8 Ways to Hack WiFi with Android Phones & Laptops, POWERFUL!


8 Ways to Hack WiFi with Android Phones & Laptops, POWERFUL!
8 Ways to Hack WiFi with Android Phones & Laptops, POWERFUL!


When it comes to WiFi, it is indeed one of the necessities that can support all your activities in this sophisticated era.  But unfortunately, WiFi with high internet speed certainly has a fairly expensive price.


Well, for those of you who may not have more funds to install WiFi or buy a data package, then there are many ways you can use to break into WiFi networks.  You can also easily find WiFi and break into it using an Android phone or laptop, even without the need to root first or you can also use other additional applications.


  How to Break WiFi Password Via HP and Laptop, 100% Successful!


  How to Secure a WiFi Network?

  Ready to Apply How to Hack WiFi?

There are lots of ways to break into WiFi that you can use.  In fact, these methods are so widespread that you can easily find them through search engines like Google.


You need to know, that the internet has become one of the basic needs of society.  In fact, the existence of the internet has also spoiled the community for their daily needs, especially to satisfy their secondary and tertiary needs.


Almost all people today prefer to buy internet quota than other needs.  This is because people are addicted to various conveniences and entertainment that comes from this internet network.


Well, for those of you who have a budget, of course buying a quota is no longer a difficult matter.  However, it’s different with those whose capital is only mediocre, so it’s quite difficult to buy internet quota.  So, don’t be surprised if there are still many people who prefer to use WiFi for free.


In fact, one way that is often done is breaking into WiFi.  This is indeed quite detrimental to the owner of the WiFi network, but it feels familiar if you need to know how to break into WPA WiFi.  As long as you can use this information wisely, it will have no negative impact on you.


  1. Hack ZTE’s WiFi Password with the WiFi Warden App

  How to Hack WiFi Passwords

The first way you can try to hack WiFi is to use an application called WiFi Warden.  Indeed, as previously explained, that you can break ZTE WiFi without an application.  However, you also need to understand how to break into WiFi via this one cellphone.


You need to know that this WiFi Warden application functions as a fairly accurate WiFi password tracker.  This WiFi Warden application is already quite popular and proven to be effective for you to use to break into WiFi.


Of the many WiFi hacking software, this WiFi Warden hacking application is one of the best.  This is because you can run WiFi Warden through your smartphone without the need to root first.



The first step you need to do is download the WiFi Warden application first.

Next, please run the application and select the WiFi that you will make the target of the break-in.

Continue by clicking connect.

Select connect using WPS.

Click calculate.

Choose one of the available PINs.  Then please click try one PIN.

Wait a few moments until the process is complete.

  2. Hack WiFi Password with WiFi Test

how to hack wifi with cellphone

Still using additional software or applications, you also need to know this second method.  This WiFi Test Software is the best Android WiFi breaker application that you need to try.  This is because the hacking process is very fast, and of course very powerful for tracking WiFi passwords.


First, please download the WiFi Test application on your smartphone first via the Google Play Store.

Then, please click on your target WiFi.

Click start.

After that, the message “The setup can take up two minutes to complete” will appear.  Please wait for about 3 to 5 seconds until the process is complete.

If the process is complete and successful, a “Connect Success” notification will appear.

You also need to know, that how to break into WPA2 WiFi with a cellphone using software from WiFi Test has a drawback, namely when your smartphone has not been rooted, the WiFi password will not appear on your smartphone screen.  However, if your smartphone has gone through the root stage, the WiFi password will automatically appear on your smartphone screen.


  3. Breaking into WiFi with a Windows 10 Laptop Through the Control Panel

how to break into neighbor’s wifi

The high cost that you have to spend to be able to connect to the internet network is still an obstacle.  Especially if the person is already addicted to the internet and all its conveniences.


This makes not a few people who try to break into other people’s WiFi networks just so they can stay connected to the internet network without the need to spend money to enjoy it.


Well, here is a way that you can use to break WiFi passwords easily using a laptop without additional applications.  You only need to prepare a laptop that supports Windows 10. By using CMD, you can also find out the WiFi password whose network is already connected to your laptop.


In an internet network that uses WiFi, of course the password is one of the most important things in determining whether you get network access or not.  In addition, you can also use a WiFi signal booster to get a more stable network.


When you want to use the internet but forget the WiFi password, it will be very difficult for you to reconnect your device with the network.  Therefore, here is how to break into WiFi using your laptop.


The first way you can do is to use the control panel on your Windows laptop system.

The step, please open the control panel first by clicking the start menu.

Select control panel.

Select network and internet.

Then click network and sharing center.  The goal is to find out what networks have been connected to your laptop.

After that, select the menu manage wireless networks.

