How to Increase Blog and Website Traffic Completely | simple blogger tutorial

How to Increase Blog and Website Traffic Completely | simple blogger tutorial_ Method increasing your blog or website traffic is really good because in this video I will give you not only five 10/15 ways but 20 ways to increase your blog or website visitors, it seems like a lot, but 20 of these methods were easy.

 How come you do it, so don’t go anywhere, watch this video, first, do keyword research so you can get a lot of creativity. You need to make content that is much sought after and Mrs. Tinorang is making content and apparently no one is looking for it. Automatically, the MU or Ose blog will be empty of visitors, that’s why you need it  keyword research for 9 More details about word research later you can watch the video above here, both look for long tail keywords aka

 Keywords that are more than three words long, this kind of keyboard usually has an easy level of competition, so you are relatively easy to enter the first page

 Google and get the third largest traffic using the LSI keyword alesikeyword is a kind of synonym or keyword related to a

 LSI keyword topics make Google

 understand the context of the content that you create so Google will consider it muspam because it uses the same keywords continuously. Fourth, write complete articles, make articles as complete and informative as possible, according to the survey, the average article included in the

 first Google is almost 1900 words long so make an article that

 that’s roughly the length, but that doesn’t mean you can write haphazardly

 long article

 Oh yes, you still need to adjust the topic and context, for example countershaft, for example, you don’t need 1900 words, right, the fifth is to write an interesting title, how to add numbers or symbols, enter keywords so that the content is conveyed clearly and then use adjectives that trigger emotions

 For example, it is effective, instant, etc. Sixth, add an illustration like that

 the form of a gym infographic photo or something else It’s up to the point

 don’t let your blog visitors get tired of reading the content, it’s all text all seven add videos in articles that are accompanied by videos 53 times more likely to enter the first page Google make sure the videos you post relate or even summarize the contents of your articles 8 increase website launch speed

 A large size that is more than three seconds can make website visitors open your website. You are lazy, right, if you are told to wait for a website that takes a long time to load, if SM is still slow, you have to hurry

 how to optimize website speed, you can check in iBox, tips for making a superfast website, free download via the link is in the description box 9, make sure the website is more positive, meaning that the website will hopefully be error or messy, even if it is opened via a tablet PC or cellphone so that the website looks responsive, you can install a special theme or car gender, right Here 10 use internal  link put some content links that are still connected to your post so

 movement visitors immediately close when finished reading the content instead they can still open other content 11do postal gas or other languages

 publish content on other people’s websites

 Hi, this method will indirectly promote your website as long as you don’t forget to put the secure address in the author’s profile section

 online community so you can

 networking and promoting new content on your website 13 add a website shared button so visitors can help spread content much is dead

 the social media they have 14 updates

 old content you can add

 relevant information, keywords, images, illustrations or others, the point

 update contempo to stay current

 rather than having to delete it this way is more energy efficient than having to create new content even this way

 allows you to increase blog or website traffic from old content 15 relaunch old content after updating add ad-free text title content don’t forget to promote it too

 Angeles social media 16 send email

 Email marketing marketing can be a way to increase blog visitors up to 40 times. Want to know how?

 admit it later you can watch

 video recommendations, please take advantage of the medium medium which has a canonical link feature that allows you to republish content from the website so you can

 blog promotion while getting new audio.exe on this medium It’s safe to build your website with canonical NingGoogle will not consider your content to be duplicate or plagiarism 18 use fadealias to place ads on Google and

 target keywords that match your blog for a complete guide, check the description box 19 competitor research, find out how competitors are

 running a blog and its promotion of content what does a keyboard make

 used and so on, use this info as your consideration for creating content and promoting better But remember don’t plagiarize the last

 fix the SC on page and off page of your website so that your website can be perched on the first page of Google and of course your traffic or website visitors can increase rapidly So how come other people how to increase website traffic