5 Strategies to Become a Successful Blogger | simple blogger tutorial

We will discuss about five surefire strategies to become a successful blogger for

 friends who want to know how

 Creating good blog content, how to develop a blog and also the motivation to become a blogger, you can watch the video this time we will discuss everything and before continuing Don’t forget to

 subscribe first, if friends have questions, please comment below, here are five surefire strategies you can do

 friends, use it to develop their blogs so that they are successful, the first strategy is to have purpose and fashion motivation in the blogging activities that we do, this motivation for example

 want to channel the hobby of writing, want to work, want to share our knowledge or expertise or maybe motivation from the business side, for example for

 promotion of our work, business promotion and so on, is very important for

 have the motivation so that we stay

 motivated and keep the spirit to be active as a blogger, now the motivation is important and have a goal first. So this is one

 It’s very important, besides having motivation and goals, it’s even better if

 friends have a passion for what is done on the blog

 Choose a blog theme that matches your preferences or fashion, for example, friends like to play games

 For example, if you like mobile gaming, for example, or computer games, it’s good to be able to create a blog with a gaming theme, for example, discussing popular games and so on, or if you have certain skills, for example, if you are good at public speaking or good at presentation, you can create a blog with that theme.  Later it will really spur our enthusiasm to be able to work on writing a blog, so it’s very important to have this basic foundation now

 The second strategy is Make

 interesting content because in

 content blogging activities are very

 crucial or very important because that will be the product of our blog, what kind of interesting content actually has many characteristics, but usually interesting content is one container, usually useful or not.

 Entertaining comments that make the reader like it

 yes or inspirational content or content that suits your needs or

 If you can make content that meets just one of these criteria, it’s a plus for our blog, so how do you know if your content is interesting or not, for example, usually interesting content will get it?

 many readers or people are waiting to follow our content so they read our blog more often or they subscribe to articles on our blog and

 so on, there is also feedback

 how about positive feedback?

 so that we can create interesting content, of course we start with an idea, now for blogger friends, it’s very important to have lots of ideas, there is a video tutorial that is ready to help

 friends, to use Google Trends so that you can have lots of blog content ideas or here is also a cool tool that I usually use to

 looking for ideas friends can try

 he wrote the link for this video is in the description, friends can watch it and can create good content on the blog Now if you are still a beginner or need


 receipts make good content on blogs or writers can watch the tutorial video earlier. Now the third is the strategy, friends, you have to understand how to apply and use what is called esio or search engine optimization, so SY aims to make our content or website have good rankings  on Google, when this happens, more people will read our blog, our website traffic will increase and of course this is good for you

 the continuity of our blog without us having to bother with promotion if SY is good, traffic will come with

 automatically to our blog, so many will read our blog. For those of you who want to learn ratios or apply Sio on their blogs and websites, you can watch these two video tutorials, here I have discussed them in quite detail and you can use them.

 to learn the ratio from scratch to

 applied to the blog, the video link is also from the description. Well, this fourth strategy is also very important, which is to be aggressive in promotion so that bloggers can not only create content but are also required to be able to promote their blog. Why is it trafficking?

 already a very important element in the success of a blog if a blog has good graphics then he will

 many business opportunities that arise from there, the higher the traffic, the more readers of our blog which will eventually lead to many business opportunities that we can do and we can maximize So besides being able to make fiber content, bloggers also need to be able to bring traffic to their blog or blog.  their website, the strategy for bringing blog traffic for beginners, you can learn about it in the video

 this tutorial the link is also in the description, friends can watch and this fifth, in my opinion, the strategy that is also important is good and

 take advantage of monetization opportunities so

 Let’s say we have a lot of blogs

 The content has started to be read a lot, now we can monetize the blog

 In order to generate income or become something productive for us, how to monetize a blog, you can use the 10 money-making sites that I discussed in this video or you can also use it.

 other ways such as affiliate

 marketing like Google Adsense

 For example, I happen to have made a video tutorial about Google

 Adsense friends can

 The video link is also in the description so you can take advantage of various monetization opportunities on the blog either way

 Google Adsense affiliate marketing

 Concerto endorsements and so on