How To Increase Your Blog Traffic With Video Post

How To Increase Your Blog Traffic With Video Post_

Grab a video and use it to increase your blog traffic!

actually this is not a secret now , many of great blogger like john chow , problogger , showmoney using video to even increase their blog traffic ( tell me if I am wrong ) . The fact is you even don’t need to create your own one to have a video post, all you need to do is go to you tube and do a search using a keyword that you want.

Why video?

In this time a nice blog is not only fill with ” word ” and ” picture ” , you can add a video to even make it have a better look , see how nice john chow with a video on his post. More than that, this is why video is powerful for me and lot of great blogger:
1. Easy to implement : just paste / embed a video link from you tube
2. Fast to do : paste the video embed link and write a little review and you are ready to go
3. Looking nice: having a video on a blog will make your blog looking nice, don’t you think so?
4. Free : it’s free and even you will get thanks from the video author because you have help them spread the video out

The Best Way To Use Video On A Post

There is two ways to put video on your blog
The first one is put it in your side bar: actually I do this for featured video only and I always give a link bellow the video
The second is put it on your post: the best way to do this is paste the video link on your post and writes a review about the video. Make sure you know the width of your post box.

Conclusion: If you don’t have any video on your blog, you must try to have them now. It’s very neat to have a video on your blog, I mean what could be better than having a free stuff that will attract your visitor and make them to be your royal reader