5 blogging lessons from busker

5 Blogging Lessons From Busker


Intro: I’m typing this while smiling to myself. I’m so obsessed with writing about blogs, whenever and wherever I think of blogging again. Including last night when I was going home from work by bus. It is no longer a foreign sight if you take a city bus in the capital, whose name is buskers, one after another up and down. 

I have encountered various types. From my observations so far, there are several lessons that can be learned when it comes to blogging.

1. Take a shower before singing

Although there are also neat buskers, most of the time I meet buskers who are wrinkled and smelly. Indeed, they may not be able to buy deodorant, but you can take a shower first, at least if you leave the house. Bad breath must also be taken care of, so passengers don’t smell the liquor that’s been downed.

When blogging, of course, you have to post before blogging. First, present a neat appearance from our blog. Latest post above, easy to find. Don’t confuse visitors, especially visitors who are coming for the first time.

2. Don’t just applaud

The most annoying thing is when you meet a busker who smells bad, eh, the capital is only applause. It’s better if the sound is good, makes people entertained, this has made people who hear headaches suddenly, still hope to be given money, again. Oh, no…

Just like buskers, blogging also doesn’t give other people a headache. Write something that will make the reader smile. Useful for them. Entertain. Motivate to take action.

3. The more songs the better

There are buskers who just applaud and sing half a song in order to catch up with one rhythm twenty times to get on the city bus. There are also buskers who humanely finish the song to the end. Usually, buskers with good voices will actually sing more songs and entertain passengers.

By still paying attention to quality, in blogging, the more you write, the better. Give readers more choice of quality reading.

4. Collaboration adds value

Ever seen a group of buskers playing guitar, drums and violin? It’s great isn’t it? Due to the mastery of different musical instruments, it makes the sung songs sound more beautiful.

Not many bloggers are able to master all fields at once such as content writing, design, and programming languages ​​at once. Sharing tasks with the right people according to their field of ability makes our blog more stable, of course.

5. Sing sincerely

The worst risk of a busker is when he has given his best effort, but still no one [or very little] gives him money.

Also do blogging with the sincere intention of sharing without expecting to receive.


Thank you to the buskers who last night inspired me to write this. Sorry if I have to keep listening to the Ipod, because your voice makes my mood even worse. I’m tired and I need some reassuring entertainment.


Guys, any comments?

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