Easy Ways to Make Money from Snapchat: Can Be Side Income



 simplebloggertutorial.com – The Snapchat application is one of the messaging media where users can send photos and videos.  However, this application has a snap feature that other applications do not have, namely the photo or video will disappear once it is first seen by the recipient.

 Not only is it a social media for fun, Snapchat can also generate dollar.  How to get money from Snapchat is not so difficult.  Plus, Snapchat has a variety of features like lens and lighting settings that make taking photos a lot easier.

 There are various ways to earn money from Snapchat.  However, the most important thing is to enable Snapchat to create products that can make money.  These products are as follows.

 1. Create Viral Videos

 Snapchat is an application that focuses on video content.  With your creativity, you can make unique, funny, and viral videos.  Because the more people watch your video, the more clicks that can bring in dollar coffers.

 2. Create a Snap Ad

 Snap ads can be used to generate traffic.  Snapchat’s CTR is even said to be five times higher than similar video platforms.

 3. Become an Influencer

 If your Snapchat account already has a lot of followers, then there’s nothing wrong with me offering services as an influencer or advertising sponsored products.  You can work and charge professionally to do this.  However, it should be noted that the review must be honest and not detrimental to the audience.

 5. Take advantage of the Spotlight Feature

 Spotlight is the newest extra-money-making feature on Snapchat.  This feature is similar to Tiktok even Instagram reels.  To advertise Spotlight, Snapchat is willing to pay up to a million US dollars every day.  Unfortunately, Snapchat only uses a proprietary system to determine who gets paid and who doesn’t.

 6. Sell Snapchat Filters

 In addition to buying Snapchat filters, users can also take advantage of the app to sell their own filters to others.  Filters that can be sold are special filters for birthdays, weddings, holidays, and graduations.  This exclusive filter can only be used by other people after making a payment transaction.  Thus, you also have to provide filters that are not on the market.