Learn YouTube SEO for Beginners – The basics first


Search Engine Optimization or SEO

 A way to optimize our videos to rank in search-by using keywords

 And it turns out that the effect of using SEO in our video can spread everywhere – keep reading

 So, before going there, in this section I will first discuss how it works in a simple way – so that you can understand why you are using SEO, what are the reasons and what are the benefits – After that, I will share how

 So like this, SEO on YouTube is an activity when we upload videos-what activity?  ie optimizing the title, optimizing the description and optimizing the tag-Optimizing how?  by placing keywords in that section-So if you fill in the title, description and tags with as much random content as you can, whatever it’s up to, that means you haven’t done SEO yet,- you haven’t optimized these parts when uploading the video.

 You understand, SEO is an optimization activity

 How do we get these keywords to use as optimization material?

 By doing Keyword Research

 That is an activity to find the words that we will use as titles and so on-So before we do optimization when uploading videos,

 we have to get the keywords that will be used there by researching-For more details, SEO goes like this:

 We research to find keywords, the best keywords we install when uploading videos-Next: What are keywords?

 keywords or commonly called keywords are search terms or words that appear in search-this example, these words are called keywords or keywords-the words that appear when we provoke with this letter, are the ones currently being typed a lot  people-Meaning, a lot of people are looking for these topics

 So our job is actually just looking for words that appear here, -then we make them as titles, descriptions and tags of course that match the videos we make -Before going there I will explain first, why SEO is important

 YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world

 There are so many people looking for information on YouTube

 So by using keywords, our videos can be found by many people and get views-By using keywords, YouTube will more easily understand the content of the videos we upload-this is important because later, YouTube will try to find the right audience for our videos,  -So there are already two ways to get rankings in search, and get recommendations-In addition, there is traffic originating from the roaming feature, where our videos appear on the YouTube home. When people open YouTube, -if you open YouTube, there is already a video.  appears there, usually because of what he was watching before, and a trending topic- Same as before, if the topic of our video happens to be the same as the audience’s interest, and coincidentally the topic is also being discussed which is trending, it can appear on their homepage-  The question is, how can YouTube appear on the homepage?

 One of them is if YouTube understands what our videos contain

 How to understand, by using keywords

 3rd benefit, I took advantage of this when I started this channel

 That is looking for topics to be used as my video content

 so I created the content, the system picks up the ball

 I make sure that someone is interested, someone is looking for information, I look for what the keywords are-by doing research, then I make a video

 So in addition to searching for keywords for the videos that we have made, it can also be used to search for the topic of the video that we will upload

 In this way, I can create content that already has a potential audience-for example, my channel is about song covers

 Again hits the Lathi song, just test it in search when I type Lat the existing keywords appear – This can be used as material for optimization

 you can try for example like this: lathi space a, space b, space c a lot of keywords that appear-the problem is, each of these keywords has a competitive value

 There are keywords that many people are looking for, some are few

 There are many keywords that we are looking for, but many people have used it or vice versa – for that, we need a trick on how to make the keywords we choose match our channel – so that we can get rankings

 Well, there are tubebuddy tools for keyword research

 The tools that have accompanied me to develop this channel

 so this is the homework, please install tubebuddy.com/research first, the link is also in the description- this tool can be used for laptops and cellphones

 This application is very powerful to help us determine which keywords are the best-In addition to other features that we can use to develop our channel-In fact we can also create thumbnails using tubebuddy

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