Doing SEO After Penguin Update – Leveraging Authority Sites

There are a number of patterns that have emerged after the Penguin Update. However, this article will focus on some powerful SEO strategies that focus on getting links from authority sites (Something everyone should add to their arsenal)…

 1. Web 2.0 Sites In A Special Way

 There is NO doubt in anybody’s mind now that Google definitely favors authority web 2.0 sites. In fact there were ridiculous cases of empty WordPress and Blogspot pages ranking in top spots for difficult keywords. So how do you leverage this? Here’s what to do…

 a. Find the best web 2.0 sites and sign up (I’ll concentrate first on sites that have a minimum of PR5). Make sure you do NOT automate the process as you don’t want to run the risk of having any blog shut down. You are going to invest some quality time into it.

 b. Make sure the pages you create on those properties are on the same or related niche with the money site you want to rank.

 c. Post good quality articles on those accounts. Make sure most of your postings are NOT less than 500 words; especially, the page(s) that will link to your money site.

 d. Build links to those posts. Keep up the inflow of links to those posts. This will help build their PR and linking power. But pay the most attention to the page that contains the link to your money site.

 e. Make sure you do NOT link out more than twice to any particular money site from any web 2.0 blog you create. Ideally, keep it down to just one link to your money site.

 f. Link out to authority sites that are NOT in competition with you. It helps keep things real. There’s NO way anybody can fault you if they see links to a number of other sites. Believe it or NOT, Google will be sending out human reviewers.

 g. Never interlink your web 2.0 blogs. You don’t want to leave any footprint.

 h. Repeat the process until you achieve the rankings you want.

 Important Note: Continue building other forms of links to your money site to keep things hazy for anyone who wants to analyze your back-link profile.

 2. Document/File Sharing Sites

 Look for those that have high PRs and repeat the process in tip No.1

 3. Intelligent Guest Posting

 Look for authority sites in your niche or related niches and ask to make a guest post. Make sure you over-deliver in your post. You can easily build a very strong brand by making top quality posts. Once your post is accepted and published, go ahead and build links to it.

 Yes, it is NOT your site but it is your post and it’s in your best interest that it ranks highly. Apart from the fact that this gives you free publicity, it also gives you referral traffic and, more importantly, it boosts your search engine rankings.

 4. The New High PR Network

 Google has been slamming any high PR network it can find for one reason: They are very effective in making you rank. So why NOT build your own network? Well, I can see some folks rolling their eyes since they might have had their entire networks DE-indexed by Google. Here’s how to go about it now to avoid any footprints…

 a. Apply steps b-h in tip No.1 above.

 b. Make sure you do NOT use SEO hosting. That is simply going to give you away. Get many different accounts from a wide variety of hosts. Don’t bother about unique ips. If you spread out your hosting wide enough each of your sites will be on uniquely different tips (unique class C tips and even better).

 c. Observe all the steps necessary to keep your domain name registrations unique. I’d recommend using friends and family members (those that do NOT share the same surname with you). Although you can keep your who-is details private, I guess that Google (that also happens to be a registrar) might be tempted to check such details in their quests to ensure that high PR networks are outed permanently.

 d. Make sure you aim only for related niches when buying your high PR domain names. You can’t claim NOT to be leaving a footprint for future updates to slam you if a high PR domain named, say, is full of content on weight loss and links to weight loss money site.

 e. Make sure each site stays on theme. The days of one-size-fits-all network sites are gone forever. That is, if you want to avoid being penalized.

 f. Add real monetization. Add a newsletter. Do everything that you’d expect from a real site. The added advantage here is that you might end up creating little money nets (And making extra money is never a bad thing).