Common Mistakes For Beginner Bloggers – How To Fix



 27 Common Beginner Blogger Mistakes – Blogging activities for some people are considered to be dead.

 The development of technology allows every Information and Science to be learned through content in the form of Audi and Video.

 YouTube and Social Media are one of the fastest information dissemination media.

 In addition, the lazy nature of reading makes citizens/netizens or other Internet users prefer to look for information in the form of videos rather than reading articles from websites or blogs.

 So many people think that blogging activities are getting left behind.

 Beginner Blogger Mistakes

 In fact, there are still many people who search for information through the Internet by accessing Websites and Blogs that appear in Google search results.

 In fact, many large sites still have tens of thousands of traffic, hundreds of thousands and even millions of visitors every day.

 And every day there are still people who start trying to pursue the world of Blogging, whether because of a hobby of writing, wanting to share knowledge, goals related to business and services, or just trying their luck getting adsense from blogs.

 Unfortunately, these beginner bloggers often make mistakes when they first start blogging.

 As a result, many also give up in the middle of the road because their site never changes, visitors who only count fingers, articles that cannot be found in Google search results.

 Or those who are disappointed because they think signing up for Adsense for blogs is difficult.

 Therefore, this time simple blogger tutorial ID will discuss 21 Common Beginner Blogger Mistakes Done, which hopefully can be a point of introspection for beginners to find out which steps are wrong.

 So they or you can learn to fix it and not just give up in managing the blog.

 Here are the mistakes that many beginner bloggers make.

 1. Too Chasing Adsense

 First, beginner blogger mistakes that are often made are their goal in doing blogging activities just to pursue Adsense.

 Lately, there are lots of people who want to be a Blogger not because they like to write tutorial articles, information or write an online diary that can be read by many people.

 Or other reasons such as wanting to share knowledge, having a personal website and other possibilities that make someone only able to do it if they have a blog.

 The majority of new bloggers only come to pursue adsense, usually they are people who know Google Adsense after the hectic phenomenon of YouTubers with millions of income.

 From there they were motivated to get a Google Adsense account, unfortunately they felt unable to become a YouTuber.

 Finally, they turned to blogs with the assumption that they do not need to shoot and edit videos to create content and they can earn income.

 As a result, when they enter the world of blogging, they only think about how to get adsense accepted.

 And forget about other aspects that exist, and most of them eventually give up.

 2. How to Register for Adsense is Wrong

 As discussed in point number 1 (One) that Beginner Bloggers are usually only motivated to register for an Adsense blog, because they can’t get it from YouTubers.

 As a result they are only focused on How to Register Adsense Blog without thinking about other things or learning about Adsense itself.

 In the end they were wrong in registering.

 I don’t know who started it, but there is a stereotype that the blog platform that is suitable for beginners is, even though this is a wrong understanding.

 (Regarding the Wrong Understanding of Beginner Bloggers will be discussed in Point Number 19)

 Here, beginners who use the platform usually don’t use a cutom domain because they don’t have capital.

 So their site URL is still, yes… still using a free sub-domain from blogspot.

 They, who only focus on signing up for adsense, finally don’t learn anything about this advertiser service from Google.

 They do not know that Adsense is divided into two types, namely Hosted and Non-Hosted.

 What’s the difference?

 A. Understanding Hosted Adsense

 Adsense Hosted is a Google Adsense account that can be obtained by Google partners through platforms that have become their partners.

 In this case there is and YouTube.

 Registering an account can only be done directly through the Dashboard or YouTube.

 If you are a user, register it in the Earnings/Earnings menu that appears on the Dashboard, but usually it will only appear when your site is at least 6 months old.

 Meanwhile, YouTube can apply for registration via the Monetization menu on your Channel Dashboard.

 It is called Hosted because the account you registered can only be used for the Email and Platform that you are using, if you register through your site which is still located at then it can only be used for sites with that address and cannot be used for sites with that address.  other.

 Meanwhile, if you register via the YouTube Channel, only the channel you used to register earlier can use the Google Adsense account.

 B. Definition of Non-Hosted Adsense

 While Non-Hosted is an Adsense account that you register through a TLD-domain site (whatever platform/CMS you use).

 To get it, you can directly get your site via the page

 Called Non-Hosted because it is not tied to the site used to register.

 For example, what is registered is, after the account is approved, you can add other sites to the account.

 So that one account can contain several sites such as,, or your other sites.

 Or replace it, for example when registering using and then after receiving it, you can replace it with your other site address.

 And account ownership can also be changed, you can add or remove the account manager email, or replace it with another gmail account.

 3. Look to Other Advertising Services

 Those who only pursue “How to Make Money from Blogs and Google” will usually experience failure when trying to sign up for Adsense.

 Usually they think that Signing up for a Google Adsense Account is very difficult and requires special tricks, but it is not.

 Only those who have not read the AdSense for Blog eligibility requirements and prepare the site as well as possible.

 Both in terms of visitors, articles, valuable inventory, template structure and much more.

 They don’t study anything, it’s like taking an exam without any preparation for understanding the material.

 As a result, after giving up because they thought that applying for Google Adsense was difficult, they started looking for other advertising services.

 There are many advertisers who are willing to show ads on sites that are considered eligible, but that does not mean registering is very easy.

 One that is currently popular is MGID, in 2020 many beginners have finally chosen to register for MGID.

 In some aspects, this service is much easier to register, but you must have at least 3000 blog visitors per day.

