Easy Ways to Get Blog Traffic


Easy Ways to Get Blog Traffic_Increasing traffic to your blogs and websites in not easy thing to achive. If you are owner then you do need visitors which is really very difficult for new blogs and that is also if the blog is similar to other competitive sites.

If your blog contains absolutely something new that a visitor may find interesting then you are on “get, set and go” and traffic will automatically start to flow. But there also something that must be done to promote it and let others know too.

Here are two simple ways that you can and must do to increase your blog’s traffic.

Easy Ways to Get Blog Traffic

there are 7 ways to get blog traffic tricks..

1. Make Your Weblog Appealing To Site Visitors And Seek Engines

The first thing to do is understand SEO there. make search engines the main source of traffic. By understanding SEO, page one is easy to get. besides that you also have to make interesting writing. remember that it is not a bot that brings the article but a human. then use human language to attract many visitors.

2. Optimize Your Blog

in the link below I have given a lot of explanation. all you need to do is read the link below

2. Write Good And Original Articles For Your Readers

in accordance with number 1 that those who read our writings or articles are humans, not robots, so use human language, examples of greeting sentences, hi, bro and others.

3. Focus On Keywords But Avoid Stuffing

the stuffing in question is a lot of pleasantries, visitors only need information not just pleasantries, therefore in writing an article you should do a little small talk but stay focused on the content according to the title so that visitors feel satisfied. Making visitors satisfied is the same as making perpetrators a priority in seeking information or something else.

4. Submit Sitemap To Search Engines

How to do it is quite easy, you just need to go to Google webmaster, enter a sitemap to be sent to google search.

5. Provide subscriptions to your readers

The first is how to get followers, the method is quite easy, namely giving something or a gift to the end, the condition is that you must follow the blog or social media account that you use as a source of traffic. so they can receive information when you’re doing you’ve uploaded the article. if you don’t have a lot of money for a gift, make a work that that person will want a lot for example a painting or something else.

6. Promote your blog Off-Site

You can promote your blog through many social media. starting from Facebook, Instagram, telegram, YouTube, or others. that leads to your site, this method is quite effective in getting a lot of traffic, especially if in a social media account you have a lot of followers automatically who see your blog share link, you will be curious about how to give an interesting title.

7. Buy Backlink

if you have a lot of costs buy baking on big sites it will bring a lot of traffic.

These are some of the simple ways to build up traffic if you are really serious about your blog or website…