How to Secure Google Account from Abuse of Third Party Apps

  It is undeniable that the product services offered by Google, Inc.  such as gmail is very important for the survival of modern people, especially for those who are always literate with the world of IT and technology.

 It is not only important for those who live in urban areas, the people in the village are now dependent on these services.  Google has provided lots of free services that we can use for various purposes such as gmail, meet, blogger, gdrive, google photos, maps, or youtube.

 Those who work on the internet everyday, of course, a gmail account which is the master info for all Google services is a must-have.  Because with free services like this, we can register with other application services besides the Google platform.

 For example, online stores, namely marketplace services from Shopee, or Tokopedia, as well as other social media services such as Instagram, Tiktok, Snack video, Pinterest and others where the system of these services always asks us to provide personal information to them.

 Sometimes this method can be done manually by the user, such as directly filling in the identity of the name, email, cellphone number, & address into the available registration form, but this method is quite complicated and inefficient because we have to fill it out one by one.

 So that it can be done quickly without having to bother entering all the identity data mentioned above, then we need the “user authentication” method that has been provided by Google. This google identity service API linking can be done by tapping the Google Sign In button that appears on the  a page site.

 Several third-party applications have also provided this option so that internet users can log in to their services using a Google account with one tap.  When you visit a third-party application service, Google will give you a pop up message to confirm whether you want to log in with a Google account or not.

 Of course, the above method will make it easier for you to log back into their application services without having to remember passwords and usernames again.  Because this method is done with just one click, then you will automatically log in with the Google account that was previously recorded.  This step is the main requirement in order to be able to use third-party application services easily and quickly.

 Unfortunately, if you link to a third-party application service that is not credible, this will open a security hole, because this synchronization process is the same as allowing other people to freely view your basic information.  They will be free to know your date of birth, physical address, mobile number, as well as a list of files and contacts on Google Drive.

 And you don’t want that to happen, do you?  So it is important for you to know what sites and applications are currently connected to Google services, then remove some of the access rights to which services you think are unsafe and cannot be trusted.

 Everyone knows that Google is the most bona fide company in the world, they have many IT experts and programmers who are ready to work behind the scenes, tasked with protecting the Google ecosystem from vulnerabilities due to the threat of malware and malicious intent of intruders.

 However, the security gap does not only occur due to bugs, but can also arise due to carelessness from the users themselves, such as linking their Google account to third-party application services that are not safe and dangerous.

 Therefore, here we have made a post for you about how to find out which applications and services are connected to a google account, as well as revealing how to remove access rights to these applications so that later you can avoid abuse.

 That’s how to remove third-party app permissions from your google account.  Either through the browser or in the Android settings.  Hopefully the post above can help you find out what applications are associated with a Google account.  Thank you!