Choosing Topic Between Favorite Topic Or Trend Topic


Choosing Topic Between Favorite Topic Or Trend Topic_

Which are you prefer to Favorite topic or Trend?

I have review “Tips about how to choose BlogSpot and wordpress template or themes for your blog yesterday ” and actually new blogger not only has difficult when choosing template or themes for their blog . 

But lot of new blogger confuse when choosing between trend topic and favorite topic for their blog, are you one of them ? Read my tips bellow to help you choosing the best topic for your blog.

When you want to create a blog, the first thing you need to prepare first is your blog topic. Blog topic includes your blog name or title, blog keyword, blog post, widget, feature, etc. 

So choosing topic is very important for your blog future. There are only two kind of topic you can choose for your blog :

The First One Is : Trend Topic

Trend tropic means hot topic at this time such as hot news , hot gadget , hot rumors , etc. The benefit choosing this kind of topic is you will easier to have visitor, this is normal because all your posts are about something that trend/hot for that time. But the negative about this kind of topic is you will have lot of difficult to publish new post and idea because usually trend topic is not your favorite topic, and the most negative thing is your blog will dead after the trend has past.

Example : at this apple phone 3g is trend, so you create a blog about ” all about iphone3g” when iphone3g is not popular anymore then the same thing will happen with your blog.

The Second Topic Is : Favorite Topic

Favorite topic means all about your hobby , your favorite, Something Which You Master About , something which you love to share because you know a lot about it. 

Actually I prefer to this kind of topic, because you will have tons of idea for share at your blog and you will not have any difficult if your reader ask something about your post ( because you are master about it , right? )

The negative for this kind of topic is you will have difficult to get visitor to your blog especially if your topic are favorite for lot of others blogger.

Conclusion : you don’t need to afraid when choosing a topic for your blog , because the best topic for your blog is your favorite topic , a topic which you are master about it and know how to expand it.

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