In the window that appears, you will see a list of all the WiFi networks that your laptop has connected to.

Click on one of the WiFi networks you want to find out the WiFi password.

After a new window appears, then open the security tab.

Check the show characters option in the password section.

That way, the WiFi password will be visible.

If it is successful, then you can also use the password to reconnect with the WiFi network.  However, if you really feel that the processor is starting to slow when you access this menu, then try to implement a laptop processor upgrade system.


  4. Breaking into Neighbor’s WiFi with Laptop Using Cain & Abel

how to hack wifi with laptop

You need to know, that Cain & Abel is one of the most popular WiFi hacking applications on Windows.  There are many features that you can use, one of which is to open the Windows admin account password.  In addition, you can also use this application to recover forgotten password files.


By using this Cain & Abel application, you can do how to break into neighboring WiFi passwords that have previously been connected to your laptop using WEP or WPA/WPA2 encryption.


  5. Hacking WiFi With CMD

how to hack wifi with cmd

How to break into WiFi with a laptop with a Windows system is quite popular.  One way is to use the command prompt or CMD.  This default application does have many features that you can use to do various kinds of work, one of which is to find out the WiFi password that has previously been connected to your laptop.


This method is indeed quite easy for you to do, because it does not require any other application besides the command prompt itself.  So, how to use it?



First, please open the command prompt application on your laptop.

The trick is to click the start menu or by pressing the Windows key on your laptop keyboard.

Then type run.

After that, type cmd

Press ok or enter.

Then, a command prompt window will appear.

In this command prompt window, to break into wifi with CMD, please type the command “netsh wlan show profiles”.

Then press enter on your keyboard.

After that, a list of WiFi networks that have previously been connected to your laptop will appear.

Retype the command “netsh wlan show profiles and follow it with [your chosen WiFi name] key=clear”.

Press enter.

After that, the WiFi password will appear on the network that you selected earlier.  In addition, through this CMD, you can also easily adjust the WiFi bandwidth.


  6. How to Hack a Neighbor’s WiFi Without an App

How to Hack WiFi Without Apps

Connecting to the internet via an Android device without having to register or buy a voucher first is really fun.  Well, Android phones that are connected to a password-protected WiFi network can still be accessed even if you don’t know the password.


To be able to connect to a WiFi network that is protected by this username and password, you can use the Android hack method.


The first thing you have to do is connect your Android phone to a WiFi network that you selected earlier.

Enter the modify network configuration mode section.

Change the IP address which was originally to or by only changing the last number to number 2.

Then save.

After you have done this IP address change, you can access the internet via a browser on your Android phone.

In the search field, enter “”.

Then, please click search or enter until the login page appears.

When logging in, please type “admin” in the username column, and “user” in the password field.

Next, select WiFi settings.

Automatically, the username and password of the WiFi network will also be visible.

  7. Hacking WiFi with Xiaomi Mobile Without Root

how to break into WiFi with a Xiaomi cellphone

The next method is that you can apply how to break into WiFi with a Xiaomi cellphone without root.  You can apply this step to all types / types of Xiaomi smartphones, and all versions of MIUI.


Here’s how to hack WiFi on a Xiaomi cellphone:


Please select the SSID of the WiFi you want to hack the password for.

Select WiFi Network Settings.

Press IP Settings option and change it to Static IP Address.

Enter your Xiaomi HP IP address, Router IP, and DNS.

If you don’t understand the DNS option, please fill it according to the default.

Next, press Save.

Wait a few moments until the scanning process ends.


After that, you will be connected to neighboring WiFi networks or other people for free without needing to know the WiFi password.


  8. How to break into WiFi ID with an Android phone and laptop without an application

how to hack wifi id

How to break into WiFi ID or Indihome login is not as difficult as you might think.  Currently, you can access wifi.id for free without having to login with a username and password.


For that, you don’t have to work hard to find a way to hack WiFi ID via an Android phone, laptop, or even using a root smartphone.


To be able to access wifi.id for free without having to buy a voucher, vasiota.com has summarized some of the best methods that you can apply.  For more details, please read the article about Free WiFi ID.


How to Secure a WiFi Network?

Here is a list of some tips that will make your wifi network safe and better than ever:


Change the default password that came with the hardware.

Allow access to some of the listed and selected devices.

Limit the number of devices that can be connected at any given time.

Use a combination of numbers, alphabets, special characters in your password to protect it from any kind of attack.

Using a Firewall can protect your network from any kind of unauthorized attacks.

Ready to Apply How to Hack WiFi?

Here are some easy ways to hack WiFi that you need to know.  However, don’t use these methods to do anything negative.  You can use all these methods if you forget your WiFi password.  Good luck!