 Unfortunately, Beginner Bloggers usually don’t have this much traffic (The reason why beginners find it difficult to get 3000/day traffic will be discussed in Points Numbers 5 and 6)

 In some cases there are those who offer MGID Approve Services, whether by what method even though visitors are still 0, it is acceptable.

 But again, if we don’t have adequate visitors, why should we hope to earn income?

 Whatever the advertising service, even though it has a difference in value per click and per view, it is still the main source of income, if the ads that are posted can get a large number of views.

 Therefore, even though MGID has a requirement of 3000 visitors/day, it’s not just a formality or anything, by providing these requirements.

 MGID itself indirectly tells us that “Partners (We who use advertiser services) MGID” can earn and do WidthDraw if they have a site with a minimum number of visitors 3000/Day.

 But beginners usually don’t care about this, they continue to force themselves to register even though they don’t have visitors yet.

 And when it was accepted they realized that their site could not be used to earn income.

 In the end they blamed the advertiser’s service, they thought that the small and never-ending revenue, and the low value of clicks or views on their ads were the fault of the advertisers.

 Yet again, all of these things depend on the number of your visitors.

 4. Wrong salary concept and the importance of choosing a niche blog

 In connection with Points Numbers 2 and 3, usually these beginners have a wrong understanding regarding the “Payroll Concept from Google Adsense”, they think that when they display ads on managed sites, they will “auto payday”.

 Unfortunately it is not like that, as already mentioned in Point 3.

 That the size of a blogger’s ad revenue depends on the size of the amount of traffic he gets.

 The quality of visitors also influences this matter.

 That is why there is a term ‘Niche’ or simply a theme that a site uses in writing and displaying articles for its readers.

 The more specific it allows for a more stable and large income.

 For example, if you have a blog that discusses Finance/Finance/Banking, then most likely the majority of visitors who come are those who really have an interest in Finance and the like.

 So that the ads that appear are more consistent around Finance or Banking, and make the ad value more stable.

 What’s more, the value of Ads about Niche is indeed known to have a fairly high price, with a focus on discussing this, it is more likely that Ads have a stable value.

 Unlike the ‘Gado-gado’ themed site, aka mixing several writing themes in one site, because this will make visitors who come have different interests, and the ads that appear also have different “themes” every time there are visitors.  .

 As a result, the value of the ad is volatile and unstable.

 Or for example, if you want to advertise about school equipment, it will be more effective to get buyers if you place the ad in the area around schools or educational centers.

 While automotive product advertisements will be more effective if installed in places that are often visited by automotive lovers.

 The more effectively we “get” the right visitors, the more effective the “sales” (ad value per-click or per-view) of our site will be.

 So make sure you have determined your blog niche, get enough visitors and traffic, then think about advertising.

 Because having a Google Adsense account does not mean that we will auto-pay, by not having traffic, over time the Adsense Account will be subject to ad serving restrictions or Banned because of Invalid Click.

 Small but nosy visitors who click on ads will be detected as Invalid Clicks, which in turn will cause our Adsense to be suspended.

 5. Don’t Want to Write

  Just like a YouTuber who makes Video as the main content of their source of income.

 A Blogger makes Article Writing the main content of their income.

 Unfortunately, most of the first bloggers don’t want to write because they don’t know what article they want to write, they don’t know what to discuss, or when they start writing they don’t know what to write.

 This problem is related to Niche Selection as discussed in Point Number 4, if you already know from the beginning what you will discuss or have chosen a Niche / Blog Theme then these things will not happen.

 Because the best chosen niche is what we are good at, for example we like to edit photos with photoshop, it would be better if we create a blog that discusses photoshop.

 Or if you like cats, it would be better if you create a blog that discusses about cats.

 So that you really understand about the topic and it is easier to think about what we will write.

 As at the time this article was written, simple blogger tutorial ID really likes things about blogging, and lives by constantly finding discussions about blogging, so that when writing this article, he already thought about what to discuss.

 And the writing process becomes easier because it just flows by itself.

 Because articles are the main key for a Blogger, you need to retrain your ability and willingness to write.

 Unfortunately, the willingness to write is also proportional to the willingness to read, how can we write if we don’t want to read.

 6. Don’t Want To Read

 To be able to write, of course, we must have inspiration, one of which is by reading articles.

 Reading other people’s articles or competitors who have the same discussion topic as ours can be one way so that we know what to write in order to have more complete and better values.

 The more we read, the more vocabulary we absorb and we can use later when writing articles.

 However… novice Bloggers not only dislike reading articles or knowledge that they should master and share.

 They also tend not to like reading other things related to the Blog or about the Blog itself.

 Those of you who join Facebook groups will often find beginners asking questions like the following:

 “How to Create a Blog How’s that?”

 “How about getting visitors, huh?”

 “How do you register for adsense for a blog?”

 Indeed, at first glance there is nothing wrong with these questions, unfortunately they are small questions that have been discussed a lot on Google.

 And the real problem is “How far have they tried or searched for information?”, most of them have not tried to find information on their own.

 They make no effort to try to find a solution to the problems that occur.

 And always take refuge with the excuse “Yes, sorry.. you’re still a beginner”, precisely because it’s a Newbie/Beginner then get in the habit of trying to find the answer yourself, especially if the question asked is a small question that has been discussed a lot.

 In fact they are lazy to read, they cannot read the discussion articles that have been written by other Bloggers on their site.

 So looking for a “simple way” with “Asking to be directed to the main point”, if from the start you were lazy, how could you crave success?

 Writing and Reading are the two main milestones that distinguish a Blogger from other occupations.

