What is the best ad format for adsense vs where is the best place for adsense ad

What is the best ad format for adsense vs where is the best place for adsense ad

Well, what is the best ad format ?and where is the best place for adsense ad ? probably is the biggest question from adsense publishers , right ? . Today i will try to share about it here . at my older post I have reviewed about ten myths to make money with Google adsense, while thousands of “unlucky” adsense publisher make nothing in their account, I wish you are not one of them. Just like I said before, the biggest problem when adsense publisher want to make huge money with adsense is about their own knowledge itself. Many of them don’t know about the basic and just put on “huge money, make thousands of dollars “in their mind. This is completely wrong and also the first factor makes them still stay underground.

Today I will talk about how to choose great ads that will work on your blog, just keep in mind that I have pass this before you and you must trust that this will work. Great ads that I am talking about are all about the ads itself, its cover the color of the link, the text, the ads shape and background color. So let me start to talk about it.

Remember the myth : blend the ads is not always working for everyone

Well , I bet you have read my ten myth about make money with Google adsense and you must remember one of the myth that said ” blend the ads is not always work ” , is this true ? I will put this on you and let you answer the questions itself, ask yourself, have you blended the ads? And have you earn more money after that?

The fact is, millions of eBook told you to blend the ads right? Why? Because that’s the most working ads format? but let me say it again , that will not work for every blog , include yours ( correct me if I am wrong ) .

Choosing the right ads format vs. the legend ads format

Every single adsense publisher know that 336 X 280 ads format is the best and 250 x 250 is the second one. The question is, is that really true? Well, based on my experience 336 X 280 working great on my blog while 250 X 250 is nothing, so I have a conclusion that this is not about the ads shape only. It’s more to ads placement and traffic. But I still recommend use to use 336×280 if you have a big place to put adsense ads. I thought that you need to blend the ads for real or not blend it at all, by blend the ads then you have a chance to make it look less like ads but by not blend it at all (make it look contrast with link and background) you will make the ads look “special “and this is working with my other blog.

Okay, to make it easy I will provide four tips to choose best adsense ads for you:

  • If you are about confusing to choose what is the best ads format for your blog then all you need to do now is learn again your blog template/themes. See what is the best place to put the ads live, choose a place where people can see it without scrolling.
  • Combine the ads is working for my blog. I recommend this to people that use three column template for their blog, just like earningstep.com. You can put two 336×280 ads together, one above the other.  You can blend one block and make the other one look contrast. You can have two benefit of this, one is you can have two bigger chances to get your ads clicked and you also can try what is the best ads format for your blog, right?
  • Combine the ads with other part of your blog. if you have a flash image on your blog or top post plugin on your sidebar or probably you have a best offer on your blog then you can put adsense ads bellow it , by doing this you will draw more attention the the ads itself .
  • Try to put adsense ads inside the article, I thought that this is basic tips but you can have more result if you put the ads beside the image on the post (this is why I recommend people to have image on every post  …loll )
  • I have other great tips for you about adsense, this is just a beginning to make huge money with Google adsense. I try so many harder things to make my dream become real and this is the time for me to share it with my reader , so make sure you subscribe to my blog because I will never post the secret of adsense for the second time

    note :  make sure you read the first and second part of ten myths about google adsense to understand the whole process of make money with google adsense

    next lesson is about how to have high paying keyword for your adsense ads.