improve your hosting and website security

improve your hosting and website security

 Improving the Security of Your Hosting and Website – Maintaining security on your hosting and website is something that every blogger must do.  Do not let the various data and content that you have turns out to be misused by irresponsible parties.

 Although simple, it turns out that there are ways to improve your website, hosting or domain that you can do.  If you want to provide extra protection to the website you have, here are some tips that you can do, including the following.

 Tips to Improve Hosting and Website Security

 Choose a Secure Hosting

 The first way to improve hosting and website security is to choose a secure hosting.  Secure hosting generally has good protection features for your website, for example embedding or providing additional extra protection services.

 Don’t hesitate to use a hosting service that has the best security features for website and domain protection, even though the price offered is quite high.  This is certainly better because you don’t have to worry about the various data that is on the server and database.

 Install Security Plugin

 How to increase the security of hosting and other websites is to install plugins that can indeed be used to increase security, including:

 iThemes Security

 It is a plugin available for various platforms, its main features are detecting malicious plugins, finding and suggesting replacement of obsolete software and recommending strong passwords.

 Wordfence Security

 Is a plugin that is used by many website users around the world.  This plugin offers various features, from a firewall, scanning the plugins used, to performing real-time monitoring for users.

 Secupress Free

 If you need a way to increase security that is not paid for, then Secupress Free can be a good choice.  Although it is not paid, the features available in it are complete enough to maintain server and website security.

 Installing SSL

 SSL is a feature that cannot be separated from the development of websites and blogging technology today.  By using SSL, the website you have will be more secure, it can also improve your image as a trusted website and does not store plugins or scamming content.

 Improving the security of hosting and websites using SSL can be done by choosing the right hosting service.  Currently, the SSL feature is available if you want to rent a hosting or domain, thus making the search process more concise.

 Update the Website

 Every now and then you will find notifications related to updates on the website.  If this happens, don’t hesitate to update, because updates to the website will make various bugs or internal problems avoidable.

 Improving hosting and website security by updating can be an option recommended by professional bloggers.  There are several ways to update the website, either by using the manual method or the practical method provided by the hosting service.


 Don’t forget, to keep your website, hosting or domain safe, you can do this by using a strong password and username.  Use a combination of numbers, alphabets or symbols to avoid hacking.

 Those are the various ways to improve hosting and website security that you can do.  Hopefully with this information, the website that you have can stay safe, if the website is safe, of course your website traffic will be stable.