Promising Business Opportunities in the 4.0 Industrial Revolution Era


Promising Business Opportunities in the 4.0 Industrial Revolution Era

 Applying artificial intelligence is a 4.0 revolution that aims to increase people’s income and quality of life.  Besides being able to increase revenue, artificial intelligence also produces low and competitive prices.  Thus reducing transportation and communication costs which have an impact on increasing efficiency and productivity.  Finally, economic growth also increases with the opening of new markets.

 Impact of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 in us

 1. Social Impact

 Loss of work here and there due to the reduced role of humans in a job.  So that it can trigger a lot of crime as a result of the large number of unemployed.

 2. Economic Impact

 Companies have to incur high costs to implement the industrial revolution with new technologies and machines.

 Business Opportunities in the Middle of the Industrial Revolution 4.0

 Business opportunities that can be done in the midst of the 4.0 industrial revolution are as follows;

 Online business

 Business that is very popular with people in the world.  How not, only from home alone can sell and shop.  With a smartphone, through social media or online stores we can sell without having to leave the house.

 Online Marketing

 Much needed in marketing a business, online marketing is very effective for marketing goods.  Business accounts on social media such as Facebook or Instagram are one of the means to run our business.

 Fintech (Finance Technology)

 Fintech or finance technology is a term that is currently often heard in this era of advanced technology which is all digital.  With Go-pay, OVO, DANA, Link Aja, via smartphones, we don’t need to go to an ATM or leave the house to make payments.  Everything can be done using only one tool, namely a smartphone.

 On-Demand Service

 It is a service that will only appear around us when we need it, such as Grab and Gojek.  This service appears in the current technological era where people are starting to take care of their safety so that without having to leave the house we can carry out daily activities.

 Cloud Hosting

 Cloud is a database storage technique, for example Google Drive and Dropbox.  Often used by people in the midst of this industrial revolution, Google Drive and Dropbox are easy-to-use applications for storing data.

 Strategies to Do in Facing the Industrial Revolution 4.0

 The following are strategies that must be carried out in facing the industrial revolution 4.0, namely:

 Use the Internet of Things

 Technologies such as Big Data, Autonomous Robots, Cybersecurity, Cloud, and Augmented Reality are internet technologies that simplify and save production costs in a job.

 Creation of New Rules and Policies

 Making new rules and policies that are adapted to internet technology needs to be done in a company.  The policy of supplying raw materials, division of work assignments and understanding of employees about internet technology must be carried out for the sake of the company’s progress.

 Improve HR Quality

 Improving the quality of human resources is a necessity in facing the industrial revolution 4.0.  An understanding of applications that exist in a computer program or application on a smartphone, for example, is one that we must learn in order to use it properly.

 Expand Networking

 Expanding networking will open up new opportunities as well as improving the service and quality provided to consumers.

 Upgrade Items and Materials

 With the internet and other conveniences, one can buy products both from within and outside the country.  Improving goods and materials is something that must be done so as not to lose to compete with other business people.

 That’s a Promising Business Opportunity in the Industrial Revolution Era 4.0.  Hopefully it can be useful for business development, yes.. Healthy greetings and good morning spirit..