Basic Off Page SEO For Beginner Bloggers

Simple Blogger tutorial – Off Page SEO Basics For Beginner Bloggers.  Bloggers and website owners must be familiar with the term Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  There are two types of SEO that are generally used for maximizing results: On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.  The specific direction of using SEO to increase traffic and page rankings in search engines.

 You definitely want your website to be on the first page or the first five pages.  Increasing your page rank in crawler engines can increase the visibility of your website.  This helps increase traffic, brand awareness, page rank, and conversion of visitors to loyal customers.

 In SEO, the term off-page optimization refers to factors that are not related to your web page.  When on-page SEO is related to websites such as internal links, content, and keywords, off-page is related to link back linking or building.

 To achieve the direction of using SEO, it is not enough to care about your website and brand.  You should also try to develop a good track record so that loyal potential customers are willing to visit and learn more about your website and business.

 When assessing a site, crawlers will see both on-page (some things about your website) and off-page (how popular your website is).

 Simply put, your ranking group is determined by the on-page factor and how high you rank in the crawler engine is determined by the off-page factor.

 In on-page SEO, the guidelines that are generally given are regarding page loading speed, content, content quality, external links, titles and others, and descriptions.  While in off-page, you will be given guidance regarding link building, social media, social bookmarking, and marketing.

 When someone searches for information about a brand, they usually have their own opinion based on reviews, feedback from friends and family, or acquaintances in cyberspace, and what information they can get either online or offline.

 Off-page SEO basically tells crawling engines like Google how visitors think about your website which can help your website become an authoritative website by increasing visibility.  This technique gets visitors to mention your brand and link it to your website content.

 However, many think that off-page SEO is just link building.  Although there are actually other ways to maximize the use of off-page SEO.

 Why is it mentioned ancient system?  because this system is abandoned by many SEO activists, it can be called not working 100%, and is not recommended to be implemented, but if you want to try it for more experience, it’s not a problem.  Here’s a list of ancient off-page SEO systems:

 Although it does not make a loss, this system requires a lot of time.  You are asked to say your brand in several communities according to the product or service you offer.  You’re better off spending your time improving other key points in your endeavor.

 This step is a step that used to be commonly used to make sure your website appears in Google and Bing searches.  However, as crawler engine algorithms become increasingly difficult, this step is no longer seen as fruitful.

 Creating content for article directories is one of the old steps that are usually carried out in content marketing.  But the reality is that many people don’t read this website directory because the articles are not of high quality and contain some unrelated things.

 When Google Panda appeared, this website directory was the first group of websites to experience a significant reduction in traffic.

 This is a move that used to be seen as good but now the website is seen as useless.  This website is rarely visited because Google has now replaced the benefits of a website directory with a faster search time.

 Following social media communities like Reddit and StumbleUpon will pay off well if your brand is trending, but this opportunity is really hard to come by.  This is because websites like this are updated quickly so if you upload something, your post may disappear the next day.

 Chances are you think the more social media you have the more likely it is to increase traffic.  A lot of social media is unrelated to your business.  You need related social networks to help with good promotions.

 Concentrate on a few social media that fits your business so you can focus on your followers on that social media.

 This new off-page system can be called still works to be implemented, here is a list of the latest off-page SEO tactics:

 This system is the most efficient and well known off-page system.  In essence when you provide external links in your content, you are trying to collect as many votes as possible to increase rankings and surpass your competitors.

 Same with content, make sure you get quality backlinks.  A lot of backlinks but not quality is no better than a few backlinks but from quality links.  There are factors that determine the quality of a link:

 So how do you get this link?  Natural links are links that are most loved by search engines.  Natural links mean your website is loved by other website owners and provides links to your website because it matches their content.

 Getting natural links is not easy.  The best way is to upload quality content that deserves to be a back-link on their website.  If you use some of the old methods that only prioritize numbers, be prepared to be penalized by Google.

 There is one other step in doing link building, namely guest posting where you write on the website the opposite or another.  However, you shouldn’t do this just to get links and shouldn’t do it so often.

 Terms of use of link building vary from time to time and crawler engines also try to avoid using wrong steps.  However, if you apply a good strategy the direction of using link building will be realized.

 Most people have social media.  Except for hanging out and having fun, it can also be used for off-page SEO.  This is a great way to increase traffic.

 Even though the links you get on social media are generally no-follow links, that doesn’t mean they’re worthless.  Promoting your brand on social media can help increase your traffic significantly.

 The more people see your profile, the more likely they are to visit your website.  Social media is an additional link that directs potential visitors to the website through your profile.

