Killer tips about choosing blog themes for your business

Killer tips about choosing blog themes for your business

Key points you need to know before choosing blog theme

Yesterday I have reviewed about theme forest which is a very complete site if you want to buy professional themes for your blog and today I hope can help you more by giving killer tips about how to choose blog themes or template. I hope this post is not late to help you take a decision when buy a themes or try a free one.

Here are the key points before you give a shot.

  • You must know what feature that you need from a blog template /themes. This is really important because it will easier take a decision if you know what are you really want.
  • Every themes /template have their own feature so make sure you read their entire feature before choosing it.
  • Compare one template with others, this will help you to choose which is better and fit for you.
  • Premium themes have more feature than a free one but you don’t have to buy it if you don’t really need it.
  • Free themes has less support from the author than a premium themes so make sure you read what are people say about the themes before try it.
  • There are many blog themes /template has a problem with plugin compatibilities and to deal with this, you need search information about the theme/template.
  • Make sure you will only choose themes that have option feature because this will help blog owner easier to modify/optimize the theme.
  • Choose blog theme /template that suitable with your blog content , this can be color , widget and other basic features
  • A good template / theme will always updated by the author. Higher version means

    “less” bugs.

See how easy to choose a blog theme or template is. The key is you must know what are your really want from a blog themes, choosing a right themes will make your blog have one level higher.