 If you are lazy to write and read even before starting to plunge into the world of blogging, how can you hope for success?

 7. Doing the Wrong Copy/Spin/Rewrite

 The inability to write articles eventually leads beginners to look for alternative ways to be able to update the content on their blogs.

 Finally, fraudulent methods such as copy-paste, or using the article spinner tools were carried out.

 If you use the copy-paste method, of course, the articles posted will be detected as plagiarism from content belonging to other sites.

 Of course this will affect the performance of our site in search, although maybe articles can be indexed and get first rank, one day the article will go back down to the bottom and even disappear from the index.

 The bad effect can also make your blog difficult to index later even though you have used original articles.

 In addition, if the original owner of the article that you have copied realizes that there is plagiarized content from the article that he (the original author) has published, then the owner can report it to Google’s DMCA.

 Which will make your site bounced by Google, if you are not a user then the Site will be difficult to index or even will not work anymore.

 Meanwhile, if you are a platform user, there is a possibility that the site and email used will be banned and cannot be used anymore.

 Meanwhile, when doing an article spin, usually only the articles produced have an arrangement that is difficult to read or does not match the EYD, in terms of SEO it is certainly not good because we cannot determine what keywords to use and where to place them.

 Not to mention the possibility that the sentence containing the keyword will be lost, because basically Spin articles usually only change the arrangement of sentences and words from other articles (either we copy and paste it ourselves or the Spin tools auto-generate by taking them from certain sites).

 So that after the arrangement of the article is Spin, when it is checked for plagiarism, it is not detected as a plagiarism article.

 Lately there are also those who claim “Manual Article Spin” under the pretext of “Rewrite”, usually the perpetrators offer to rewrite articles from certain sites or according to our request.

 But what he did was actually the same method as Article Spin, only manually.

 He only changes the arrangement of words or sentences, for example I am replaced by I or You are replaced by you, and various other changes until the copy-paste article is detected as a unique article No Plagiarism.

 But still this is useless, because we can’t put keywords like the original article and in the end it doesn’t have any SEO value at all.

 The correct rewrite is to read several articles with the same topic as we are going to discuss, then look for the important points, after that we write in our own way and language, and try to be much more complete or fulfill any shortcomings contained in other people’s articles.  other.

 So that later the article is not only unique because the writing is in accordance with our writing style, in terms of completeness we will also excel because the article contains points that were not previously found in other articles.

 In terms of SEO, we can also optimize it so that it can produce complete, SEO and unique articles.

 8. Wrote Wrong Articles


 How to write the wrong article is also often done by beginners, here simple blogger tutorial ID does not discuss how to write the right SEO article.

 But about “The goal of a Beginner Blogger when writing articles”, usually they want to get visitors from the articles written but they actually write articles that are impossible for people to find.

 Like Poetry, Diary or things that are not too prominent in terms of SEO.

 Even though we don’t think about SEO, we unconsciously sometimes write articles that have certain keywords so that they can be searched through search engines.

 Example :

  •  “Asus Laptop Review”
  •  “Blahblabla Movie Synopsis”

 and the like are of the same type then there is a possibility of being indexed or at least there are keywords that can be searched through Google Search.

 Unlike the diary, usually if the diary type then the article is entitled:

 ” I am a student “

 “I play blablabla”

 Or other “personal” titles, and the content of the articles tends to tell a normal story, so it’s very unlikely that anyone will search for them through Google, right?

 We take the example of youtube content, Agree or not that the Vlog content is not searched through the Search Column.

 For example, Arif Muhammad made the content “I traveled to Sumatra #ArifMuhammadVlog”, I’m sure most of them didn’t watch the video by typing in the Google search field.

 They find it on the YouTube Timeline because it is trending or comes from a notification that appears because they have subscribed to Arif Muhammad’s Channel.

 Even if someone is looking for this content, they must use the keyword “Vlog Arif Muhammad”, where the combination of keywords Vlog + Arif Muhammad can be obtained because the audience wants to watch Vlog content and the figure chosen is Arif Muhammad.

 And why can write Arif Muhammad?  because he is a famous person so that the audience is interested in watching the Vlog of the famous person.

 As for the keyword “I’m traveling to Sumatra” no one is looking for it, because it’s a personal keyword, “I” in that sentence can mean anyone, so the content that appears must be anyone who has the keyword “I walk”  -the way to Sumatra”.

 Now compare with you, are you already as famous as them and many people are waiting for your writing without having to search it through Google?

 So far only Gitasav can do this (as far as I know), in his blog which only contains personal opinions and diary writing, but Gitasav can still get readers and many people comment every time there is an article  new.

 Why?  because Gitasav is a well-known person, he is a famous celebgram and influencer, so many people are waiting for his latest content.

 So the question is, are you also as popular as Gitasav?  and Is every event in your life always awaited by people?

 This also applies to Bloggers who create content about Poetry, if you only write poetry with criteria that are impossible for people to find, then it’s useless.

 Because Poetry-type content is only searched through Google as an example of writing for students or students.

 So the keywords that are searched for are usually in the form of this:

 ” 10 Examples of Mother’s Day Poems “

 ” 10 Examples of Heroes’ Day Poems “

 ” 10 Examples of Independence Day Poems “

 Or the like, while a single poem with a title that has no search potential such as:

 ” I love you “

 ” I miss you “

 “You are the moon in my night”

 No one will search for it, firstly because it is a single article, secondly because there are no SEO criteria that would allow someone to find it on Google.

 At least make articles that use specific keywords and fulfill certain SEO aspects so that they can be searched through Google and get organic visitors.

