Learn Basic Seo Easily


Learn Basic Seo Easily ~One of the things that become an obstacle for beginners who want to learn SEO techniques is the BASIC concept of SEO itself.  O’iy if you are not familiar with seo before, I suggest you to read the article about the introduction of SEO first.

 Until here I assume you have understood about the introduction of SEO.  SEO techniques can actually be applied in various ways, depending on the creativity of the SEO technique itself.  But what happens is that the perpetrators of SEO techniques are busy applying SEO techniques without knowing the BASIC principles and concepts of SEO.  Therefore it is very important for you to know the BASIC concepts or BASIC theories about SEO.

 As explained in the introduction to SEO, SEO serves to increase the ranking of a blog or website on search engine search pages.  From this function, it can be analyzed that the essence of all SEO techniques is to improve or improve the criteria for a blog or website which is a benchmark for search engines in assessing the quality of websites that will be included in the search page.  The better the criteria that a blog has in the eyes of search engines, the higher the ranking of the blog on the search page.

Then what criteria or factors are assessed by search engines?

Basically the factors assessed by search engines such as Google consist of 2 categories, namely factors that are in your own blog (on page factor) and factors that are outside your blog, but have something to do with your blog (off page factor).  .  So, if abbreviated, search engines will be judged by 2 main criteria or factors, namely on page factor and off page factor.  SEO Basics, SEO Basics

Some people who are just learning SEO BASIC often ask what factors are more important on page factors or off page factors?  Both factors are equally important.  It is a big mistake if the perpetrators of SEO techniques only emphasize one factor because this will make search engines suspicious and can have a bad effect on the blog or website that you want to optimize.  But in general, the application of good SEO techniques is to start improving the quality of the on page factor and then improve the quality of the off page factor.

 What is contained in the on page factor and off page factor.  On-page factors consist of:

  •  The title of the blog and each blog page.
  •  Blog address structure.
  •  Blog description.
  •  Blog address.
  •  Blog sitemap.
  •  Content or blog content.
  •  The number and quality of Outbound links.
  •  Internal links.
  •  update frequency.

 While the off page factor consists of:


 Off page factor only consists of backlinks.  This does not mean that the off page factor is not more important than the on page factor, but this happens because we do have to set up the blog first before advancing to the off page factor development stage.

 Congratulations, you are familiar with SEO BASIC.  If something is not clear, you can ask in the comments column.  thank you