12 Beginner Blogger Tips, from the beginning of creating a blog until it is accepted by Google Adsense monetization (2021)

simplebloggertutorial.com– we learn digital literacy together with blogger

 friends, after we learn digital literacy with blog media, from the initial process to our blog, we can connect with Google

 Adsense or our blog can

 displaying Adsense ads there are several things or notes in us

 digital literacy with blogs to connect with Google AdSense Hey what is it So first If we want our blog that

 Hi connected with the most beautiful Adsense we must have a blog first

 Hi, so we have to create a blogger with Blogspot. Then the second one after we create a blog, don’t forget the blogger settings, Ria, choose a theme

 or an interesting Demy to choose a theme or and that’s what if accessed using a cellphone or

 using a laptop, access is fast, loading is fast

 Hi then the third is discipline

 literacy documenting what we read, what we learn or what we practice, then uploads it to our blog so that as much as possible

 maybe after we create our blog, we fill the blog with the contents of our documentation

 Hi, then the fourth one is now

 Documenting idiots, make sure Hey, don’t copy and paste, I’m sure, don’t copy and paste from other people’s articles. Yes, we can do that as much as possible

 supports the fish mentality, what we read, what we learn or what we practice uses

 own words yes Even though it’s actually the same thing huh

 Hi, then the fifth one is for an interesting tamnel or image, just like YouTube, so it’s blocked and requires an interesting tamnel or image

 with what hope by looking at Tumblritu will increase our article visitors or our blog visitors every day then what?

 Hi when writing documentation articles, pay attention to the media writing framework, pay attention to the framework of good article writing

 Oh yes that hope

 Hi, If we pay attention to the framework of writing a good article, it will increase the number of visitors to the blog every day, Ria, from selecting the title, then choosing the words, processing, selecting hiding, and so on, the prize is then the seventh after we upload the documentation.

 the blob, yes, we share the article that we have uploaded to social media, yes to social media, for example to Facebook or to Pinterest WhatsApp

 Hi, or even make it Story wa, Story wa and others. Looks like yes, so we have uploaded our article. Yes, we can share it on social media as much as possible.

 or we inform our friends to

 Hi then the 8th index of our article to Google console so

 our hope

 Hi, so that the article can be indexed to Google taekwondo, Diah, that’s the hope, then the 9th, 9th, if we are disciplined in digital literacy, with blocks and blocks, it is enough to be connected to Google Adsense. Yes, please try registering our blog monetization to Google Adsense and Hi, then the 10th  If it is already

 Let’s register our blog for monetization, there is usually a review period. What is our blog?

 Hi, can or is feasible or acceptable or not connected with Google Adsense for that at what time will we review Naya as much as possible, we will keep updating our blog

 documenting what we read, what we learn on our blog so that our blog always has visitors every day or is seen there

 That’s the activity, then that’s the 11th if our blog has arrived. Hey demonetization and it’s stated that our blog is eligible to display Google Adsense, then we create an ad unit.


 Hi ad units, let’s try the easiest way, namely by placing automatic ads, then the last one is Hi, if our blog was monetized by Google Adsense, it turned out that our blog was not worthy of displaying Google Adsense ads or was rejected by Google Adsense for various reasons.

 Hi, don’t be disappointed, obviously don’t be disappointed, there is still a solution

 what is the solution, check each article or check each

 the documentation that we have uploaded to our blog

 Hi, is there a copy and paste from other people’s articles or not

 Hi, if you feel it exists, please just delete the article, yes, please delete it then then change the author’s email or change email

 blogger, for example, the first one is xxxxx gmail.com, what does it mean? Yes, please create a new email. Then to replace the PSI of the blogger, and what is clear is that he remains disciplined in digital literacy, after we delete articles that are copy-pasted from other people’s meanings, then after we change email, we remain disciplined to

 documenting what we read, what we learn or what we practice on our blog

 Hi, if it is deemed sufficient and sufficient to be re-registered with Google Adsense or even enough to be monitored as fun by Google Adsense as possible, please re-register, please re-register for monetization, hopefully it will be accepted, the important thing is to keep the spirit in documenting what we read, what we learn or what we practice on our blog, so it’s more or less  that’s all friends

 Hi the notes in us learning digital literacy document what we read what we read

 learn or what we

 practice it then upload it to our blog until our blog is connected to Google Adsense, hopefully it’s useful, thank you


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