Tricks to Create 2 WhatsApp Accounts in One Device


Tricks to Create 2 WhatsApp Accounts in One Device

This article describes how to legally create 2 WhatsApp accounts on one device through the app cloner feature found in the phone’s default settings.

 As we know that WhatsApp is the most popular and widely used chat application today.  This application has loyal users around two billion downloads worldwide.

 Not only serves as a messaging application, this application also provides a feature that allows us to make video calls without a cable connection.  You only need a data pulse so that this application can run smoothly.

 The involvement of smartphone vendors who participate in supporting the development of WhatsApp makes this application even more sophisticated and cool, such as the story feature, for example, this feature can be used to share stories with your contact friends.

 Apart from that, WhatsApp also has other cool features that you might be able to use for business and communication purposes.  If you are an online business, then it is absolutely necessary to have two WhatsApp accounts in one device, one for personal use, the other for business.

 Then how to have 2 WhatsApp at once on 1 cellphone.  Actually, this method can be tricked by installing the WhatsApp Business application on the Play Store.

 Although this application is the official method provided by WhatsApp, not many people know about the existence of the application.  Another easiest way to have two WhatsApp accounts is to use the clone app feature from the default phone.

 With the clone app feature, you can have two WA applications in one device with different numbers.  For Realmi cellphone users, you can use the built-in app cloner feature to make WA clones on the device.

 Here’s how to make dual WhatsApp on a realmi phone

 1. Open the settings menu on the Realme phone.

 2. Scroll down the screen and look for an app called app cloner.

 3. Next, open the app cloner and select the WhatsApp application.

 4. After that, check the scroll mode in the clone app section, you can rename and clone WhatsApp up to 4 applications at the same time.  These four applications can run independently like the original application added to the homescreen.

 Here’s how to make a WhatsApp clone account on a Xiaomi cellphone

 1. First, Open the Security app.

 2. Scroll down, tap Dual apps menu.

 3. After this menu opens, then select the WhatsApp application that you want to clone.

 4. Done, WhatsApp is successfully created and the icon will be added on the homescreen.

 Here’s how to make two WAs in 1 Samsung cellphone

 1. First open settings, then scroll and look for advance settings.


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 2. Scroll down again and look for the Dual Messenger menu.

 3. After the menu opens, slide the scroller mode to the right.  Select install on the confirmation message, then press the confirm button on the disclaimer page.

 4. Finally, press next to continue creating a dual WhatsApp account on a Samsung cellphone.

 5. A new icon will be added on the Smartphone screen.

 Here’s how to make two WAs in one Oppo phone

 1. Open the settings menu on the Oppo phone.

 2. Scroll down the screen and look for the settings menu named clone apps.

 3. After that, open the menu and select the WhatsApp application.

 4. Put a check on the enable app cloning section and please rename it to change the name of the application.

 5. Done, double WA has been successfully created.

 Here’s how to make two WAs in 1 Vivo cellphone

 1. The method is almost similar to the Oppo cellphone cloning trick, first open your vivo settings.

 Then scroll down and look for a menu called app clone

 2. Open the clone app menu and select the WhatsApp application.

 3. Wait for the cloning process to complete and the clone WhastApp will appear on the cellphone homescreen.


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That’s how to clone the WhatsApp application, hopefully the method above can help you have two WA accounts without the need to have several smartphones at once, just 1 cellphone, you can already have more than one WA account.  Thanks for reading!