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simple blogger tutorial– If we hear the word success at my young age, it’s scary even have a bad crush on our mindset our mental Boss Why is your boss often like this So if you want in the morning go to the office you feel face Ugly are you excited or at the moment work even you feel work for useless work need some style my work in hop gives success

style at first On Saturday in that office or when you open your new business is you to him so spirit and you have a dream goal What is clear What is clear is that by Wars can like this is delicious or at the moment at night you watch motivations who says that people can be successful you are young when you think about your life see scramble remember your life more your life reflection says that Wu, what are some things even though the governor is at school It’s good, even though I work hard Even though I feel that way, even though I am Why did you enter the discipline office, sir and me? I’m also trying to keep going, but how come all your plans don’t feel like achieved there are other people under the age of age 30 He already belongs

billionaire there are people who are still old 25-26 already able to write a bestseller book there are people who are approaching the age of 40 already a Sio at the center big but why are you like this and and it continues to exist your thoughts thoughts uh single stress you too much in the video Here I will give you three tips so that you understand very well how to be successful at a young age so watch this video until the end [Music] Hi sustenance isn’t right, it should be Aa tips First, everyone has mushrooms each one is as long as you if The most important thing is that if you look at all these people The success of the Camry is like this, you feel

you are happy my boss has a name My life is the way I want my cheeks to be see Uh, that’s really bad, my boss wants it everyone finds their own life find his own dream find own way If people each different and have different meanings for how successful are you comparing the same Odio people have chosen 30, so there are 30 you plane Hi everyone, what if it’s not successful, why? Then what about the people who mothers who like to see their children progress Even though he doesn’t have a luxury car or don’t have can’t walk traveling the world but he feels successful and installed Happy Did he not success so everyone I’m sure boss

everyone has mushrooms each one has a life that is still still have success, you have to really understand what my opinion is my life the way i dream i’m scary hi when you understand this and you be the one who finds your own success then Hi it will make you more

happy people who have more brains smart boss if you want to learn how to find your true self How to find out what life is What do you want to do? How shape your life goals your dreams how to create strategies and ways the very one that is very unique you really Go has an online course called hours of my life the way I dream of you

You can register at the link below can learn together whatever your problem whatever your situation, we can share together with adult discussion shodaqta Now I’m waiting for you at the cost of my life the way i dream i’m scary G2 stop thinking about changing the world Understand that your job is most importantly I mean this when you hear the words of success at a young age as if your life is progressing that’s the measure tumor 30 years to be at the time of number 25 seems like the title only has five years left again and you feel no need to change the world so it feels like you want to do something that can actually be Chinese the word is getting closer to a certain age the northern one in my crazy brain

superior 30 for example success if want 30 easily again getting closer you instead focus on the steam of my life as if my life only five years again the method of teasing is not successful, bekam left and right Oh yes there are a lot of people age 30 can be a billionaire his work already famous, boss, isn’t it? The most important thing is that people are successful at age young she is as long as you think about what he can do do what he can do How can you always give grow to develop his skills if he business How to grow your business if he is creamy how can he get it move up to the next position one position on it you don’t think until all the way to be a CEO

national company What are you thinking is what i have to do to grow one level better from yesterday what are you doing that’s what gives the difference between people who are successful at a young age or not successful Gogo love ikamustrasi is like the lions, aren’t they? the biggest boss is the biggest right

elephant But he’s also not the most I run fast, we’re the fastest leopard Yes it’s the fastest runner in the forest Hey, those who make the most elephants but why the lion king in the forest if The lion looks at the elephant’s brain, this is the lion lunch I beg you but you Try you see if the elephant see the city lion first escape Boss first reaction in is blurry see if the reaction to Being successful at a young age is simple the mind set is very simple but it’s not easy reaction lion is hard work he The difference between a lion is that the lion is as you are chase their prey until they get it so if Do you want to be successful at a young age? Understand What your job is important and this is our mindset for you body for as long as you are excited develop what you do more better than yesterday if you have a mindset that is always growing and Hi oneday 2AM achieved his success you really dream MP3 stop comparing yourself to other people another boss, you’re cool, you’re a mujago you’re cool you’re talking about my life way I’m my dream if you feel gobkamug

success is my life just like this, it’s because of you you eat a lot of social media most browsing the same your communities may exist Akamumni community How come it’s a month body I can already buy this, gobkamuk. Okay, he is more famous Yes, just better than stupid cave you are important your boss important in that community try you if

die tomorrow but you miss you surely my community misses you if you do something for the community signifies that you are important in the community it’s a topic compare with others you have your Kamucky success success is what is created yourself Boss if you keep making Update Ussy’s legal affairs, I got this Muji this rotor rotor spur yourself spur in your grief if in the good Witch Beautiful, positive, risk, okay, okay, me suggest people to as much as you can growing but mostly Goliath happens is when you hear success is young when you compare yourself with other people who are you force yourself and also enjoy the process

so the key word is to enjoy the process in your life, I’m not inviting you to stop stop and be satisfied not But how can you as long as you enjoy it the process and finally you can raise your standard day by day this what we talk about is your life own life you decide for yourself the life you want to happen or not maybe your life boss is the same as the one Hi so stop for compare yourself with brilliance with other people Hi if you can understand the meaning of the word stop compare your sorrow with others Cave sure you will have more confidence high self and make your brain become more open minded shop at the moment you have a new strategy or you want

having a planning approach will be more Lekamuasa Dua will be more free to share To your friends, the post office wants to make this Boss My boss wants to call strategy or Can I ask your left and right how are you? you are sad when you get a situation that it’s happening in you now do you have any advice, do you ask for advice? friends around you or you can learn more or more more read a lot learn science then you can join the online course or online mentoring with model ROM you like it because your focus is enjoying the process instead of double this with your friends so understand this is stock compare it Direct your focus to the purpose of life bekam believe that life You are important to this world Rest assured that your life has done something so stop comparing with people otherwise direct your mind’s energy to focus you for How to find a new way achieve your dream you can share with friends you you can learn more from a book or from the internet Guess what take the course or online course or more see your model troll How bomb create success and many things

your three focuses are already there then always live, you’ll enjoy it and achieve your goals successful young age so when you hear the words success age young Remember the three tips from cave one Everyone has their own path both stop thinking about changing the world the most important and most important man’s work third stock tire who is sad with other people if you follow these three tips I hope you really understand what is meant by success young people walking shape his own life find How to find your own goal live according to what he thinks and that’s for sure if he’s enjoying the process in order to reach his dream that’s what fruit say success young age I want listen dong kopanda your opinion when you hear the words of success at a young age what? what are you talking about in your brain you #success young age #how to succeed #success tips