How to Install Meta Tags | Learn to be a blogger

How to Install Meta Tags – As we know that in a blog there is a meta tag. Where the meta tag is very instrumental in the “glory” of a blog. There are many meta tags according to the HTML 4.0 standard.

But which are usually used by search engine searches only a few, including the description meta tag, keywords meta tag, robots meta tag. So for that we must understand how to install meta tags on the blog.

Because the “life story” of a blog is very dependent also on the meta tags that we put on a blog or depending on the criteria for the meta tags that we create.

I will try to write down the criteria for how to install the meta tag which is commonly used by bloggers.

How to Install Meta Tags?

Here are the steps:

1. Open your blogger account and login.

2. Click Design, click Edit HTML. (Cat. We recommend that you backup your data first)

3. Click Continue

4. Look for posts like this


you can easily find it by pressing Ctrl + F on your keyboard.

5. Put the following script above 


<meta name=’keywords’ content=’keyword1, keyword2, keyword3/>

<meta name=’description’ content=’description of your blog/>

<meta name=’rating’ content=’general’/>

<meta name= ‘author’ content=’friend’s name’/>

<meta name=’robots’ content=’index, follow’/>

<meta name=’languange’ content=’id’/>

<meta name=’’ content=’id’/>

<meta name=’geo.placename’ content=’id’/>

<meta name=’spiders’content=’all’/>

<meta name=’target’ content=’global’/ >

<meta name=’expires’ content=’never’/>

 5.  Click save

 Please replace the red text with your content. That’s how to install a meta tag, hopefully it’s useful.