Create a Blog and Make Money from the Internet

 Create Blog, Build Audience and Earn Income.  Creating a blog is actually very easy, especially now that there are various platforms that can be used for free or paid.

 In fact, nowadays bloggers in Indonesia can earn extra income from the internet.  Here’s the easy way.  First, design goals and topics / niches to be developed.

 At least, four important things that need to be designed before starting a new blog.

 What is the purpose of blogging?  Is it for business, personal or other?  Well, after determining this, of course, it will make it easier for you to design the manufacture.

 Starting from the theme used, the niche or topic raised and how to develop it so that it can generate benefits for other people (readers).

 The intended topic is the subject of discussion that will be developed through blog content.

 For example, suppose you have special knowledge in electronics, especially in hardware installation and repair services.  Such as repairing damage to television sets, washing machines and others.  With this, electronics can be used as a blog topic to be created.

 “Couldn’t there be anything else?”

 Can.  As long as it matches your interests and knowledge.  Don’t force yourself to bring up a topic that you don’t really understand at all.  Because, it can make blog development hampered and even allow it to stop in the middle of the road.

 After determining the topic, make sure you also know the specific scope of the blog discussion.  This is better known by the English term “Niche”.

 Niche is a term that refers to the narrowing of the direction, scope or range of discussion on a topic so that it is organized.

 I mean, this is it.

 If you had previously determined electronics as the topic, now is the time to define the scope to a simpler part.

 Electronics is basically a very broad scope.  Starting from the type of hardware, software, and others.

 Judging from its function, some use the internet, some are paid, and so on.

 This is where the determination of the niche.  For example, because they are adept at operating television sets, the chosen niche is television.  Especially in the technical field of handling damage.

 This means that we do not need to raise all the things related to electronics which will only make it difficult for ourselves.

 “But, I also see a lot of blogs that discuss a lot of things.”

 Yes.  Indeed, to create a blog there is no prohibition against loading various things as long as it does not violate the law and does not provide a bad experience to the readers or visitors.

 However, if you want to increase the engagement (engagement) of visitors to your blog, do things that are more unique and interesting for them.

 Just imagine if you go shopping at a store.  Inside, they sell electronic goods, bran, clothes, noodles, palm wine, sell chilies, vegetables, broom sticks and so on.

 In general, seeing a shop like that, a buyer will not want to come back unless forced to.


 Yes, it can be assumed that apart from not having complete goods, the identity of the business is also unclear.

 To create a blog on the internet, plan a name that is unique, relevant to the content, interesting and easy to remember.

 The name of a blog can affect the interest of visitors to read its contents.  Avoid using names that are too long, have a number of characters that are difficult to memorize.  Also, do not use the same name as a company, government agency or state identity.  It can get into the realm of law and can be blocked sometime on the internet.

 For example, the name of the blog you created is “myblogbaru”, then use a similar domain/subdomain name.

 This will determine the credibility of your blog in the eyes of visitors.  Also, use a Top Level Domain (TLD), if necessary.  For example, domains with .com, .net, .org, and other extensions.  It’s just that, to get this TLD, nothing is free.  You must buy it from a hosting and domain service provider.

 At this stage, you can create a blog.

 To create a blog, you can use a choice of free or paid versions.  For personal blogs, you can use a free platform such as blogspot, but if it is for a business or business entity, you should use the paid version, for example the wordpress platform.

 Blogspot is one of the platforms on the internet owned by Google.  Its use does not require expensive fees, except for the internet fee that you use.

 How to create a blog on blogspot?  For blogspot, you must register an account at

 There, you will find a display like in the following image:

 Click on “Create Your Blog”.  If the display is in Indonesian, click on “Create Blog”.  Then, fill out the new account creation form.  For blogspot/blogger, you will be directed to create a Gmail account first.  However, if you want to use an existing gmail account, go directly to the blogger dashboard via the Login or Login page.

 After logging in, please create a new blog according to the previous design.  Create a Name, address and select the available themes.

 Blog Themes.  A theme or template is a blog display design.  For the first use, you must use the available free themes.  The appearance of the blog theme can be changed afterwards.  Well, to get the premium version, you can buy it from trusted developers and web designers.  For example, through,,, and others.

 Next, complete the site navigation and create unique content that grabs the attention of visitors.

