6 Newest SEO and Video Optimization Strategies 2021| Learn SEO for Beginners

 increase ranking on YouTube organically the answer is YouTube Sio this video is the latest guide Youtube search engine optimization aka sio5 continue to make new ones here Introduce my name is filled Brother

 Indonesian youtuber builder who

 cute Scout, yes Sio means

 How do our videos appear in searches, both YouTube and Google, if someone types something that matches our video, we try

 as much as possible be in the top position but what exactly is it?

 The YouTube algorithm works OK and what factors can make our videos get ranking algorithms

 YouTube has experienced changes once in a while but there are some basic things that

 Its nature is still what I will discuss in this video some time ago I had the time

 the lot with one of our colleagues on YouTube who informed

 that there is a lot of data that

 YouTube uses in their algorithm the number may be hundreds or even thousands which is impossible to explain 11 but there are some of the most important and most important we will focus on there first the first is the sitter or click through rate this is the number of times people click on the video thumbnail viewed on  YouTube app After people

 clicking on the second factor seen

 YouTube is audience retention, what’s the length of the audience watching our videos, so we have to understand the actual data

 our minutes watched and retention

 the relative is how many percent of the Gita videos are watched the main goal of the value is high waste woi woi it is calculated from the total How long

 your video is watched the higher the Dr or sustenance score and the higher the Kenji audience, the higher the waste will be, there is also a third photo for wastami’ni affairs that

 not from the performance of the video itself, namely the behavior of the audience before and

 after watching a video or on YouTube it says session or

 The section for YouTube means that the audience wants to be on YouTube, so watch it and

 interaction as long as possible, therefore if someone watches our video

 then watch another one and watch another one and that becomes a strong signal for the YouTube algorithm to

 recommend our video that’s why

 It’s a lie if someone offers to sell What Steam is bullshit, how do they sell ctf How’s that

 The way they sold the season they offered was not boss time or watching time, but the time to set the video before the minute so it’s 30 seconds

 it’s three minutes, so it’s also 2001, no need to be weird out there, people are already making artificial sun, this girl can still be scammed on Whatsapp, but whatever

 Your own channels are okay, so don’t worry about the hundreds of datapoints used by the YouTube algorithm, just focus on the three things just now, viewership retention and sections.

 If that’s possible, friends, try to get lots of people who will watch the video on our channel asking questions

 Next, surely this is the method, right? How do we optimize the three things, try this method

 start optimization before shooting the video even start optimization before you have an idea for what our video is for

 decide the topic of the video first

 first the topic of the video was very, very important

 like this we won’t be able to determine the right video topic if we don’t

 doing optimization will be useless even if all the keywords get ranked But if no one looks for it often, then you get a lot. Later on, all searches have green numbers and are divided calmly but the video is still quiet, so we have to make sure when making videos there are already people interested  and waiting for our video Okay way

 the best way to search for a topic is

 with keyword research we can

 do in the best way

 it’s simple if we type in a search either on YouTube or on Google, then the autosuggest will appear which appears here is a topic that more people are looking for because it is often typed or chosen by people, then these words become the keywords for these words

 represents a topic, right, this can be used as a video topic, of course, look for the one that fits our channel, okay?

 well known, our apostle, now this sitter is from two Tamil things and the title is if we determine the topic in this way, then it is already

 it’s certain that someone is looking for it even though our video is really good but if no one is interested in glancing and clicking people won’t know your video is good then make sure you make an interesting title, the method is in this video, after this, listen okay, okay  how about now

 how to problem video when

 preparing a video The most important thing to pay attention to is the beginning of the video and the end of the video, for that we must first understand the performance of our previous video, the important period of our video’s fate is determined at the beginning of the video, if people are interested in the first 15-33 people will usually Dimas continue I will give no tips  Let the beginning of our video be interesting, okay?

 important magnet function, one tells the promise of our video that is displayed on the

 appear and the title makes the audience understand what they want to get, various ways, it’s up to you if you want the footage

 say anything you have to

 You guys try it when people click

 actually they are already interested

 interested in the words and images in the title and it appears that from the beginning of the video people feel that our video is not appropriate, then people will run away so don’t start our video with something far

 different from what is said in the show and the title is okay number 2 tell

 advantage or benefit if people

 Continue to watch our videos, for example, if your video is about a tutorial, just let me know what the solution will be if your video is about entertainment, please be entertained from the beginning of the video and this is what I often do if possible say the keywords at the beginning of the video, because YouTube is listening at the beginning  second important step

 is the end of the video. As I said earlier, it’s a long session. How do people watch other videos on our channel if we tell them the video will end soon usually?

 people have already left, so when the main video content is finished

 Just say it quickly and briefly and immediately promote our other videos through the end screen or end screen so that people watch it over and over again OK Guys it’s really fun fishing Today yesterday I finished fishing too sharks Here’s the video, watch it For example that’s it Anyway  search accordingly

 respectively and most importantly the ending and the beginning, don’t beat around the bush if people leave before their end. Didn’t get to meet our promotion earlier Okay, this isn’t just good

 get waxtime but also can

 add subscribers for example people

 I’m interested in watching another video because of the promotion, but because the quota runs out tomorrow, watch it now until the feathers are able to leave Maya’s trail, the name 1-2, yes, TR optimization and all videos have not been related to keyword optimization or Axioo When to use Exo when uploading videos on  here are some tricks that we can use like this, sir.

 Well, this metadata section is useful for making sure YouTube understands the topic of the video. Remember, it makes YouTube understand so there is such a thing as a main keyword, so our task is to find a keyword with good value that we will install  in the title description and tags we can use a variety of other keywords that we will install in

 The full description and tutorial tags are here

 Hi, and don’t forget to upload it

 in addition to the metadata that we fill in We also have to I appear the topic of the title that is

 attractive plus the design looks good

 maximum will make the value of Siti er

 high because people on trips make colorful years there too

 This set aside, it’s completely filled in. Now, after everything is ready to stay

 determine when we upload on YouTube there is already data, when is the viewer

 active for that try to upload before they are active So when they open

 Your YouTube video is already there, if you use it, try it on a laptop that you can see What day and when is the best time to upload it on the channel

 Try each install, try to make a link that isn’t in the description, get 30 days free. Plus, it’s another secret, if you want to be able to stick to YouTube again, we can try Premier features because they will ping Google when uploading

 loading Premier don’t forget to try to share the video to social media

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