 Since we’re just beginners, people we don’t know, it’s impossible for anyone to find out anything specific about us.

 Even female bloggers who usually write with the diary model and consist mostly of mothers have already paid attention to SEO values.

 Not infrequently their articles are able to compete with articles written so that they really have SEO Friendly values.

 When you are young, you lose to female bloggers who want to learn to use SEO rules.

 Don’t use your Newbie status as an excuse for not wanting to learn how to write the right articles.

 You don’t have to immediately learn to write SEO articles, but at least if you want to write articles that can be searched and found through the Google Search Engine, then arrange articles according to these criteria.

 Many beginners give up learning to write the right articles, but complain about the fate of those who do not get visitors.

 Sometimes they have just written a few articles but expect hundreds or even thousands of visitors.

 At least make writing that is neat and easy to read so that you get used to writing “For Humans” articles, while slowly learning to write “For Humans” articles with “For Search Engines” optimization.

 9. Not studying Webmasters and Indexing

 Most beginners think that the articles they have written will definitely be found through Google or other search engines.

 Even though it’s not enough just to be there, you have to register your site to Webmasters from search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo or others.

  So that search engine bots will crawl our site which in turn makes the site and the content in it can be indexed and found in search engines.

 10. Don’t want to learn SEO

  To be found on Google, we must register with a webmaster so that the site can be indexed.

 But not only that, you also have to pay attention to SEO at least in the articles you write.

 SEO aka Search Engine Optimization is a series of techniques to optimize sites and articles so that they are more friendly to Search Engines.

 And the effect on your site and articles so they can be found on Google and get organic traffic.

 But most beginners don’t want to learn SEO, while their biggest desire is to be indexed and get visitors.

 It’s like not wanting to study but wanting to get a good grade on a test.

 For a newbie, things about SEO seem very complicated, but if you are able to learn it then it is actually not too complicated as discussed.

 To make a blog found in search results, you only need to register it with a webmaster, but to really get the first rank in search results

 11. No Clear Cache and Browser History

 Beginners who start studying Webmasters and SEO will always try to check whether their articles are really indexed and thankfully get page one.

 Well… Page One is every blogger’s dream when they release the articles they have written.

 Unfortunately they usually make mistakes when trying to check the article whether page one or not.

 Usually they forget to delete the history and cache stored in the browser.

 Basically the browser keeps a cache of the sites we’ve visited, so when we type something the web we’ve visited can appear at the top.

 But that doesn’t mean the site is really page one, they can appear at the top for two reasons:

 We’ve visited and the cache is still stored.

 Have the most relevant keywords to what we type and we have visited before among other sites

 Therefore, we must clear the browser history and cache before checking whether the article we write is really page one or only appears at the top because the cache is stored in the browser we use.

 Or you can use the Incognitor Browsing/Incognito Mode feature, you can also borrow other people’s gadgets.

 12. Using and Sharing Pirated Templates

  Most people view Capital as a benchmark for beginners or not, as if if you don’t have the capital to buy a template, it’s an indication that they are beginners.

 Even though it’s a wrong thing, you can find out at Point Number 20 later.

 Using pirated templates/themes is not an excuse to indicate that you are a beginner.

 You just don’t have the capital to buy the premium one.

 But that’s not an excuse that you can pirate other people’s work.

 There are many theme developers out there that provide free blogger templates with SEO optimization and an attractive appearance.

 Like owned by Arline Code where there are several free templates available, or Textrim and Fictionaries

 Or if CMS WordPress users usually use the term Nulled for pirated themes that are distributed for free.

 But it’s dangerous for you to use, because it could have been infiltrated by certain scripts that could cause your site to be hacked or other technical problems.

 If you are a user then you shouldn’t have to worry too much about blog templates, if you want to use a free but not pirated one then Arlina Code and Igniel can be an option.

 But buying a premium template is also better, after all, the price is much cheaper starting from Rp.  150,000 compared to WP themes which are usually sold with prices starting from Rp.  300,000 .

 By buying a premium template, you can also get support from the developer, so that if you experience certain problems, you will immediately get help to update or fix it.

 If there are certain problems related to the theme used, you can also ask for their help.

 13. Judging a Template by its Design

 This is a mistake that is most often made by beginner bloggers, which is to judge the quality of a template or theme only in terms of design.

 Whereas web design criteria that are in accordance with SEO rules and are liked by Google are those who have a simple design, easy to access, fast loading, responsive and have a good template structure according to SEO rules.

 Usually novice bloggers choose a display that has a lot of decorative knick-knacks such as widgets, even though it actually makes loading heavy.

 Not only beginners, female bloggers also make mistakes when choosing a template for their blog.

 They usually use templates that have nice designs but can only be opened in Desktop mode.

 Does not have a responsive appearance, even less attention to loading speed and template structure.

 Many female bloggers use old templates, in the sense that they never get updated, so the structure in them tends to be irrelevant to SEO rules and UI/UX rules for the modern web.

 Usually there are also many dead links which can be bad for the health of the site.

 There are still many female bloggers who put their sites only as self-gratification, such as choosing a template with a look that is considered good according to their taste.

Indeed, this is not wrong, but if you want to have a site that visitors like, then create a situation where they feel really comfortable when opening our blog.

  Even though the blog design greatly affects the convenience of visitors, there are still many who are not aware of this.

  There are already many new templates/themes that we can create to have a good look.

  There’s nothing wrong with starting to leave the old look that only looks good when opened from the Desktop.

  And start using a responsive display when opened from various devices with different sizes.

