Create a Pinterest Social Media Strategy For Your Business

 If you are looking for new ways to market your business online, one option known as Pinterest, could be exactly what you are searching for. With Pinterest, you can reach an audience who spends more time per day on the site than with most other social networks. You can also share visually interesting information with your visitors. Here are the basics of creating a Pinterest media strategy for your business.

 Request Access

 The first thing that you will need to do when getting started on Pinterest is request an invitation. Pinterest is not yet open to the general public. You have to get an invitation in order to set up an account. If you know someone who’s already using the network, you can ask them for an invitation. If not, you can request one directly from Pinterest. If you get the invitation from a friend, you can get set up right away. Otherwise, you may have to wait a few days to get going.

 Create Your Account

 After you have been invited to join the network, you’ll be able to set up your own account and profile. You can choose your user name and password, just like any other online account. The profile picture will default to the one that you have on Facebook, but you can upload your own picture if you prefer. At that point, you’ll be prompted to click on 10 different pictures. Try to click on pictures that are somewhat related to your business. Pinterest will use the pictures that you click to provide you with access to other boards in the future. You will also have the opportunity to provide information in your “About” section. This is a good opportunity to tell people what your business is about.

 Creating Boards

 Once you have your account up and running, you can begin creating pin boards. This is where the magic happens with Pinterest. You essentially get to pin images to a virtual board for other users to look at. Try to choose images that will be visually appealing to your visitors, and have something to do with your business. It is usually a good idea to share pictures of some of your products on Pinterest. However, you don’t want to overdo it, and make it seem like you are just creating an online catalog. You might want to create a board such as “Customer Favorites” or “Special Offers” or something along those lines. If you have a big line of products for sale, you don’t want to just list them all. Try to mix in some other content with pictures of your products or services. You want to participate in the network, and provide access to some good pictures that other people will appreciate.

 If possible, try to create boards that are conducive to interaction. You want to create boards that make people want to interact with you, and talk with one another. This helps create a little bit of buzz about your boards and gets more people to look at them.


 Besides just posting new boards on your profile all of the time, you should also participate in the community as a whole. Spend some time looking at other boards and commenting on them. You’ll be able to build some connections that will eventually turn into customers for your business.

Ben is Internet Marketing consultant for more than 5 years. He helped many companies to establish their online presence. Currently he is a content contributor for , well know real estate New York firm, helping them to improve their rankings through his social media marketing strategy. In this article Ben shared with us some of his most useful tips of how to use Pinterest, one of the largest social media networks, for business purpose.

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