Blogger SEO Learning Guide for Beginners

 Blogger SEO Learning Guide for Beginners By applying SEO techniques to build a website or blog is the right idea to build its development.  Many bloggers ignore SEO techniques and only focus on the appearance of the web page.  That’s not a problem for the performance of your blog, but what you have to think about and do is the importance of applying SEO techniques to build the development of the blog you manage.

 There are already many bloggers out there who own, manage, monetize, and promote website or blog content online through Google Search Engines.  Google Search is the only web-based search engine owned by Google Inc.  Google Search is the best solution in the world as the most widely used search engine in this virtual world.  Imagine there are hundreds of millions of queries that come in every day that are widely used by web surfers with various services that are already available.

 Blogger is the only service to create a blog that was founded by Pyra Labs on August 23, 1993. After that, Blogger switched to Google and officially became the property of the Google company in February 2003. This means that the blogger algorithm system has been controlled by Google to be developed to be more perfect.  That means those of you who manage the blog must know Google more closely to apply its SEO techniques.


 Search Engine Optimization or commonly abbreviated as SEO is the best way to optimize a website that aims to increase the page rank of a website so that it is at the top of Google search results, especially in organic research.  Where organic search is done by humans and not robots by doing keywords written on search engines such as browsers on the Google search engine.

 The Blogger SEO Learning Guide for Beginners is perfect for those of you who have a growing business, site owners who manage dozens of sites, and SEO experts in web agencies, or for those of you who are interested in the search mechanism and want to learn SEO yourself.  To be clear, you can listen to this discussion until the end about the Blogger SEO Learning Guide for Beginners in Starting Search Engine Optimization.

 Getting Started with Search Engine Optimization

 This post was originally started as an attempt to help the team at Google, but we thought this guide would be equally useful for webmasters who are new to the topic of search engine optimization and want to increase user and search engine engagement with their sites.  While this guide doesn’t tell you any secrets that will automatically improve your site’s ranking on queries on Google, following the practices outlined below will make it easier for search engines to crawl, index, and understand your content.

 Search engine optimization is often about minor modifications to parts of your website.  When viewed in isolation, these changes may seem like incremental improvements, but when combined with other optimizations, they can have a real impact on user experience and performance in your site’s organic search results.  You may be familiar with most of the topics in this guide, as they are essential material for all web pages, but you may not be using them to their full potential.

 Although the title of this guide contains the words “search engines“, we want to convey that you should make optimization decisions with your site’s visitors in mind.  They are major consumers of content and use search engines to find your work.  Focusing too much on specific changes to rank in search engine organic results may not necessarily lead to the desired results.  Search engine optimization is all about putting a good impression up front in search engine visibility, but the main consumers are your users, not the search engines.

 Your site can be smaller or larger than our sample site and offer completely different content, but the optimization topics we discuss below should apply to all website sizes and types.  We hope our guide gave you fresh ideas for improving your website, and we’d love to hear your questions, feedback, and success stories in the comments section of this post.

 Learn Blogger SEO Basics

 With Search engine optimization (SEO) you can make small changes to some parts of the site you manage.  When viewed in isolation, these changes are likely to be incremental improvements, but when combined with other optimizations, the changes they make can have a very significant impact on your site’s performance and user experience in organic search results.

 The best solution to Get Started with Search Engine Optimization is that you need to be able to create a website to benefit your visitors, then drive each optimization to make the user experience better.  Remember that one of the users is a search engine, which will help other users find your content.


 For that you need to learn the basics of Blogger SEO because this is very important before starting to create a website or blog in order to make money.  The following are tips for learning Blogger SEO Basics that you can learn for website or blog users.

 Create unique and accurate page titles

 Using the “description” meta tag

 Improve your URL structure

 Make the site easier to navigate

 Offer quality content and services

 Write better link text

 Optimize your image usage

 Using heading tags properly

 Using robots.txt effectively

 Be careful when using rel=”nofollow” SEO links

 Tell Google about mobile sites

 Guide Promotions and Accurately Analyze users

 Promote your website the right way

 Take advantage of free webmaster tools

 Starting from here, the Admin will explain some points in Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

 1. Define a Title and Description

 Create unique and accurate page titles

 Using the “description” meta tag

 2. Improve Site Structure

 Improve your URL structure

 Make the site easier to navigate

 3. Optimizing Content

 Offer quality content and services

 Write better link text

 Optimize your image usage

 Using heading tags properly

 4. Handle Crawlers

 Using robots.txt effectively

 Be careful when using rel=”nofollow” SEO links

 5. SEO for mobile devices

 Tell Google about mobile sites

 Guide Promotions and Analyze users Accurately

 6. Promotion and Analysis

 Promote your website the right way

 Take advantage of free webmaster tools

 Examples can help with our explanation, so we’ve created a fictitious website that follows the entire guide.  For each topic, we provide sufficient information about the site to illustrate the point in question.  Here is some information about the background of the site that we will use:

 Website/business name: “Tino’s Ancient Money”

 Domain Name:


 Focus: Online only old money sales, price guides, articles and news content

 Size: Small, ~250 pages

 Search engine optimization only affects organic search results, not paid or “sponsored” results like Google AdWords.

 One way to create a seo website is to learn the basics of seo first!  Not buying backlinks from A or B and then assume it’s the right technique.  It is a big mistake for newbies who are just starting out in blogger.  Many senior bloggers whose blogs have been inhabited by cobwebs have even died but still claim to be bloggers.  For this reason, so that the Admin blog is not inhabited by cobwebs here, the Admin will explain questions that may often be asked by users who are new to using blogger to create a blog or website so that it can be accepted by Google AdSense.  In our previous post you can also find out How to Make Sure Your Blog Is Accepted by AdSense.  Check out the discussion below about various ways to build a free blog so you can understand Blogger SEO.