  Don’t just focus on the appearance but also pay attention to the SEO Friendly, Fast Load and Responsive Structure.

  14. The Wrong Understanding of Jingling


  Lately you must have often heard the term Jingling.

  Or if you join blogging groups on Facebook, surely you will often hear complaints such as:

  “Who is this that sent Jingling?”

  “Oh my gosh, there are bad people who sent Jingling like this”

  Or similar complaints.

  Jingling is meant here is Bot Auto visitor.

  Many use the term Jingling as another name for auto visitor bots.

  But what is Jingling really?

  Maybe the current understanding of Jingling is Auto Visitor for Blogs, but it’s actually not like that.

  Jingling is actually an Auto Visitor service tool, some time ago this tool was popular.

  Then one day someone created a Bot Visitor website because it was inspired by Jingling and took a name similar to Jingling.

  Then there are those who use these fake sites to attack blogs with the aim of dropping, such as being banned by adsense or others.

  Losing debates, differences of opinion, jealousy or because of competition are the reasons these naughty Bloggers attack other sites using the Jingling Copy

  Feeling “oppressed”, the victims tried to take revenge, unfortunately many of them could not find the culprit.

  As a result, those who have a grudge took it out on other Bloggers, the main target is beginners who share their site URL on Facebook.

  Of course this causes the same feeling of revenge in the hearts of newbies.

  And again the victims took it out on other people.

  The same pattern keeps repeating itself to this day, and finally somehow every Auto Visitor tool is called by the name of Jingling.

  Even though Jingling is a separate Auto Visitor bot service, not an auto visitor.

  Or like Smadav, Smadav is an antivirus service but that doesn’t mean every antivirus is Smadav.

  Also Read: How to Write SEO Friendly Articles Easily for Beginners

  15. Using Auto Visitor To Increase Blog Traffic


  Long before Jingling started to be used as an Auto-visitor term.

  In the world of blogging, especially for beginners, there are actually some who use auto-visitor tools or services to increase blog traffic.

  At first they thought that it was the right way, some argued that the bot’s visitors were just a “cook” to get organic visitors.

  However, over time, they realized that the increase in traffic only appeared on the Blogger Dashboard, while when checked through services such as Google Analytic or HiStats, the increase in traffic was not detected at all.

  Where that means the bot only affects the statistics on the blogger dashboard, not really being detected as a surge in visitors.

  Not only that, they also finally realized that this activity actually caused losses such as blogs being deindexed by Google, and there were also those who experienced Google Adsense account bans.

  16. Sending Visitor Bots to Other People’s Blogs

  As mentioned at the end of the paragraph Point Number 15, that those who use the Visitor Bot to increase traffic on their site, find that there are several disadvantages that will be obtained compared to certain advantages.

  Like Blogs to be Deindexed or Banned Adsense.

  From here, they started using visitor bots to attack other people’s sites, the motive was none other than competition in search engines, or engaging in debates in forums/groups and then venting it by attacking blogs, feeling jealous and envious of the achievements of other bloggers, or other things.

  They also sent bots with the aim of bringing down the site.

  From here, the “hereditary” habits and resentments between Bloggers, especially newbies, began to emerge, so there were many cases of sending auto visitor bots to Blogs, which in the end was known as jingling.

  17. Understanding Blogger Wrong

    Surely most people, especially beginners, think that the predicate/profession/name of Blogger is those who have a Blog Site with the Platform.

  That is wrong !!  Blogger is a term for people who carry out blogging activities using any platform, whether,, Tumblr, Medium, MWB, Ghost, CMS Web and others.

  While is a Blogging Platform made by Google.

  So whatever platform you use, you are a Blogger.


You don’t have to use the new platform to be called a Blogger. itself is the First Instant Blogging Platform created on August 23, 1999 by Pyra Labs.

  They founded this platform as a medium or an instant way for people who want to do Blogging without having to create a Web.

  Because basically a blog is part of a website that is useful for displaying content or articles.

  So actually the Web and Blogs are a unity, In general, the Main Page of a Web displays services such as:

  Tokopedia’s main page is Market Place with the address

  But Tokopedia also has a Blog that contains articles or content updates about their company or information about their main website, with the address

  More or less like that, in the past Blog and Web were still one and there was no platform that could make someone set up a Single Blog.

  Until finally Pyra Labs founded the platform and was acquired by Google in February 2003.

  The name itself was probably chosen by Pyra Labs as a branding so that it is easy to remember and quickly get a place in people’s minds.

  Because long before was founded, the term “Blogger” for people who did blogging already existed.

  Starting on August 6, 1991 when Tim Berners-Lee founded the world’s first website with the address

  Then in the end in 1994 Justin Hall became the first person to establish a Blog (at that time still called weBlog) with the address

  Although at that time he had not called it a Weblog, but rather thought of it as a Personal Homepage.

  Then in 1997 John Barger actually founded a “weblog” intentionally alias actually made his site a blog not part of the website, as well as making it the world’s first Blogger.

  Because Justin Hall at that time did not want to call his site a Blog, but rather a Personal Homepage.

  Then Blogs began to be widely introduced when Jonathan Dube created a News Blog discussing Hurricane Bonnie for the media/newspaper The Charlotte Observer in 1998.

  And in 1999, a programmer named Peter Merholz began to shorten the term Weblog to “Blog” which is used today.

  So “Blogger” is a term for people who carry out blogging activities regardless of the platform, and has been used since 1197 long before the Platform was formed.

  18. Not learning the difference between and

  The next beginner blogger mistake is not knowing ” What is the difference between and “

  Many misunderstand and assume that the two are the same.

