5 Ways to Overcome Slow WiFi

 5 Ways to Overcome Slow WiFi – The use of WiFi is the choice of many people because it is cheaper and more satisfied in accessing the internet.  But slow WiFi often makes people angry, do you feel it too?  If so, you must know how to overcome slow WiFi.  That way, you can still surf the internet quickly.

 The reason is that there are several things that cause slow WiFi, such as the presence of a wall barrier so that the WiFi signal cannot penetrate properly, the distance between the router and your device is too far, does not support certain hardware, too many people access WiFi, and so on.  You must know the cause first, so that you can deal with it easily and precisely.

 So that your activities using the internet are not interrupted, you must know how to overcome slow WiFi.  Here are 5 ways you can do it.

 1. Move Router to Near Device

 Who knows what makes WiFi slow is the distance from the router to the device, so to overcome this, you can relocate or move the router to a place closer to the hardware you are using.  Or if you want to visit first, you can play internet in the area near the hotel, the WiFi is installed to get a better internet connection.

 2. Place the Router in a High Place

 The next way to overcome slow WiFi is by moving the router to a higher place and not being blocked by anything.  This is because the signal cannot penetrate construction materials, so placing the router in a high place away from walls or wood makes the connection faster.  In addition, placing the router in a place that is too low also limits signal access.

 3. Restart Modem or Router

 The next effective way to overcome slow WiFi is to restart the modem or router.  To restart the router or modem you can turn it off via the switch or the power button.  You can also unplug the adapter directly.  Wait 10 to 30 seconds before turning it back on.

 4. Check Your Laptop or Computer System

 A slow WiFi connection can sometimes be caused because the device or laptop system or computer you are using is downloading a lot of bandwidth, for example Windows updates are running, many tabs are open, syncing local computer data on cloud services or other.

 Therefore, you must see the cause first to be able to speed up the internet on your laptop or computer.

 5. Change Internet Service Provider

 The last step when you have done everything, but WiFi is still slow and often happens, is to change the internet service provider.

 Those are 5 easy ways to overcome slow WiFi that you can do.