Six simple step making money with adsense


Six Simple Step Making Money With Adsense_
I got a call from an old friend, he tell me how the simple tips for adsense then I tell this six xtep to start and finished adsense . This is simple step that you need to expand by yourself , and believe me , making money with adsense is not hard as you think.
You must have a central keyword of your theme for your website or blog. 
That contains information and unique article that needed by your targeted visitor
From the keyword that you have , you can expand to rich similar keyword that still have a connection with main keyword , example : main keyword fishing , expanded keyword good fishing store ,how to catch a big fish , 
fishing lure,etc.
Iif you already have more than 30 unique contents ( all must contains quality information), then you can apply for adsense
put adsense ads on each content website page with a defined keyword theme
give a month to look what is the most viewed page by visitor, what is the most view information, than look at the keyword for that page , you will found what is the most important keyword of your page. Example : your website have a 40 content / page, page 1 = fishing, page 2 = how to fishing, page 3 = how to choose a great lure, page 4 = bla..bla….
Then you found that page 3 has the most viewed by visitor, then you can continues expand the keyword of that page ” how to choose a great lure ” create new content with similar keyword like ” top ten lure for sea fishing ” . best lure for blue marlin fish”, Always update your content , make sure you give all news information for your visitor, make them love your site. Enjoy your adsense earning.
So Adsense is must try program , adsense will be fever at this year and next year , there will be more people success with adsense. the most based thing you must focus about is :
Unique content = must very useful and new information, you need to creative here , don’t copy other people contents, or you will get banned by google and your visitor never come back again.
Adsense form / block ads = Based on your website form, include color of your ads , you can read my other tips about how to choosing the best ads form HERE.
keep try to change your ads placement , you need to do this to make a fresh look of your website, to keep your visitor far from bored
use channel in every ads, so you can found what channel get more clicks, change to most clicked channel ads position.
visitor = more visitor means more click = means more earning and to get more visitor = make new content and promotion, this is the best to make money with adsense.
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