  Basically WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) a program/software that is used to create a web and manage the content in it.

  With CMS you can more easily create web, like game characters, CMS makes it easier for us to choose the shape and gender of the character we choose, so we only need to set custom, facial shape, hair color and others.

  Likewise with CMS, you don’t need to create a web from scratch and think about many programming languages ​​that must be used.

  To make the initial form you can use a CMS, then you only need to edit the appearance using the Theme and set the features on the web using Plugins.

  One of the popular CMS Web is WordPress, you can get it through their official website at

  But that’s just the program, like the CMS WordPress computer from is just the application, to run the application so that it can be used and displayed, there must be a computer.

  Just like that, CMS WordPress is like a program, so that it can be used to create a web and later can be found online, we must have our own hosting and domain.

  Actually, using is not so difficult, it even tends to be easy even for a beginner who wants to have a website such as a Company Profile, a simple Marketplace, or others. is also very suitable for creating blogs, but many still find it difficult to think about hosting and domain rentals.

  Even though it’s quite instant and easy enough to use for a beginner, is still intended to create a Web from the start.

  While blogging activities (in the past) have not been too focused on being used as a ‘Moneysite’ so not many people need special features like which in the current era has proven to be effective in optimizing blog performance.

  In the past, bloggers considered blog sites as online diaries that reflected their respective owners, or it could also be considered a kind of social media at this time.

  So what they need is an ‘easy to use’ platform, which only has an email, they can use it without having to think about this or that arrangement.

  From there, WordPress created an instant blogging platform that only requires an email to register and use it, namely

  So basically WordPress by is a Web CMS that can be used to create a Company Profile site or other website needs, which in its development is also used to create a Blog.

  While is an Instant Blogging Platform that only requires an email to register and have your own blog like, Tumblr, Medium and others.

  19. Find (Self-hosted) Difficult/Not for Beginners

  Even though you have often heard or learned about the advantages you get when you use self-hosted WordPress to create a blog.

  But usually beginners discourage using WordPress, not just because of capital but because they feel that using self-hosted WordPress is complicated.

  Many articles or even in a discussion that discusses that using WordPress means we have to do server settings, do or at least understand coding, set up Xampp;MySQL;Database or others.

  But it is not !!  Usually those who say that are those who have never used

  Indeed we have to do some settings related to the Server but it is not too complicated as is often told.

  Steps to Create a Web/Blog with

  The following is a brief description of How to Create a Web/Blog using WordPress Self-hosted:

  Buy domain and hosting

  You can look for a registrar that provides a Hosting + Domain package or buy it separately.

  Change domain nameserver to hosting nameserver

  After buying hosting you will get info about the Name Server used for your hosting.

  •   Login

  •   Go to Hosting Control Panel

  Later you will get information on how to login to the hosting Control Panel via Email, please enter the Hosting Control Panel.

  •   Installing WordPress

  After entering the Control Panel, you can find several different tools depending on the service provider.

  Either Softacolous or WordPress Installer, basically a kind of software that makes it easy for us to install it.

  You just use the software and follow the steps until WordPress is completely installed and the web can be used.

  Login to Wp-admin

  After you have finished installing WordPress on your hosting, your website is ready and can be opened via the domain you are using.

  You can log in to your Web’s WordPress Dashboard via your WP admin account info which you will get via email after you finish installing wordpress.

  Next, you only need to modify the appearance by using the Theme, there are many good themes to use for free, you can look for them in the WordPress Theme Directory.

  You can also do Cache settings, Permalinks, SEO and much more with the help of Plugins.

  Well, that’s more or less the steps needed to create a Web/Blog using

  There are no complicated server settings on your hosting as people often talk about.

  You also don’t need to be very coding savvy to do it, as long as there are no “special things” needed for your wordpress Web / Blog.

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  20. Understanding the Wrong Beginner Blogger

  Many people misinterpret the predicate as “Beginner Blogger“, basically the term Beginner is those who have just started in “A Field” but are not too experts.

  But for some reason, in the blogging world, the predicate “Beginner” actually refers to those who do not have capital.

  In a sense, many people use the beginner’s excuse as an excuse when asked “Why use pirated templates?”, of course they answer that they are beginners so they can’t buy premium templates.

  Whereas Beginners and No Capital are two different things.

  Haven’t been able to make money from Blogs so you can’t buy Premium Templates or TLD Domains doesn’t mean you’re a beginner.

  For example, Atta Halilintar is bored with YouTube and then switches to Blogging, he can buy a domain, hosting, premium theme and use Backlink Services from the start, but does being able to do all of that mean that Atta Halilintar is not a beginner?

  Because beginners mean that we are not good at doing certain skills or skills.

  Even though Atta Halilintar can buy Premium Domains and Templates from the start of blogging, he still doesn’t have skills such as Blog Optimization and SEO Article Writing, so Atta Halilintar is still a beginner.

  Just like someone who learns to play guitar, if you don’t have your own guitar but can already play it, you may have borrowed it from someone, or often practice at a Music Studio Rental, then you are not a beginner, because you are already good even though you don’t have your own guitar.

  Meanwhile, if you have your own guitar, even an expensive one, but you can’t play it yet, then you are a beginner.

  Conclusion: Don’t have the capital to buy Domains, Premium Templates and the like or Can’t make money from Google Adsense, not an indication that you are a Beginner Blogger.

  You just don’t have the capital to buy blogging “equipment”.

  Even though from the beginning blogging you already have the capital to buy it all, it doesn’t mean you are not a beginner.

