How to make money by flipping domain with black hat style


How to make money by flipping domain with black hat style

I hate but I love this – grow your domain using black hat way_At my previous post, I have told you the basic about flipping domain. Sure that one is for noob. but now I will tell you what my friend told me about flipping domain , I mean his advanced trick which I think is a black hat way to grow up your domain In very short time.

The story goes from here – two days after the conversation

Remember one week ago in the post “make money flipping domains” I had a good conversation with flipping guy about flipping domains, he told me he could easily sell a 10 dollar domain for 500 dollars. But he didn’t tell me that it only took him 1-2 months to grow a new domain before selling it on the forums. Lucky me, I had another conversation with him two days after the conversation and he told me everything. Now I will tell you everything, read this carefully.

Real Facts About Domains You Should Know:

  • Domain can be very cheap, as cheap as 10 dollar and can be very expensive. I bet you know how much .com really is?
  • A very new domain is only 10 dollar, “a very new “here mean is domain that never register before.
  • You can buy as many as you want domain name. You can choose many extensions but dot com still the best until today. But at several domain seller sites, you can buy one set domain name with more than six extensions.
  • It’s very important if you know how to choose domain name, your skill is require here. If you have a good domain name then you can easier to sell it.
  • A cheap domain name can suddenly be very expensive in a very short time, remember domain name that using Michael Jackson name. The domain was at regular price before Michael Jackson is dead and become very “GOLD “after he’s dead.
  • Flipping domain is different with flipping site with domain or blog with domain, flipping domain is easier.
  • Every single domain has their own price, it depend on the meaning and character. But people are crazy about domain with nice stats today. Such as page rank, alexa rank, backlink and others.
  • Old domain is more valuable than new one. So if you are domain collector then you have a bigger chance to rich
So based on the fact , the “flipping man ” told me that he use several blackhat way to make a cheap domain become very expensive and ready for sell in very short time , read this:
  • New Domain is really cheap, so buy it as many as you want. If you are planning to buy domain for store, brand and people name then buy them at once. Example: Â if you are planning to buy “premiumphone “as domain name then buy it with all extension such as. Com, net, us,, org and others. You can easily do this at, they always have a nice offer if you want to buy a bunch domain like that.
  • If you think that a name can be very popular at the future than you can buy and save them for later . Remember, old domain is more valuable than new one.. IÂ think service name is really good if you want to save some domain.
  • First step to grow your domain :  YOU MUST HAVE A BIG HOSTING TO GROW YOUR DOMAIN . Create one blog for one domain , use auto blog to auto grow them and link them between one and other.
  • Second step to grow your domain : create site map for your domain at Google, submit your domain to all search engine using free service from
  • Buy one site or domain or at list link from site that have a good page rank to help all new domain get index on search engine especially Google.
  • To increase the alexa rank , buy cheap traffic from eBay . It’s very cheap , you can get 100.000 traffic with 20 dollars , if you don’t want to spend any money then join traffic exchange and spread the traffic to all domains. You must have at least lower than 1000.000 alexa ranking before you can sell it.
  • Link exchange can help to boost your domain and ranking as well , try to connect with other friend , ask a link exchange , tell them that you already put their link on your site , tell them how much you love their site and don’t forget to ask a link back for your domain.
  • If your domain already has nice stats , then go to digitalpoint forum , sell your domain but don’t forget to include all the best stats of your domain to the buyer .
Well , my friend told me a lot that day . I will try to remember the rest of them and once I got them in my mind , I will publish the second part of how to make money by flipping domain with black hat style.

Conclusion : buying and selling domain is totally easy if you know how and honestly I will try this one day , after all my project has finish. My friend make at least 3000 dollar every month and he do it with glass of coffee on the table