Biggest question about SEO that you need to know – advanced Search engine optimization FAQ


Biggest question about SEO that you need to know, advanced Search engine optimization FAQ

Biggest question about seo – this is what people always questioned about SEO

Yesterday I have published one basic seo tips , I called it hidden secret of seo and now I will tell you more about that hidden secret of seo . It’s about biggest question about seo that you need to know and its advanced search engine optimization FAQ ( what a title ..Lol )

Question about domain and the connection with SEO plus Answer

Well, SEO made everything easier for sure , once you have did a great SEO you will find yourself easier to get traffic for your blog and money as well . But the problem is HOW  , This post will answer everything , include your question . Here we go , biggest question about seo that you need to know :

Biggest question about Domain name

How To Choose Domain Name For Seo ?

Answer : classic question here , but most of people mail me this question before starting their first blog . I will make it simple here, a good domain for seo is a relevant name with your blog keyword ( topic ) .

Which One Is Better , Old Domain Or New ?

Answer : Still about domain name for seo .  If you have a chance to buy an old domain name then go for it , because based on my experience an old domain will be greater than new one . Google love old domain name because of existence . That’s it .

How to improve a domain on SEO ?

Answer : It’s easy  , you must know a header ( a title for your blog ), see mine ” learn how I make money from make money program ” this is what I am talking about . If you have bought a domain name then the next thing you must think about is the title for your blog .  Create a creative title that relevant with your domain name. I know you can , this one is very easy ….right ?

How to implement domain for getting backlink ?

Answer : I have told you how easy to get backlink right ? Blogwalking is one of them. You  must know when you want to post a comment on a blog , you need to write a name , email and website . If you smart enough then you can share a link for your other post on website column ( your post will rank better for sure ).  Commenting on other blog with link love plugin will have the same effect , especially if the blog is do follow.

Which one is better , tons of link or quintals of link ?

Answer : Tons means your domain link is everywhere on the blogosphere , do you think this is a good way to get Google attention  ,I don’t think so ? By having too much backlink sure will attract Google robot and they will pay more attention to your link , if they caught you as a spammer then everything will be useless. Quintals here mean is ” share ” your domain link with a “good ” way, spamming is not the answer , Okay .

Well , I think that’s all . I have answer biggest FAQ about Domain and the connection with seo , I think this is a good way so people won’t mail me for asking me this question again .

Next post the biggest Question about SEO will continue with other important question ” Template / blog themes and the connection with SEO plus how to choose them ”

Well I hope this post is useful for you, if you have any question about domain name, any other tips about domain and the connection with SEO , PLEASE let me know and I will post your name with your tips in this post.