  Because beginners are related to skills, beginner bloggers are those who don’t have standard blogging skills such as proper blog optimization and writing SEO articles.

  Because there are a lot of great Bloggers out there, who already use self-hosted WordPress, TLD Domains, premium themes, have Page One articles but can’t make Adsense their main income.

  They make money from Content Placement, Endorsement/Promotion.  Offering Services, Blog Contest.  Product Reviews or others.

  So you can’t make money from blog adsense, that’s not the reason you claim to be “beginners” so you can use pirated templates or other things that don’t match the “Beginner” predicate.

  There are also other great Bloggers who use the platform, the domain is still a sub-domain and the template used is a default blogger template that has been customized by itself, does that mean they are beginners?  , while their articles have a lot of Page One and their Adsense income is quite large.

  Or there are also those who are new to blogging directly using WordPress Self Host who must at least rent their own hosting and domain, but they don’t know how to do blogging and write the right articles.  Does that mean they are not Newbies?

  So the Beginner Blogger has nothing to do with the Platform or CMS used, and has nothing to do with Have or Don’t have capital to buy Domains, Premium Templates / Themes and so on.

  21. Wrong Domain, Sub-domain and Free Domain Difference

  Domain is a unique name to replace the IP Address that identifies the server of a web.

  Or simply, Domain is the address used to name a website.  blogs and other online pages on the Internet.

  Domains are generally divided into two, namely TLD (Top Level Domain) and ccTLD (Country Code Top Level Domain)

  An example of a TLD is a domain that has an extension such as .com .net .org or something else.

  While ccTLD is a Domain that has a Country Code such as .id for Indonesia, then .us for United States and many more.

  So what is a sub-domain?

  A sub domain is a URL derived from the Main Domain used by a web or online page on the Internet.

  For example, simple blogger tutorial ID has a sub-domain, one of which is https://lirik.simple blogger

  If you already have a Domain then you can create a sub-domain from the Hosting Control Panel or Client Area Registrar where you registered the Domain.

  Then what about subdomains like or the like?

  It is a Free Sub-domain not a Free Domain, it is a sub-domain that you will get when you use their platform to create a blog.

  However, there was once a misunderstanding from a beginner who thought that subdomains like were ‘free sub-domains’, even though they clearly weren’t… because they are all derivatives of their respective Main Domains.  .

  While the free domain is a Single Domain / Main Domain that can be used for free, for example .GA .ML .TK or others…

  On the other hand, there is also a Single/Main Domain that looks like a sub-domain, for example .MY.ID .WEB.ID or .EU.ORG or the like.

  Although the shape is like a Sub-domain but (.MY.ID .WEB.ID or .EU.ORG or the like) they are the main domain.

  Because the main domain can definitely use the WWW, for example you use .MY.ID then the main domain will be like this => ;  so you can have a sub-domain like

  Meanwhile, sub-domains will not be able to use WWW, for example, if you use sub-domains such as or the like, you will not have WWW at the beginning of your URL.

  Or the bikinin sub-domain itself like the one used by simple blogger tutorial ID, the WWW will not be able to be used on the https://lirik.simple blogger sub-domain, because the WWW can only be used on the main simple blogger tutorial ID domain.

  22. Spam Links to Social Media

  Desperate beginners usually start spreading their links to social media, mostly to facebook groups.

  Indeed this is not wrong, but they usually do it carelessly.

  And in the end they only do actions that are considered spam by the Facebook system.

  Trying to find traffic from social media, but some people believe that if there is too much traffic from social media while there is still little organic traffic from Google, the effect is actually bad for our blog.

  The Dangers and Bad Effects of Blog Traffic from Social Media

  Although not many have discussed this, some people believe that blog visitors from social media, especially Facebook, will only make our blog experience a bad situation.

  One of them is decreasing Adsense CPC or other problems such as Invalid Click which causes ad restrictions and even banned Google Adsense Accounts.

  Others also believe that social media traffic is not that great from an SEO perspective.

  So focus on optimizing your site’s SEO score. How to check your Blog/Web SEO Score is very easy, you just need to visit the following site =>

  Enter the URL of your site in the Checkup field then Enter, and wait a few moments for the assessment to complete.

  Later it will also show what values ​​are lacking from your site.

  And don’t forget to write SEO articles because that is the main key to getting organic traffic from Google.

  Don’t spread too many links to social media which will make your site URL considered Spam and can never be shared on social media again.

  23. Wrong Commenting and Spam Backlinks


  Backlinks are indeed one powerful method for optimizing SEO and other technical matters about Blogs.

  But backlinks can also be a double-edged sword, not only good benefits, backlinks can also be a bad thing and can destroy our blog if we use it wrong.

  There are many backlink methods, beginners usually do two things, namely Commenting on People’s Blogs (blogwalking) or also Buying Services from Someone to plant Backlinks with certain criteria.

  Whether it’s Backlink Profile, Edu Blog, PBN or other methods.

Unfortunately this usually doesn’t end well for their blog.

  The first is Backlinks from Blog Comments or doing Blogwalking is usually the easiest way to do it.

  Indeed, some people say that this method is not too effective, some also think that this method actually has a bad effect.

  But many also think that this method is still effective.

  However, simple blogger tutorial ID does not discuss whether it is still effective or not, simple blogger tutorial ID is more about how they do it.

  Most of them only come from comments and tend to be spam, usually the intended site is irrelevant or just randomly choosing a blog for blogwalking.

