The easiest way to increase alexa rank – killer traffic tips


Do you know how to increase Alexa rank? I mean the best way to get it

Alexa rank is about everything for lot of blogger in the blogosphere. Blogger believe that a good alexa rank on a blog is showing how the blog quality is. Alexa rank has become more important for blogger that want to make money online using their blog, which you can bet benefits bellow if you have a blog with nice alexa rank:
  • Get higher payment from paid to review program
  • Get more money from sponsors
  • Get More trust from reader/visitor to buy your affiliate product
  • It will be easier to get more opportunities on almost all make money online program
  • Great alexa rank means great traffic and off course this means more revenue from adsense ( if you are adsense publisher )
  • Get more comment from other bloggers and they will trust you more
  • Find out by yourself , I am sure you will get more than ten benefits by having nice alexa rank badge on your blog sidebar

This is how i increase my alexa rank and off course will work on yours

Well, I think every blogger want to have a nice alexa rank badge on their blog. The problem is how to get it. I have my own tips to increase alexa rank of your blog, this is how I usually do on my blog and off course will work on yours:

Content is the king, 

don’t forget about this. Write a powerful post with easy to understand content and TARGET ONLY BEGINNER. Remember the fact that blogosphere has 90% beginner blogger and only 10% expert. so it doesn’t matter how great you are , how much knowledge and experience you have , the key is you need to write post with beginner as your target reader.

Still about content, 

write your post with easy to “understand words”. Probably you are a great writer but the point is your visitor need to know what the exactly you are trying to telling them, not about how great you can write article on blog. Make sense?

Prize on your blog, 

I am not going to tell you more about this. every visitor love prize and this will make they visit your site everyday for sure ( for other prize maybe…lol )

Tell about yourself 

is one of the best way to make people trust more on you. I did it with my about me page, it get more than 50+ views a day, not bad huh?

I heard about a strange fact from blogosphere,

 this is what I heard ” if you put alexa badge on your blog , your blog will easier to get crawl from alexa robots and this will help sending data from your blog traffic to them “

Conclusion: the key is trust, people will not think twice to visit your blog everyday if you have a nice content which update everyday. You get two plus point if you have easy to understand words on content and can show you best “Things”to them.

My own experience: at the last two days. I increased my alexa rank about 20.000+ point from to and I thought that is not bad , what do you think ?