 With the increasing use of mobile phones and better internet access, the Local SEO system is getting more and more popular.

 Although it looks the same as general SEO, these two SEOs are completely different in that Local SEO focuses on providing related results based on the user’s current position.

 To use Local SEO, use Google Places for Business Page and complete all necessary information and alignment with your Google+ account.

 Google recently said that 87% of people use their phones on the go.  In addition, 95% of cellphone users search for local information through their cellphones.

 Here are some specific aspects that help off-page SEO systems and improve your page rankings:

 In increasing the ranking of your website in the crawler engines, generally by looking at the number of links destined to your website.

 The use of hyperlinks intended for your website counts as a vote of support for your website.  The more links to your website, the more votes you support in the eyes of Google and some other crawlers.

 It’s also better if the link comes from a variety of different domains.

 Anchor text is text that becomes a hyperlink.  In applying off-page SEO, you should provide the right keywords for the link which helps crawlers to identify about your website and know which keywords to rank for.

 Make sure the anchor text used to visualize the content of the link provided.  Use a variety of anchor text which is more loved by the latest algorithms from Google.

 Not all links have the same value.  Links from well-known websites are not as valuable as links from beginner websites.

 Websites that are generally classified as the most trusted websites are generally:

 The use of several high quality links from sites that are included in the group above is more desirable than having 100 low quality links.

 Link building speed is one of the special aspects of off-page SEO.  However, link building that is so fast will be seen as unusual by crawlers and can result in penalties (especially if your website is still relatively new).

 Crawler engines can find good link building speed, so getting 1000 low quality links in a day when your website is less than a month old doesn’t seem reasonable.

 As long as you’re not using an automated tool that’s prospective several thousand links at a time, you don’t have to worry so much.

 To make it easier for you, now there are several tools that can help maximize your off-page SEO system.  Here are some tools you can use:

 Some people think that Google AdWords is the most useful tool for off-page SEO.  The features sold include: increasing the number of loyal consumers, getting results that are easy and quick to understand, increasing quality traffic, providing information about keyword searches, and the market.

 Google AdWords is a marketing tool that gives you the opportunity to convert visitors into loyal customers and leads for your business.  This tool is easy to use, accessible, and has maximum connectivity.

 This tool is useful for many things because Ahrefs has a huge database of back-links and helps you to know everything about your competitor’s A website and yours.

 You can immediately find out how to outrank your competitors.  The features that are sold are for example: looking for your back-links, finding the most relevant keywords, knowing your competitors’ information, and analyzing their tactics.

 Majestic is one of the best tools for SEO.  This tool is also known as the most powerful backlink tool.  Its database is considered to have the most detailed crawl engine information.  The features sold include: SEO for professionals, media analytics, business tools, differences with competitors, detailed domain searches.

 The service provided by Moz is truly complete which offers unique traffic data.  By using Moz, you can concentrate on the strategies you have to enable you to be easily found among the billions of searches performed every day.

 The features offered by Moz include: open site explorer, search for your marketing campaign, study the opportunities for a keyword, and look for tracking errors.

 Generally some SEO experts spend more time on off-page SEO than on-page SEO.

 However, no matter how much effort you put in for off-page SEO, without good on-page SEO, your efforts could not be optimal.

 A website that seems not the most trusted from the first time you open it definitely doesn’t make you want to give backlinks to that website.

 A website with a simple but attractive design, free from writing errors is more likely to allow it to get back-links from big and most trusted sites like Forbes.

 Even if you have a lot of links, it will be useless if visitors who are initially attracted by your website reviews see your website which looks not the most trusted and professional.  The more people read or watch your content, the more likely you are to get citations or links.

 The more citations and links you get, the better your off-page SEO will be.

 Therefore, optimize your on-page SEO system before you start using off-page SEO systems.

 In the world of SEO, there are two important systems that need to be implemented in a balanced way to get maximum results;  on-page and off-page SEO.

 Off-page is really very important in increasing the reputation and track record of your website but the system is not only with link building.

 While getting links is the most important aspect (both now and in the future), it should be remembered that this is only one factor among the other 200+ factors in Google’s algorithm.

 Besides that, link building is no longer a linear process where you keep creating links.  You also have to use tactics to get links naturally.  Here on-page SEO plays a major role where quality content that contains detailed information will attract more readers and make your content worthy of backlinks.

 Although these two are related, there are many people who believe that simply doing one of these two steps will give them maximum results.  Hopefully this off-page SEO tutorial can help you.