Tips for quick blog indexed by search engines


Tips For Quick Blog Indexed By Search Engines~

How to quickly indexed blog search engines?

Of course, everyone who has a blog wants to be indexed quickly by search engines, right?. Usually blogs that are easily indexed by search engines are blogs that have a high pagerank. But what about a new blog so that the blog can be indexed quickly by search engines?.

Tips for quick blog indexed by search engines

Now I as a blogger who is learning to be a blogger will give tips so that the blog is quickly detected by search engines, including:

1. Register your website or blog to several search engines that are generally used, for example:

– could open the way to register your blog to google sitemap

– (already cooperation with bing, can read how to register sitemap blog to bing and yahoo

– submit blog at or just click on feedburner or read how to register a blog to feedburner

2. Also register your website to google analytics service

Google analytics will observe your website, each of your posts will be sent by Google Analytics very quickly and help indexing by Google.

3. Do not use keywords that are very excessive

. The ideal keywords to use are as many as 3-5 keywords. Excessive keywords will boomerang for your blog or website so that your web indexing will be disrupted. It’s just that Google has changed its policy to only use ‘new keywords’ which are widely used on the ‘Gado Gado’ blog to be able to emphasize keywords in search engines.

4. Register your website or blog to a well-known directory,

for example:


– (see also how to register a blog to technorati)

The reason is because well-known blogs or websites usually have a high rating index and are crowded with visits in the hope that our blog or website will also be quickly indexed by Google.

5. Promote your website or blog on websites with lots of visitors.

For example : 



6. Leave your mark when blogwalking to other people’s websites or blogs or often comment on those famous blogs or websites. (comment with polite and good ethics).

7. Learn SEO well

Of course it must be applied to the website or blog. For example, Keyword Optimization, Meta Description, Tags etc.

By learning SEO, we hope that our website or blog is more optimal to be detected or indexed by these search engines.

quick indexed blog tips

8. Do not try to copy and paste from other blogs, because in addition to harming the author, it will not necessarily increase visitor traffic on the blog. In fact, it will have a negative impact, namely the panda algorithm and the penguin algorithm that will eject your blog from search engines.

Thus tips blog quickly indexed by search engines. May be useful.

Tips for quick blog indexed by search engines. Thank you for reading the article

Tips for quick blog indexed by search engines