How Can You Succeed in SEO? [Trick] | SEO Services

Smart people say failure is the beginning of success. It means! never stop trying because the essence of the word FAILURE is those who give up and stop trying when they find failure. But what if the failure keeps happening as if it never stops? ok! I recommend that you read this article thoroughly because it contains tricks that I think are quite useful and have proven successful in optimizing websites.

Success is a locked room that you must open. To open it of course you have to use a key. This key is called the method, there is only one way that can make you successful from tens, hundreds or even thousands of ways.

The method that we are going to use is the most efficient and effective way (the sentence is softer so I don’t say it’s free!) because all the methods and methods that you will use are all using free tools (100% free, not the result of piracy). By reading this article, I think it is enough and there is no need to take an SEO course that is expensive and tedious.

I have written down what you have to do below, step by step – definite steps so that you can succeed in SEO so that you can optimize your own website without using the help of SEO services. Ok! we start this article starting from:

  • Search for relevant, semantic and appropriate keywords [free]
  • Competitor analysis [free]
  • Create a blog network [free]
  • Optimizing onpage
  • Create backlinks [free]
  • Once again I remind you! that, the way I teach is guided by effectiveness and efficiency, therefore if you follow it then I guarantee you really can. Do it step by step, use notes using notepad, Microsoft Excel or other tools that you can use to record every progress.

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