4 Best Celebrity Photo Editing Applications, Free and Easy to Use


4 Best Celebrity Photo Editing Applications, Free and Easy to Use_ If you have a smartphone with an ordinary camera, it doesn’t mean that the photos you will post to Instagram can’t look beautiful.  Because, currently there are lots of celebrity-style photo editing applications that make your photos much more interesting.

 It’s no secret that most celebgrams don’t immediately upload natural photos to their Instagram accounts.  Before that, they used several photo editing applications to make it look more beautiful and aesthetic.

 With this application, of course you can also create Instagram feeds just like them.  Well, here are some photo editing applications that make your Instagram more up-to-date.


 You are not familiar with VSCO?  This photo editing application is gaining popularity and is widely used by celebrities.

 Through this celebrity-style photo editing application, you can more easily beautify your photos by using the filters that are already available.  In addition, you will also get tips and tricks lin editing to make the photos more beautiful, as well as being able to see other people’s edits on the homepage.

 You can download VSCO for free on Google Play Store and App Store.

 Adobe Lightroom

Celebrity Photo Editing Application

 Of course you are familiar with this one application, namely Adobe Lightroom.  Yes, Adobe as a software company that focuses on graphics, animation, video, and web development projects, there is no doubt about the features available in its application.

 Adobe Lightroom is a development software on a desktop or PC version that you can currently use on a smartphone.

 This celebrity-style photo editing application offers various editing features that are the mainstay of celebrities, such as adjusting brightness, saturation, and so on.


Celebrity Photo Editing Application

 Snapseed is a photo editing application owned by Google that is currently being used by many people, including the people of Indonesia, to beautify their photos.

 This application has quite complete features, ranging from filters, cropping, selective, brushes, vignette, to blur and bokeh.

 In addition, you can use this application for free and without ads.


Celebrity Photo Editing Application

Then there is Afterlight, which until now has become an alternative application for editing photos to make Instagram look more beautiful.  This celebrity-style photo editing application offers various features for adjustment, such as filters, textures, to color hues.

Interestingly, if you use this application, chances are your photos will have the opportunity to appear on your Instagram Afterlight account only by using the hashtag #afterlight.  Of course, this has the potential to increase the number of followers of your personal Instagram account.

 Well, you can download some of the celebrity-style photo editing applications above for free on the Google Play Store and App Store.  One way to increase Instagram followers is to share interesting photos, let’s start editing photos!