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Is it true that Bojji is the strongest person in the world?  Why did King Boss choose Milanjo over Ratu Hiling who apparently loves Bojji?  Let’s talk about the story so far.



Synopsis Ousama Ranking Episode 11

In episode 10 viewers finally saw the strength Bojji got from his training with Desper when he defeated a trio of troublemakers at a food stall.


Even so, Bojji is still very far from the palace and Drusi is the only one who can stop King Boss and Milanjo’s ongoing assassination of Queen Hiling.


What made King Boss so loyal to Milanjo’s various requests that not only disrupted the palace order but also hurt his own son Prince Daida?


In the midst of this chaos, can Bojji get back to the palace in time before Drusi finally collapses?


Schedule and Streaming Links Ousama Ranking Epsode 11

If there is no schedule change, Ousama Ranking episode 11 will air on Friday 7 January 2021 at 00.25 in the morning.


Keep in mind, the Ousama Ranking was announced to last for 23 episodes, which makes this episode the middle point of the story that you definitely shouldn’t miss.


Predictably, this episode will also explain the past of King Boss and Milanjo which has made their relationship inseparable since King Boss took over the body of Prince Daida.


While waiting for episode 11 to be released, you can click the watch link below to follow the Ousama Ranking episode 1-10.



So far, Ousama Ranking has never failed to provide interesting and always interesting episodes.


Because the comics haven’t finished yet, no one knows what’s next for this series.  No one even knows whether this anime will have the same ending or not with the comics.


Of course, this makes the weekly episode of Ousama Ranking eagerly awaited by both anime and comic fans.


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