the difference between Online vs Offline Business

Online vs Offline Business

 Offline and Online Business, Which is Better?  – In this era, there are so many people who take opportunities in terms of doing business.  Starting from those who opened small businesses to those who immediately ventured into a larger market.

 Some of the reasons include flexibility.  Someone who opens his own business will be more flexible in setting his own hours.  In addition, the reason that many put forward is wanting to create jobs for people out there.

 Business, in this modern era, is no longer about places or buildings that can be seen only physically.  More sophisticated than that, with the rapid development of technology, businesses collaborate with technology so that online businesses appear which are now familiar in society.

 Online businesses are slowly starting to shift businesses that are only run offline.  Due to the development of the digital world, many people choose to shop at online stores because they are considered more practical.  However, there are still people who are loyal consumers of offline stores.

 The Best Choice to Open an Offline vs Online Business

 Offline and online business does not absolutely always provide something good or bad.  Both have advantages and disadvantages that make consumers sometimes confused when they have to choose where to shop.

 This does not only happen to consumers.  As business people, we may still not be able to decide whether to open an offline or online store so that the business continues to grow.

 If you are still confused in making a choice, maybe an explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of the two types of business below can be used as a consideration for all of us.

 Advantages / Advantages of Offline Business

 1. Gaining Higher Trust

 Creating a business by presenting its physical form is certainly easier in terms of gaining consumer trust.  Consumers can immediately come, see, and even try the products offered.  Face-to-face experience with this product is certainly difficult to get if the business is only run online.

 2. Easier Service

 By shopping offline, consumers will find it easier to get services.  They will immediately ask the owner or shopkeeper if there is anything they want to know.

 3. Secure Payment System

 Shopping directly at a store makes consumers feel safe in terms of making payment transactions.  Consumers can directly pay for groceries to the shop owner.  They don’t have to worry about fraud.

 4. No Need to Send Items

 Obviously, when we shop offline, the goods we buy will arrive in our hands shortly after making payment.  Consumers do not need to wait for goods to arrive for days, producers do not need to bother sending goods.

 Weaknesses / Weaknesses of Offline Business

 1. Requires Physical Building

 Judging from the name, offline businesses clearly need a building or a place that consumers can visit directly.  Meanwhile, to establish a place, is also not an easy thing.  We need to find a strategic place and calculate the cost for the place.

 2. Limited Market

 Offline business consumers are usually only centered on people who are left in the surrounding environment.  Therefore, a strategy is needed to establish a place that will be used for business.

 3. Requires More Capital

 Managing an offline business certainly requires a greater cost.  In addition to the costs of establishing or renting a place, the cost of maintaining the place and the products marketed is also quite large.  So to have an offline business, we must prepare a large capital.

 4. Limited Time to Sell Products

 Unlike if run online, offline business is constrained in terms of time.  Offline businesses usually only operate for approximately 10 hours and only serve buying and selling transactions at that time.

 5. Limited Products

 Because we choose to do business offline, we must also be prepared if buyers leave at any time due to limited product availability.  Consumers will not be able to get a replacement product directly if the availability of the product in question is not available in the store.

 Advantages / Advantages of Online Business

 1. Easy to Run

 The development of the world of technology, especially the internet, makes online business opportunities wider.  We can easily market our products just by uploading our products to the internet.  We can use social media and also a personal website as a place to sell.

 2. Wider Market

 With an online system, we business people can market their products more broadly.  Almost everyone accesses the internet and this will make it easier for us to offer the products we have.

 3. Requires a capital that is not too big

 Running an online business, we don’t need to spend a lot of capital.  Especially now that there are terms dropshippers and resellers who can still sell, even though they don’t have their own products.

 A dropshipper does not need to stock up on goods to be able to sell, while a reseller may if they only want to stock a few items.  Later if there are consumers who want a product, then the dropshipper and reseller can communicate to the agent.

 4. No Space Required

 Currently, there are many online business people who do not need to have a place.  We just simply work from home without the need to build a new building or rent a place to market our products.

 In addition, we can also do business online by registering our business on marketplace accounts.  We can still control sales even though we are away from home.

 5. Time is more flexible

 Doing business online, makes us more flexible.  We don’t need to come to the shop to open and close the shop even waiting for it.  With an online system, we can work from anywhere and anytime.

 6. Providing Diverse Goods or Products

 One of the reasons why many people turn to online business is because we can sell various products at the same time.  Moreover, if we become a reseller, surely we can sell many products from any agent.

 Disadvantages / Weaknesses of Online Business

 1. Fierce Competition

 Running an online business in this era makes us have more competitors.  Today, almost everyone wants to do business online because the results are quite tempting.  Not only from the local market, we will also compete internationally.

 2. Low Consumer Confidence

 Some people still think that shopping at online stores is dangerous.  Many of them have doubts about the products we sell or are afraid of the threats of fraud that are rife.  Therefore, if you want to run an online business, you must prepare carefully and be ready to face the risks.

 3. Internet Connection

 Doing business online means that we really need fast internet connectivity.  Poor connectivity will certainly hinder us in serving consumers.  As a result, consumers will switch to other online stores that are more responsive to their wishes.

 Conclusion of Offline vs Online Business

 Those were the advantages and disadvantages of online vs offline business in this modern year.  Of course, none of them are completely perfect.  So if you are interested in starting a business at this time, would you choose to do business online, offline, or even run both to make it more optimal?  The choice of course back to friends.

 However, if you really intend to open a business offline but want to continue to exist online or just want to do business online, make sure you have a credible place to attract the attention of consumers.  Having a website is one way.  By having a personal website, the business that you run will be more convincing in the eyes of consumers.