 How to Use Blogger SEO for Beginners

 There are various ways and tips to become a beginner blogger that you can do to Find Life Becoming a Professional Blogger.  Here are some Ways to Use Blogger SEO for Beginners:

 1. Create a Blog on Blogger

 How to Create a Free Blog on Blogspot is a great start for beginners who are just starting out in the world of blogging.  If you don’t like using the default template provided by blogger for its users, you can use several types of Seo Blogger Templates that the admin has provided on this simple blog for learning purposes for beginners.  You can also use premium templates for learning that are widely available on the internet for free.

 2. Writing SEO Articles on Blogs

 How to Write Correct SEO Articles is one of the techniques that must be mastered by a publisher to improve the performance of a managed website or blog.  One of the important things that bloggers and content marketers have to deal with is how to write search engine optimized content.

 3. Create a Label on the Blog

 How to Create a Label on a Blog also needs to be understood by someone who works as a Publisher at Google.  Blogger has made categorizing posts very simple, but it is something that is often overlooked or abused.  Categorizing your posts helps organize your blog letting your readers find what they are looking for and need on the blogs you love.

 4. Post Articles on Blogs

 How to Post Articles on Blogs It is an important and initial point for making article posts which is one of the main jobs done by a publisher on Google.  By using the right blogging techniques, the blog that you build will develop better.  Therefore, it is very important to learn how to effectively start and manage a blog from small to large.

 5. Create a Sitemap on Blogger

 How to Create a Sitemap on Blogger is also very important because bloggers are already connected to Google Search Console (GSC) which is located in the Settings menu > Crawler and indexing > Google Search Console.  A sitemap is a blog’s table of contents that can make it easier for visitors to choose articles based on labels or categories.  so with that the importance of a sitemap page (sitemap) to facilitate visitors who are browsing your blog.  Apart from that, you can also set Blogger Dashboard Settings with proper settings!  in order to be able to apply the techniques of seo blogger.

 6. Connect Blogger to Google Search Console

 How to Connect Blogger to Google Search Console (GSC) is a great way to index the articles you post so that they appear in the Google search engine.  But sometimes Google Search Console takes a long time to index post articles, maybe because many users use GSC so that the articles you publish are hampered or queued to help index articles to the Google search engine.

 7. Install Google Analytics on Blog

 How to Install Google Analytics on Blogspot is also important for analyzing data that aims to track visitors on a blog or website which is very important to help the development of a blog.  One of the most popular tools regarding visitor tracking is Google Analytics, and this post will explain How to Install Google Analytics on Blogspot.

 8. Using Google News for Blogger

 How to Register Google News for Blogger is a great solution to index articles faster than Google Search Console (GSC).  Google News or if translated into Indonesian which means Google News is a news portal compilation service that will automatically display news posts from various media.  One of the benefits of using Google News is that posts are easy to index and land on the first page of search engines.  Also, if your post is of high quality, Google News will place your post on the main page of the News listing.  But to reach the top position is not easy.  The key, as we discussed this time, is to continue to do search engine optimization (SEO).

 From the methods above, if you follow and pay close attention to what the admin has written and explained!  I’m sure you are an idea ready to work with Google and can make more money for the real future.  But this is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand, everything also of course requires a process and hard work with the ideas that are in your head.  For that the admin will explain in as much detail as possible here.  This post is also intended as an important note on our blog to share things that are interesting and can be useful for me and all of my friends.  For that, see the explanation from the continuation of this post to the end.

 Checking Blog is on Google

 Find out if your site is listed in the Google index

 By knowing if a site is listed and indexed on Google, you can do a site: search for homepage URL posts on your site.  If the site appears, it means that your site is already listed and in the Google index.  For example, a search for returns this result.

 If your site is not on Google

 You need to know that Google crawls thousands, millions, even billions of pages, so it’s possible that some sites are missed.  If a crawler loses your site, it may be for one of the following reasons:

 Site does not link well with other sites on the web

 You just launched a new site and it hasn’t been crawled by Google yet

 Site design makes it difficult for Google to crawl its content effectively

 Google is getting an error trying to crawl your site

 Your policy blocks Google from crawling sites

 You need to know that Google is a fully automated search engine, using web crawlers to crawl the web continuously.  Google Search Engine will process the searched site to be added to the index page of the Google search engine;  You may also not need to do anything on the blog other than post your site on the web.  Based on the fact that we have researched, that some sites that are already listed in Google search results are not submitted manually for listing in search engines, but can be found and added automatically when Google is in the process of web crawling.  You can also read a complete guide to getting started with search engine optimization in the Google Search Center

 Google Search Console (GSC) has provided tools to help you submit content to Google and monitor your status on Google Search.  If desired, Search Console can even send you notifications about critical issues Google is facing on your site.


 While there’s a lot to understand, with the right steps, you’ll quickly master the trick.  Of course, it must be supported by a lot of practice and the results are recorded on your website.  Similarly, the most important thing to learn SEO is to never stop.  SEO is an optimization work that must be done continuously to get the best results.  Besides, we believe you can do it.

 That’s the post about Blogger’s SEO Learning Guide for Beginners.  Hopefully this article is useful and can help you.  Let’s share this article to help other friends.  Thank you!