 Site Navigation.  Make site navigation easier to navigate.  Also, make sure you provide a navigation menu that leads to the About page, Contact (contact), Privacy Policy (privacy policy), Disclaimers (disclaimer), Terms of Service (terms of service), and Sitemap (site map).

 Create Content.  Please create unique article content and attract the attention of readers and use simple explanations because theoretical ones will be easily abandoned.

 Next, make sure the blog has been registered with a web master such as in Google Search Console, Bing webmaster and others.  In addition to the site/blog address, register the linked sitemap as well.  For a sitemap that uses a custom domain, an example sitemap URL would look like

 It aims to facilitate the indexing of content that has been published on the internet.

 To create a blog on wordpress, you can use the free or paid version.  The free version can be registered via  While the paid ones, you need to buy or rent hosting from trusted service providers in the country, such as Domainesia, Niagahoster, Dewaweb, Rumahweb and several others to facilitate transactions and technical support if you experience problems.

 “What are the benefits of renting a hosting?”

 There are many advantages if you want to rent hosting, including:

 Audiences are visitors or readers of your blog’s content on the internet.  While the purpose of building an audience is to get quality site traffic.  This is an advanced step that needs to be done for a website or blog that has just been created.

 “How to build a quality blog audience?”

 Actually, there are various ways to build and increase audience visits to blogs, one of which is optimizing internet search engine friendly content.  With this, content can have a chance to be on the first page of search results.  This strategy is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

 In other words, SEO is a strategy for optimizing content for internet search engines.  Search engines are meant like Google Search, Yahoo Search, Bing Search and others, where you type a keyword and click on the search button to get relevant content from the internet.

 Here’s what it looks like for Google Search:

 Well, to make it easier for your article content to appear in Google search results, the right seo strategy is needed.  The higher the optimization quality, the easier the content will be found by search engines.  With this, your blog can be crowded with visitors who come organically so as to encourage the development of quality traffic on the site.

 In addition to making blogs a place to share knowledge, you can also participate in site monetization programs on the internet to earn additional income.  Interesting right?

 “But how do you monetize a site?”

 The following is described in full for my friend.

 Before learning how, please first understand what monetization is.

 Monetization is a method used to generate revenue from content products that you own.  In other words, monetization is a way to monetize virtual products by establishing cooperative relationships with advertising service providers.  While the site is a virtual page of content created on the internet which can be in the form of a blog or a website.

 Based on this definition, it can be concluded that site monetization is a method to earn income from virtual products available on a site on the internet through partnerships with advertising service providers.

 Even if you are interested in monetizing your site, make sure you understand some of the general terms that monetization service providers usually pay attention to.

 After knowing the general terms and conditions above, here are some well-known site monetization services on the internet.

 Google AdSense is a CPC (Cost Per Click) advertising program that provides income to advertisers on the site.  The AdSense program favors original, unique and interesting content to be monetized.  In addition, site registration is also easier because it does not require high traffic in the registration requirements.  If the site has a source of organic traffic every day will have a great chance of being accepted.  However, several other requirements must also be complied with by ad publishers.

 Buddy may choose this service to earn side income from websites or blogs on the internet.  How, easy.  Register your site for Google AdSense, and wait for notification whether your site is not eligible to participate in the program.

 If the site is deemed unworthy, don’t worry.  Pay attention to messages sent via email.  There, there is a reason why the rejection occurs.

 Mgid is an advertising service (advertising service) with native ads that can be used to monetize websites on the internet.  Mgid has also been popular and many publishers are participating in its program.  One of the advantages of the program is that it can be used in conjunction with AdSense in one website address.  The income is also quite large according to the quality of traffic and user engagement.  However, to register a site with this service, make sure the site has reached a unique traffic of at least 5000 views per day.

 Well, if your blog has met the minimum traffic criteria and is interested in participating, you can apply for site monetization registration with Mgid.

 By creating a blog or website on the internet, you can not only participate in sharing knowledge for free with internet searchers, but you can also make money from the content you have.

 The important thing in a blog is to have original, unique, interesting, useful content and created with the right strategy to be able to get more organic traffic from search engines.  In line with that, quality traffic will provide a great opportunity to be able to join the site monetization program available on the internet.