Inspirational Stories, Parables About Paintings

Inspirational Stories, Parables About Paintings

simple blogger tutorial – An elementary school student really admired the paintings he made.  He is proud of his best work.

 With a big heart he put up his painting in the public storefront at his school.  He expects the evaluation of his painting from his classmates.

 Underneath the painting he wrote: “Whoever finds fault with this painting, please mark it in red ink”.

 In the afternoon he found his best painting was full of red scribbles.  So many scribbles that the original painting is no longer recognizable.  Feeling that he failed to show his best work, he complained about this to his teacher.

 The wise teacher advised: Tomorrow you put your best painting back in the school window.  Write under your painting this sentence: “Whoever finds an error in this painting, please use the brush provided to correct it.”

 And he followed his teacher’s advice.

 From a distance he watched, no one dared to approach the painting.  Even until the afternoon, none of his classmates tried to repair the painting.

 He went back to his teacher, and his teacher explained a science:

 “There are a lot of people who are able to find fault or disgrace. But people who are able to fix it and do something to cover it up are very rare and rare. That’s our current condition. There are so many who are good at criticizing and criticizing, but no one has come.  with a solution.”

 May it inspire us to continue to be an inspiration of goodness in ideas, words and deeds.

 Greetings and good morning