.
 See how they can get a lot of traffic, how they write content so that it attracts a lot of repeat readers, how they position their ads, and other strategies that can be seen to learn.
7. Aim for Keywords with High Search Volume
 Many explain the need to pursue a few keywords, and increase the amount of content.  There’s a point.  But aiming for a $100 daily income goal is different from a $500/month income goal.
 All you need to earn $100 daily by shooting famous keywords.  And to be able to win in high keywords by creating an Authority website.
 What is important for you to underline is, when the keyword Successful Women ENTERS Page 1, WITH a high search volume shoot, therefore you will enjoy a flood of heavy traffic to your website.
 8. Make Sure You Are Building For Long-Term Goals
 AGC, spammyback-links, traffic scams, you should stay away from some of these things.  Build a psychic and business mindset .  Creating an Authority site is not short, it takes a process, the dollars you taste can’t be instant.  Have been a sales manager if tactics that violate Google’s main provisions can’t last long.
 should not be easily tempted by the persuasion of link-building services that are widely spread on the internet.  Don’t rush to buy a tool or software that can create back-links sporadically.
 Just take a look at some things that are natural, natural, and don’t violate Google’s rules of play.
 Stay away from some “junk” content, spin results.  Be careful with buying content from other factions, the mistakes you receive are the discovery of machine-experimented content that is uncomfortable to read.
 9. Don’t Concentrate Too Much On Web Appearances
 This side is not so important for you to think .  Choose a simple theme.  The need for info can be read by Google and some visitors.  Check out Revorma, no great features, mediocre site.
 Should NOT spend Time on web appearances.
 10. No Need Many Back-links
 Come back again , concentrate on content , fill your days for content .  Think how to make interesting and good content.
 When you concentrate on back-links, you will be stressed and bored, what else when you know the back-links that you make fail, OR worse, even lower your keyword rankings.
 Creating links manually one by one will help you in keyword optimization.  Because with it, you can trust that the back-links you create are quality and safe.
 I feel the PT back-links that spread across several sites (Which you are likely to get by searching on Google “Quality back-link PT 2015”) are PT back-links that are likely to destroy keywords.  See if some big sites (Authorities) don’t do .  Be careful with a list of back-links like that.
 Getting 1 or 2 clean and quality backlinks will be better for you.  Than it can be a few hundred back-links from sources that do away with .
 11. Create Quality Content
 If necessary , make a super quality .  That’s why I really match the performance of some of the writers I hire to update content on the sites I maintain.
 Quality Content will Increase Jam Visits And Make Bounce Rate So Small.  Visitors feel at home looking for any existing content and enjoy it.
 Remember, apart from visits or time on the site and the bounce rate are the SPECIAL ASPECTS that make your site an authority site.  This assessment is a point that can improve your website’s SEO skills.
 Take more time than usual just to make 1 content that really annoys readers.  The longer they last on our website, the better for SEO.
 12. Concentrate On One Web
 Cannot handle multiple websites at the same time.  Unless you have the most experience in web control, create a multi-headed team each web, do a neat division of work.
 PT KARYA CIPTA PUTRA, I once managed several sites that all had the goal of getting money, but the results were not optimal.  Until then I decided to discontinue the use of those websites, there were only a few that were mature and more prospective.
 Solve 1 problem first, until you reach the targeted milestone of the website, suppose you have a goal of $1000 / month from that website.  Therefore, it is not permissible to first create a new site before the $1000 milestone is realized.
 13. Manage the Web Like Doing Business, Not Toys
 When you have a goal of $1000 or more, that’s why singers are something that needs to be acknowledged well every day.  What is important to do, what is the budget, and how many important things are addressed in the existing goals.
 Some people can earn $1 per day, but few make $50 per day, or even $100 per day.  Everything must be directed and regulated with a business mindset.
 In business , attitude and patience we need to be attentive .  CAN’T EARN $10 After 1st road OR month’s prayer, NOT to be sad OR frustrated And FINALLY blind Thought of buying some “harmful” service just want to get big quick results.
 No need for a short walk.  Still doing everything the natural way.
 14. Just Stop Being Amazed At Screenshots
 Every online dialogue community that you join, of course there are masters who spread pictures/screenshots that make you amazed and curious.
 From CPA, CPC other than AdSense, AGC, Affiliate, and others.  There are many things that can be a web monetization tactic.  It doesn’t mean that some things are just bad, they are very good, and many have shown that they can succeed through those things.
 For those who still feel like jumping here and there, please, please, don’t be too amazed by the screenshots.  Following the activities of some teachers is important, must, so that you can increase your discourse to them.  But do not rush to want and want .  When the shared screenshot is not related to what you want to learn , it forces you not to overdo it because it ‘s too much .
 It’s not that you learn from THAT screenshot, just what you find is the result of Check Elements: P
 PT KARYA CIPTA PUTRA I am like THAT (easy to be amazed).  Until now, I still meet many colleagues who are not concentrated, still being SS lovers.
 You need to concentrate and do it as much as possible.
 15. Learn the real SEO
 If you visit the dialogue community, starting from online communities to Facebook groups that review about Internet Marketing, you will encounter many questions like this;
 “Looking for a way to make X?”  or “I have a problem X, anyone know a solution?”
 And the majority of the answers are like Singers;
 “Try to search, in this community there is already everything you are looking for.”
 usually so , but there are also those who answer the question well .
 Then, what is real SEO?  Relationship building is a small amount, and now it’s becoming so unclear because of the proliferation of relationship building services and some “deviant” science.  On the page so it doesn’t have much effect when it’s not accompanied by some innovative methods such as bounce rate and time on site, as I have alluded to above.
 IF you’re really serious about wanting to learn SEO with amazing impact, read the whole site Moz, Flute, All-Seeing, Seland, SEJournal, and SEO by the Sea.
 Try to explore how the SEO Mindset that exists in some of the orangutans in Situ.  You’ll find significant differences from some of the places our sales managers meet on Facebook groups.  At least you can add discourse.
 More or less, that’s the description that you will meet when you want to learn Google AdSense more deeply, seriously, and what you need to earn.