  Which of course is not a bad effect anymore, but it is very dangerous because Google will detect our site is just spam from the many links that are linked from any site.

  In addition, those who don’t want to be complicated usually use Backlink Services.

  Unfortunately most do not really get a good effect after planting Backlinks.

  Indeed, there are those who experience an increase in traffic or DA PA Score after planting Backlinks, but usually it only has a temporary effect and after that it will go back down.

  The cause can be two things, namely the fault of the service provider or our own fault as the owner of the blog.

  Errors that come from service providers are usually caused because they can’t really take care of the backlink sources they use.

  As a result, one day the backlink dies or has no effect at all.

  While the mistakes of blog owners are usually because they themselves cannot optimize their own site.

  They think that just planting backlinks is enough.

  They forget to present SEO Friendly articles or other optimizations, so that even if they use Backlinks from well-known providers, the blog will not experience an increase in any way.

  Therefore, it will be useless to plant backlinks if you don’t know the right way to use them, especially if you do it spam.

  24. Inconsistent with Appearance

  Ordinary beginner bloggers are always dissatisfied with the look of their blog.

  Most continue to change the template when finding a design that is considered better than before.

  Though this has a very bad effect for the development of the site.

  Because Google bots will find it difficult to identify the site that we have due to changes in its structure.

  And in the end it will affect many things like Indexing which becomes slow.

  Or other crawling issues.

  That’s why at the beginning or rather at Point Number 13 not to judge a blog template/theme only based on a design that is considered cool.

  Because there are many points that you can use to choose a web design.

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  25. Inconsistent Article Updates


  Inconsistently updating articles in the sense that they only update if they want.

  Usually because they are confused about what to write in their articles.

  Though the article is the main key that determines the progress of a blog.

  If you don’t consistently update blog articles, there will be no progress at any time.

  That’s why Don’t Want to Read and Don’t Want to Write as already mentioned in Points Number 5 and 6 are Fatal Mistakes for a Blogger.

  Because from there you will find it difficult to update the article.

  26. Make Blog a Hobby

  Once with the term “Make Blog a Hobby, if you have new income focus” this statement at first glance is not wrong, but usually this is an expression that is also used as “motivation” so that novice bloggers don’t rush to find ways to get income from blogs.

  For simple blogger tutorial ID, the correct expression is “Focus on blogging in your spare time, at least 1 article a day, but don’t make blogging your main source of income”

  As previously said, the phrase “Make Blog a Hobby, if you have new income focus” is used to refute those who are too hasty to chase adsense.

  Because they always hope that adsense blogs will be the main source of income and make them not have to work in companies, PTs or similar real jobs, yes they aspire to earn money from the Internet.

  But according to simple blogger tutorial ID, this is not true, in fact the more appropriate expression is “Focus on blogging in your spare time, at least one article a day, but don’t make blogging your main source of income.”

  The reason is;  First, those of you who aim to make money from blogs should instead focus on maintaining your site, because many bloggers who are diligent are still having trouble developing their sites.

  Especially if we only make blogging as a hobby, which means we don’t focus too much on thinking about our blog.

  Of course that is a wrong statement because if it is not taken care of then the blog will not develop, then how can we expect to get income?

  If so that we are not too focused on pursuing adsense only then the correct expression is not to make adsense our main source of income.

  In the sense that we must still have the main source of income from work, while we continue to develop our blog.

  Take the example that most people know is Mas Timon, before he decided to become a Full-time Blogger.

  Mas Timon started his blog while working, work in the real world is his main income, so he is not in a hurry to pursue income from Google Adsense.

  And even though it’s not yet productive, Mas Timon doesn’t make his blog just a hobby, aka updating it only occasionally or if he’s in the mood.

  He always makes time after work until the evening to update at least 1 article per day.

  Mas Timon keeps trying to be consistent in updating the blog even though he is not yet productive and already has a job in the real world, until he finally gets his first income from a blog.

  However, at that time Mas Timon did not immediately leave work and decided to become a full-time Blogger, he continued to work as usual while continuing to develop his blog, and after having regular income from blogs which continued to increase every month.

  Mas Timon just decided to become a full-time blogger and make Adsense his main income.

  27. It’s Easy to Give Up

  The last beginner blogger mistake is easy to give up, many are found in Facebook groups or similar forums where beginners give up.

  Articles are not indexed and blogs are not found on Google, they have given up, instead of introspection maybe they have not registered the site to the Webmaster/Search Console.

  Visitors don’t increase, traffic doesn’t go up, they give up and don’t try to learn SEO, optimize their site’s SEO score or learn to write correct SEO articles.

  Never received Adsense they give up without realizing maybe their blog is not ready or does not meet the requirements of Adsense.

  Already accepted by Adsense or using other Ad services, but the income does not increase because the CPC value and the number of clicks are low, they give up without trying to find out what is wrong.

  Maybe ad placement or indeed because blog traffic is still cute.

  There are many reasons why beginners.

  If you have given up a little bit, then why expect income from Blogs and Google Adsense?

  Whatever the job or the problem, if it’s easy to give up then all we get is failure.

  The successful bloggers that you may have found the story of are also not one or two days directly successful from the blog.

  They went through a lot and learned from the mistakes they had made before finally being successful as they are now and having blogs that can generate millions per month.


  Those are 27 beginner blogger mistakes that are often done, this article is indeed very long, but hopefully you can absorb the knowledge that simple blogger tutorial ID has shared.

  Happy Learning, I hope this article can answer many of your questions about blogging.

  Never give up and keep writing.

  “Read and you will know the world, write and the world will know you”