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What is On Page Seo?

What is On Page Seo? – As I have explained before in the article on learning basic seo about on page seo

Here, in the article I mentioned earlier, I wrote down everything contained in on page seo.

But this time I will add a little more about on page seo. If I mengartikan On page seo it is optimizing part of our blog page. Actually in seo the most difficult part is the on page seo section. Maybe for those of you who are new to the blogger world asking why is it so difficult? you can find it on google.

If you really have a question like that, I will answer it here. Do you know that seo is an uncertain thing, why do I say not sure!, yes, there are lots of tutorials out there that discuss how to optimize on page seo, but their opinions differ, for example. trying to optimize meta tags, most Indonesian bloggers attach great importance to this mera tag, (if you don’t know the mate tag you can search on google), and some think that this meta tag is not too important, until now I don’t know what is right and what is wrong.

That’s why I say the most difficult part of seo is on page seo, because there are a lot of myths shared by bloggers out there about on page seo, but we don’t know which ones are right and which ones are wrong. it’s also the search engine that is always updated is also a problem in seo.

But there is one thing that is certain in On page seo, it is the article that you write. In my opinion and my opinion, on page seo is your article, because that is what people will be looking for on search engines or search engines. And the other on page seo in my opinion are just supporters.

What are the factors contained in on page seo? you can read here learn the basics of seo

Up to this point, do you understand what on page seo is?